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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


3 deluxe editions have come out, there could be a 4th collecting tpbs Volumes 8-10, but, even if that did happen, the story also ended on a cliffhanger or to be continued note that I see no evidence will ever be so.

It’s a crappy way of going on. If you start issuing OHCs you ought to continue. At the very least, if you know the sales aren’t there, wrap the title up as well as you can do. Neither appears to be the case.

So, the only option for me to express my displeasure at this is to not buy Spencer’s work.


Yeah that sounds bad. And ending the whole series on a cliffhanger seems an insult to the fans who’ve followed you all the way.


That’s really disappointing to hear. I have the Morning Glories omnibus and was looking forward to a second volume, but hearing that the series doesn’t even end means I’ll have to pass. Probably need to sell of that omnibus too. Not that anyone will want it if the series has no end. What a shame.


Is Season 3 of Morning Glories totally dead in the water then?

Season 2 only ended last year.


The Vision: Director’s Cut series was six issues (each issue was 80 pages and reprinted two issues of the miniseries, plus extras). So it’s the entire series. Hopefully, oversized. :grinning:


Reading the Epic Collection of Claremont & Davis’s early Excalibur issues. It also collects a Marvel Comics Presents storyline featuring Excalibur by Erik Larsen and a writer I’m not familiar with, Michael Higgins. Plus some Captain Britain shorts by Claremont, Davis, Alan Moore, and Herb Trimpe.

These epic collections are great stuff. I have the first New Mutants volume and a Moench/Sienkiewicz Moon Knight one, as well. They’re terrific packages.

As for the story–it’s always a pleasure to find Claremont X-Men comics from his prime that I’ve never read before. This is great stuff, packed with melodrama, humor, crazy villains, and some of Davis’s best work. It’s nice to finally see what Nightcrawler, Kitty, and Rachel were up to after they left the X-Men following “Mutant Massacre.” I just finished the “Inferno” two-parter, which was really funny. It was a blast to see Davis’s rendition of all the inanimate objects brought to life.

Only negative (same goes for New Mutants) is that I have no idea when they’ll print the next volume! Marvel really dropped the ball with New Mutants, not having the Legion issues collected when the FX show came out.


If we go by the trades, Volume 10 came out Jan this year and I think @ChrisS read it, so would likely have better info to contribute.

Well, if anyone can find any news about it I’ve missed, by all means.

Thanks for the info - helps a great deal.

Still sounds a really fucked up way of listing it, as the series is known to be two trades, 12 normal issues.


He’s pretty dreadful. He took over Excalibur after Claremont bowed out and in the first issue or so when Davis returned as writer/artist he retconned immediately pretty much everything that had happened inbetween.

It was in the days when Marvel seemed to think it was a good idea to replace seasoned and celebrated writers with random assistant editors hanging around. Terry Kavanagh was another where every story was terrible. It’s such a strange series because the Claremont and Davis, Davis on both jobs and Warren Ellis issues are really good, everything else is complete and utter garbage.


Ah man, I was kinda worrying the Higgins/Larsen story wouldn’t be any good. This volume includes Excalibur #1-11 (plus Special Edition, Mojo Mayhem, and the other stuff I mentioned). I’d rather they just included more Claremont/Davis issues.


To be fair I never read those Marvel Comics Presents shorts, I would assume at least Larsen did a good job. Higgins did a terrible job on the main title though.


I read the MCP issues back in the day, it’s a fun but forgettable story where they fight ersatz versions of the Looney Tunes characters


Nice to see an Agents of Atlas complete collection in that Marvel catalogue. Guess it’s off the back of Jimmy Woo being in Ant-Man and Wasp.

Oh and an Avengers Epic Collection with the Avengers/Defenders War story in it.


OK, some Transformers help needed here.

I’ve got a really nice OHC set assembled now: Last Stand of the Wreckers, Phase 2 OHC1-5, Dark Cybetron OHC.

But, given the amount of chatter over the last couple of years as to what’s gone with the line, it all seems to have fallen prey to over-expansion. Perhaps more books but less vision?

So, I’m suspecting it might be best to bail on the OHC front now and instead just go and bag:

  • MTMTE Volumes 6-10
  • The Lost Light Volume 1

As it was far more Roberts’ take on a bunch of bitchy bots that got me back into the line. Doing this means I miss the events of Combiner Wars and Revolution. The latter I’ve heard a lot about, none of it good, the former though?


Combiner wars is OK, but it does set up a fair bit of stuff for the main plot, mostly the Cybertron side of things


Yeah, I read the 10th volume recently.

I really like Morning Glories a lot but I began to get pissed off about the rate the were started to come out, then I was even more pissed off by the end of this volume.

Apparently there’s talk of another ‘season’ whatever copout they want to call it, but I’m not sure that this is going to be anything more than a short mini series.

I don’t know what happened here, I believe Morning Glories was a popular book, at least in trade, but maybe the single issues were not selling enough. Or maybe Nick Spencer has been preoccupied with the Marvel books. He’s written quite a lot, maybe around 3 a month, so he could just be taking the money while he can get it - which I can understand, comics is a fickle career.

However, he’d always maintained that Morning Glories was going to run to about 100 issues, and 10 volumes is a pretty serious investment.

I feel the series was totally left hanging, I think it’s a bit of a kick in the balls to those who have followed it this far.



To me it’s the fact that it is a good book that smarts, that they had something good and if they finished it well it could sell in trades or digital just by word of mouth. Now? Well, it’s still going get word of mouth but not the positive kind.


Yeah the Morning Glories thing is a big disappointment. Even if they did solicit the fourth hardcover now, I wouldn’t bother with it without knowing the series was going to continue.

It was such a good series too. After all that build up it would be a shame for it not to get any kind of payoff.


To be fair there are economies here. I’m sure Spencer and gang would have loved 100 issues but maybe the numbers don’t add up and at that point you are stuck.

John Siuntres on Wordballoon has raised this a lot that in a very crowded market with so many books the old Vertigo model of 75 or 80 issues is not that viable. Bryan K Vaughan with Fiona Staples can get away with it but not many more. Attention keeps getting grabbed by other titles in a ways that wasn’t there when Gaiman or Ennis were working on Sandman or Preacher.

The ambition maybe should be scaled back to 25 issues or so and then if it hits Walking Dead or Saga style numbers you can find ways to expand the story.


Recent reads:

Sanctum Genesis

This is a far stronger prequel than Carthago Adventures. It benefits by being a much shorter, more focused story and it concludes very well. There’s no point reading this unless you’ve read Sanctum, as the story assumes that the reader has in order to work.

Romulus: Volume 1

Oh dear. Every writer has to have a duff story every now and then and this is Hill’s. There’s nothing horrendously bad about it, it just feels too familiar: It falls squarely in the ‘girl kicking arse’ sub-genre, spliced with a hefty dose of conspiracy theory of shadowy organisations manipulating everything. Fight sequences are well done, art is effective but at the end I was left with little incentive to continue reading, even with the last page cliffhanger thrown in.

Lucifer: Volume 2: Father Lucifer

Wow. This really upped the stakes. If it but has the time to realise its ambitions this series might end up being a third act on a par with its predecessors. (Lucifer Volume 1 and Sandman.)

It throws in a new enemy, builds on the first volume and sets up an enduring set of conflicts for future stories to work with and has excellent art from Garbett, who really gets to show off.

Superb fun.

Groo: Friends and Foes OHC

I’ve decided to be more selective on OHCs, but damn, when DHC decide to do one, they go to town! Nice, thick page, perfect printing and binding, a nice, little set of extras of what is a 300-page cartooning masterclass from Aragones, Evanier and Sakai. You thought the lettering looked familar? It’s Sakai’s work, that’s why.

Like Usagi Yojimbo, if you took Groo seriously, it would be a terrible, horribly violent tale of a psychopathic idiot swordsman, but you’re not supposed to and it’s testimony to Aragones’ imagery that the reader never does. From the off, you are told by the visuals alone that this screwball comedy and should be treated as such.

At the same time, each issue is a masterpiece of cartooning, often containing at least one incredible double page spread:

Or this:

With the larger page size and quality really allowing the detail to stand out - I’m quite certain I’ll read this again and notice new details in the background of a panel I missed first time around.

All in all, this is a big, superb book that merits its price tag - though by that, I mean I paid about £26 for it and feel I more than got my money’s worth.


I really worry about Kurt Busiek’s The Autumnlands. I love it, I think it’s a great series, but I don’t know if, in this market, it can run for as long as it seemingly needs to for it to tell its story. There hasn’t been an issue come out for a long time now, and that was on the back of a long gap, and there was another before that.