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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


The art tends to really make that book stand out, combined with Busiek’s name, it might be OK.

Not least, as anyone buying Astro City will be in the habit of being patient for issues! :wink:


Friends and Foes is the best Groo that Dark Horse has put out. The miniseries are too unwieldy while Groo excels when confined to done-in-ones that Friends and Foes harkens back to.


I hope you’re right, I do hear that Image series are more likely to carry on with lackluster monthly numbers if a trade audience is there for them. Maybe if it does end up being drawn out over 20 years like Astro City I’ll learn zen-like patience!


The intro page for each issue with the Minstrel is superb:


I know what you mean. I think Image, or more accurately their creators as the company is a non-profit entity, got too excited at the buzz and growth a couple of years ago.

We have to be careful, creators are humans and are also hit by normal issues. We had some angry people at the Jupiter’s Legacy delays but they were almost all down to physical ailments (we know one contributor had a stroke, not all others wanted them shared in the public sphere). On Jupiter’s Circle the main artist hit a tragedy that is beyond horrific when his wife died.

Outside of that though, and those books are typically planned to run very long there is a valid question over how ambitious you should be.


Yeah, the bulk of the Astro City delays of years past were due to things like serious, serious illness. Busiek used a letters page of an issue to address the delays and I suspect he probably got a lot of credibility for doing it, as people tend to respond well to someone laying it out in the open. (And if not? Well, stuff those guys.)

A creator might come out with a quip like ‘it’ll all come out on time’ and you can almost hear life in the background ‘oh yeah? wanna bet?’



Using the minstrel again as well as the plots being conglomerations of stories from that era made this feel very much like it could have come from the Marvel Epic run.


Thanks for the heads up on Romulus.
Hill & Hawkins are close to must buy territory for me now, but I didn’t like the sound of it.

The other day I was starting to feel guilty for not ordering, but you’ve helped my resolve.


The Metabaron : Book 2: The Techno-Cardinal & The Transhuman - It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for the oversized BD style albums that Humanoids does so well. These Metabaron books have been the perfect length and the equivalent of Absolute size with some truly stellar art. This volume continues the adventures of the Metabaron with Jerry Frison writing from a story by Alejandro Jodorowsky with incredible art by Nico Henrichon. The Metabarons’ story has always been a bit of a sci-fi, space opera with as much politics, intrigue and sex as Game of Thrones. It’s never hid it’s Dune-esque roots. This story takes that a step further and actually moves the last Metabaron’s story forward in a way that has not happened since his first appearance. It was a thoroughly enjoyable if incredibly adult book. If you have any interest in French sci-fi comics or the Jodoverse, I can’t recommend this book enough.

Edit: Does anyone know if Book 3 has been scheduled yet?


From today’s FP newsletter, at 40% off:

I think this might be the first Daredevil omnibus I don’t buy.

It’s a decent enough price for what you get, but I don’t remember this event being any good (and I think I even dropped off reading Daredevil at some point halfway through, and didn’t come back until the Waid run).

Can anyone else who read the whole thing convince me otherwise? Or is this story best left in the past?


I left after the first Andy Diggle arc, and didn’t pick Daredevil up again until tentatively getting on board with Mark Waid’s run.

I remember that the Thunderbolts issues were a lot of fun, (some early Declan Shalvey art if I recall). And the Power Man mini-series was fun and largely stood on it’s own. I don’t think that I read anything else though.


Nope, which is a bit of a bugger, but it’ll be worth the wait - especially given how good the editions Humanoids are putting out are.

Did love your description of the book as ‘very adult’, think that should on every Jodorowsky book!

Changing tack…

Dealer Alert

The other 40% off item from FP this week:

£19.19 + £1 postage.

You might get it elsewhere for £1-2 cheaper but FP’s packaging is pretty ace.


Has anyone got a copy of the Ultimates 2 OHC to hand (and able to take pictures ideally)?
I sold mine on Amazon the other day and the buyer’s come back saying the pages are coming off the spine and need to be reglued. I could have sworn it was a sewn binded book (and that I would have noticed such obvious damage when I listed it). I’ve asked him to take some pictures, and it’d be handy to have something to compare against.


Is it possible the buyer is confused and it’s just the book block coming away from the spine (as it’s supposed to)?

Like this, for example:

I’ve seen some readers get confused in the past and think that this is a defect.


That’s exactly what I was thinking. I looked at some of my other Marvel OHCs from the same period and they’re like your picture, albeit too small to flex that much. Ultimates 2 is pretty thick though, so it’s possible it ended up with a glued binding, as a couple of my thicker ones (War of Kings, Avengers Assemble 5) have.


A bit of googling took me back to a thread on the MarvelMasterworks forums, and it turns out there is actually a picture of the Ultimates 2 OHC binding on there (post #12):

It looks like the OHC is a glued binding and the Omnibus is sewn.


So, my copies of Superman Rebirth Volume 3 and Descender Volume 4 arrived today.

The pleasant surprise was Reborn, which I didn’t realise was an OHC! That’s a smart move in these days of ever higher trade prices, especially with Capullo on art - that ought to be shown off on bigger paper.


Bit disappointed they’re omni-ing the almost universally disliked Shadowland when Bendis’ run hasn’t had OHC treatment in a very long time. Although I suppose it can only be a matter of time with how Marvel seems to be a lot better at going back to putting old omnis back into print now.


They’ll probably Epic those.

How was the Bendis-Maleev Moon Knight run by the by?


I bought it on a Comixology sale. I wouldn’t bother really…The art is great, but the story isn’t up to much.