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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


A weird couple of reads:

Superman Rebirth: Volume 3: Multiplicity

In a way, that great cover the first issue of this arc had was its undoing for the story couldn’t live up to it. The other problems I had was it all felt inconclusive, as if there were stories before this I should have read and it ends on a to be continued note. Why as Prophecy doing what he was and how? Dunno. Who’s on that last page? Dunno. It also wasn’t helped by Red Son making reference to an Annual story that wasn’t collected here, an odd omission. It was Ok, but compared to the prior two volumes OK is way down for this book. Hopefully the next volume will be a return to form.

Descender: Volume 4

First, the good: Ngyuen’s watercolours remain superb and the characters finally get off the damn moon. After this? The problem is too many strands with too little room for each to really build and continue - Lemire tries to do that, but it ends up as a couple of moves on each and the volume then ends on a set of cliffhangers. I’m wondering if this will read better a couple of trades at a time but that spins out the story and volume 3 had already slowed it down a lot, though I understand the reasoning for it.


The Superman Rebirth Deluxe v1 (or Action Comic, I keep getting them mixed up. Whichever isn’t out yet) is up to pre-order on SpeedyHen now for £16.50, which is worth a punt.


I felt the same. Read 3 (which had the same problem IMO) and 4 in short order, at least, so it felt a bit more satisfying. But it really is time for the story to get a move on!


Have you ever seen anything as awful as this?




Oh come, early Thor isn’t that bad. JFK cameos in one issue!


I was talking about the credits omitting Jack Kirby!


Is that price for real?


That’s my screen cap from Amazon. So it’s “real”, though not necessarily “for real”.


It can’t be that bad. One person gave it a 5 star rating.

Wait, was it you, David? Did you give it a 5 start rating?


Then you really need to get Royal City when it’s collected. Very much in the same vein.


I’m halfway through Providence.

I am taking it slowly as this thing is deeply unsettling. I really only think Alan Moore has ever done horror comics as I understand them, where they truly are quite frightening. Not having Dracula or Elvira or a werewolf involved, or Ennis using sex crazed zombies and gore but properly scary.

From Hell in a couple of chapters induced real nightmares for me in a way gore never has. I just laugh through slasher movies, that weird fast shaking head passing on the train in Jacob’s Ladder I found horrific.


I think slowly is the way. I remember lingering for about an hour over each individual issue. There is a lot to take in and they really reward rereading, especially given the way the comics and text pieces play off each other.

It’s a great series but very much a slow-burn, and a lot of the most effective sections later on benefit from close attention in the earlier chapters.


This is very much my experience.

However I did also get this from The Courtyard and The Neonomicon, for both of which it seems others did not.


So I decided to treat myself to the Image Giant Sized Artists Proof Edition Huck #1 to celebrate Millarworld’s sale to Netflix. It’s huge. For size reference, that’s Absolute Kingdom Come in it’s slipcase on the left along with Huck #1 and the Wednesday Comics hardcover on the right.


I’ve wondered about checking out those Artist’s Proof editions before (I was looking at the Klaus one) but never took the plunge - what is the content like? I know some of them have commentary and behind-the-scenes stuff as well as the original art.


Image Giant Sized Artists Proof Edition Huck #1 - This was such a perfect first issue. I had forgotten how well @Mark_Millar had introduced the concept of Huck and his one good deed a day while setting up the larger mystery that the series would explore. @RafaelA’s art was amazing at this size and in the subtle black and white. It really let his line work and washes show through. The package was more akin to a Treasury Edition reprint than than a Director’s Edition or something like that. It reprinted the original story, all of the covers both standard and 80’s film variants and that was about it. To me, that was perfect for this package as it let the work shine in all of it’s black and white storytelling glory. I would love to see something like Record Store Day set up in comic shops where they sell premium reprints of single issues like this.

Does that answer your questions, Dave? I’m not sure you’re thinking of the same thing if one was available for Klaus. This is a thing Image has done with a handful of single issues mostly written by Robert Kirkman.

Edit: Correction. It looks like it’s more than just Kirkman. Here is a list of them, some I wasn’t aware had been done. Oddly, Huck #1 is missing from this list.


Sorry, I should have been more specific. The Klaus one was by Boom! Studios and their version of the same idea is called the ‘pen and ink’ edition. It contains the first two issues of Klaus in the original b/w art form in an 11"x17" floppy, along with additional commentary from Morrison and Mora.

I’ve bought plenty of the Artist Edition style original art hardcovers in recent years, but they usually collect a lot more material - I’ve never bought one of these oversized floppies for just an issue or two. Plus, there’s a difference between seeing the original art and seeing uncoloured b/w line art - I’m more interested in the former than the latter.


With listings now up for a Knightfall Volume 3 Knightsend Omnibus, that appears to collect Prodigal and Troika as well, I’m considering bagging the first one, but what’s the quality like?

Is it known if the second one, Knightquest, will include The Search?


I’m very happy with it.

I think vol 2 has The Search too; but I’m not really interested in that volume. Both Knightquest runs were rather dull and repetitive. I’m in no hurry to read either again.

Vol 3 does look cool. Knightsend, Prodigal and Troika were awesome. Annoyed that DC have chosen to skip the Zero Hour issues though. Those provided some real connective tissue, and background material for Dick’s time in the cape & cowl.

Edited to add: I am annoyed as hell that Sword of Azrael wasn’t included in these collections. It’s an integral part of the whole thing, and Quesada’s art deserves a Deluxe style presentation.



On Knightquest, part what I vaguely recall was stuff like:

Ah, Batman! Huh? Who the hell are you?

Cue much violence.