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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


Has anyone read this? I’ve seen it compared to stuff like Sandman, From Hell, Watchmen, etc and even has praise from Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman (with Moore even writing a strip for this volume). Sounds like it could be great; I know it will at least look great, as Michael Zulli is the artist.


I’m strongly considering picking up a couple Millarworld books to celebrate the Netflix buy. Reborn just came out today.


Just recently bought Reborn HC Variant cover from instocktrades and let me tell you good sir, you won’t regret it.

I’m debating on whether I want to buy that giant sized Huck though…my wallet begs me to stop.


Sums up my thoughts on the artwork precisely.


Ah, I didn’t know this was due. It’s on my list, but I’ve just bought several other books (not comics) and blown my budget for the month :frowning:


I’m reading this just now.

It’s pretty great!


It is amazing, isn’t it? The best part is the footnotes and endnotes, though, the actual comic seems almost like an afterthought :smiley:


I’m reading them as I go along and it’s taking an age to get through. There’s a wealth of info in them though and they’re just as well written/amusing as the many comic.


I’m sort of interested but not enough to gamble as it’s not cheap, if you get it would like to know how you find it. It’ll probably be a very good quality volume too, as I’ve got a few Dover trades now.

Nobody listens to Zathras…

Thanks for the recommendation, the Trades Threads strikes again! The best price I found was:

Wordery - Paperback - £9.90

EDIT: Also my copies of Loki: Journey Into Mystery Omnibus and X-O Manowar OHC5 arrived today.

Quite the study in contrasts! On the one hand the binding on the Loki omnibus is very good, book falls open nicely for easy reading. The paper, however, is criminally thin, to the effect that a 30-issue collection looks thinner than it should. Crap like this is why I’ve cut my Marvel OHC/Omnibus buying. The bigger problem is it seems to be random or pot luck as to what you get because the Ms Marvel OHC3 I got but a couple of months back seemed far better. None of this does Marvel any good but they keep doing it.

I’m suspecting Valiant might be retreating from the OHC format, as the only one in the offing now after this finale volume is Bloodshot Reborn OHC2. Cover is a step back from previous volumes but binding and paper quality are very good, certainly better overall than Marvel’s offering and over half the price less!

EDIT 2: Talking of Omnibuses, it looks like the Johns Aquaman Omnibus has been cancelled, which is a kick in the nuts because I would have been tempted by that. Zombie listings for it remain in various places online.


Read about a third of the new Kill or Be Killed volume on the bus. Made a half hour and some change bus ride feel like ten minutes. :smile:

I’ve been reading Naoki Urasawa’s Pluto. I have two volumes left (there’s 8 total). It’s not quite as good as Monster, the only other Urasawa work I’ve read (and which is in my top 10 favorite comics), but it’s still a gripping read. It’s a murder mystery about a serial killer, the eponymous Pluto, targeting the most advanced androids in the world. It’s also an adaptation of Astro Boy, who appears here under his Japanese name Atom. He and a German android detective named Gesicht are the main investigators trying to stop Pluto. It moves at a fast pace, encompassing a huge cast of characters, from the investigators to the other androids targeted to everyday human beings. Urasawa is one of the finest character writers in comics–second only to Garth Ennis in my book–and his talent’s on full display here.


I read the first two volumes of Pluto years ago and loved them, but it’s hard to find over here. I really need to make an effort to get the rest.


It’s worth it, it looks like they have them all on Amazon if your local shops don’t.


Looking at my shelf I’m at quite a backlog of trades I haven’t read:

The Goddamned #1
Southern Cross #1
Lazarus #4 and #5
Clean Room #2 and #3
Black Hammer #1
Shade the Changing Girl #1
Providence #1 and #2
Moonshine #1
Birthright #1

A couple of those (Moonshine, Southern Cross) I have already read a few issues of.

I need to cordon off some time to do some reading or stop buying these things.


Even within the context of Jeff Lemire’s almost peerless oeuvre, Black Hammer is brilliant.


Yeah, Black Hammer may be his best work. Also one of the best superhero comics I’ve read in some time.

Southern Cross vol. 1 is amazing, @RobertB. One of my favorite stories in the sci-fi horror genre. The second volume, which just came out, is a step down in quality (the focus shifts to some less interesting characters) but the ending is promising for vol. 3 and beyond so I’ll stick with it.

Oh, and I finished Kill or Be Killed vol. 2. Still shaping up to be Brubaker & Phillips’ best collaboration (in fact, I think it’s time to say it’s already there). It’s a little scary how much I sympathize with such an egotistical, destructive lead character. His mission is based on some principles I share but he just makes things worse overall, especially by instigating an increased, more violent police presence on the streets, which this volume looks at in detail. The volume also fleshes out the supporting cast, including Dylan’s ex Kira (in a fantastic standalone issue), his girlfriend Daisy, and the detective working to take him down.


Southern Cross is one that I have read—either all of the singles or close to it. I wanted to switch to trade. I’ve also read bits of Moonshine and the Goddamned.

Black Hammer needs to move to the top of the stack. I don’t love Lemire as much as some people do but I’ve heard good stuff about this book relentlessly.


What’s Shade the Changing Girl turned out to be like?


Man, that’s some good shit right there.

I have a lot of love for Southern Cross.
The Goddammed was artistically brilliant, although I also really enjoyed the story as well.

You know all about Clean Room and I recommend saving Providence for when you have time, I found it very dense (but well worthy of that effort) due to the text pieces, which really add to the story massively. Almost necessary to double check your own interpretation of events is as the author intended. It’s really clever.

Black Hammer also lives up to the hype.


Lemire does vary in quality. Particularly on his DC and Marvel stuff, i can find him a bit bland and boring to read on some of their work.

I do think some of his creator owned work is fab though. Royal City had also started very promisingly, I’ve gone to trade on that as I find most of this stuff reads better that way.


I lost interest pretty quickly.