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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


Not really clear on what that’s supposed to contain. The first omnibus volume, but in paperback?


Probably not as much as the omnibuses. Epics are generally about 18 issues a volume. 480 pages, it says.


That’s odd that they just announced the X-Men: Grand Design series and the trade is already up on Amazon.


I’m all over that Master of Kung Fu TPB :+1:t3:


Razzum Frazzum :angry:



I’ll take a durable hardback over a 480-page paperback any day.


My wife is less understanding that you are…

Although I suspect that she is very unlikely to be aware of what Marvel is planning to publish in March of next year, so I may get away with it. :zipper_mouth_face:

And to be fair MOKF was a comic that I had wanted to see collected forever…so that was good.


Epic collections are only black and white anyway, right?


No, the Epics are in full colour. The Essentials were black and white.

The production quality on the Epics is actually really good, from my (limited) experience with them.


No, full colour. The Essentials were black and white.


Essentials were Black and White, the Epics are colour


And the winner is…


Not sure if you’ve heard, but the Epic Collections are full colour, apparently.


So what were the black and white ones?




Rai / 4001 AD OHCs

Valiant have been working their way through the superhero story staples for a while now, so it was inevitable they would get to doing a dark future story, but what would not be expected is the ambition they demonstrated with it.

First, these two books, collecting six trades between them form one very strong and coherent package - with the ending of Rai leading into 4001 AD. Sure, the latter gives you a recap of the 12 issues of Rai, but reading the full thing is far better.

What really makes the story stand out is the way it goes back forth between Father and Rai’s attempts to destroy the tyrannical bastard. At the same time there’s some really mad ideas, which are wonderfully realised by Crain’s visuals like the orbital mega-city of New Japan transforming into a vast mecha-dragon! At the same time Father is an adversary who surrounds himself with millions on millions of human shields - Rai cannot defeat him without destroying New Japan, without some innocents paying the price, but if Rai does not defeat his creator everyone will pay for it. It is to Kindt’s credit that, having fashioned this dilemma, he doesn’t shirk from following through on it to its logical endpoint.

While the Rai OHC is a very focused piece of work, 4001 AD is more dispersed across three strands - the main event 4-issue series, the Rai issues that cover Rai’s backstory and origin in-depth and 4 one-shots that focus on various individual Valiant characters / concepts. Of these the X-O Manowar one was particularly good. The three strands work well together, with each expanding the story neatly.

There’s also some very smart easter egg continuity references that a new reader doesn’t need, but if spotted, enhance the story that little bit more. Like Gilad turning up in Rai, who mentions that he is the Eternal Warrior who hell spit out. Now that’s a neat link to The Valiant / Book of Death stories where Gilad died, but also to Vendetti’s Wrath of the Eternal Warrior series. Now I haven’t read that yet, no OHC yet, but I know Gilad was dead, so having a very concise three-word as to what happened works well enough for me. It’s not new, as they’ve gotten very good at this but it’s still very welcome to see titles that invite but don’t require you to read other books to enjoy them. This freestanding but linked structure is what sets Valiant apart from its competitors.

So, it’s another excellent superhero epic from them.


Postal Volume 5

Oh yes, yes, hell yes - there’s some truly excellent developments in this volume. Both are exquisitely set up and so very deserved.

There’s a good amount of subtlety too in how Hill explores the idea of how people want to change an individual regardless of that individual’s own desires.

There’s only one problem, the next trade isn’t due until the end of the year.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that the trade has a preview of Hawkins and Hill’s next collaboration - the graphic novel Golgotha due October. It was good enough to sell me it.


Oh, look what I found Amazon-fishing:

Listing says #1-6 but with a page count of 488 pages, I think it’s good odds this’ll be the entire 12 issues.

EDIT: Also, they are not hanging around:

EDIT: Edelweiss Marvel Jan-Mar 2018 catalogue listed here:

Which for The Vision: Director’s Cut says it is 6 issues, with an RRP of $39.99! To which there is but one response: Fuck off, I don’t care how good it is, I’m not paying that. Nor can I see how they get to 488 pages with just 6 issues of content - so maybe it’s a really, really bad error.

Punisher Platoon is actually set for April, not Jan too, which does make more sense.


Dealer Alert

No idea how they got it so early:

Superman Rebirth: Volume 3: Multiplicity - Books Etc - £9.28

EDIT: Also found today for anyone who’s after them:

Valerian & Laureline: Volume 18: In Uncertain Times - £6.13 - Books Etc

Reborn HC1 - £14.77 - Books Etc

(price might reduce a little further to say £13.80)

Also decided today that I’ve reached my limit on OHCs, the prices feel higher, even as they still work out reasonably good on an issue-per-issue / tpbs-combined basis, so also went and nabbed:

Descender Volume 4 - £9.28 - Books Etc


Oh yeah, that Mage OHC1 I got - isn’t so much oversized, the info online says it was but when placed on the shelf, it’s a standard hardback. Now, it doesn’t matter too much as it was still cheaper than the new paperbacks volumes, which I’ll get later for Acts 2 and 3 if the trilogy concludes successfully.

I’m also concluding Nick Spencer is full of crap due to the mess that is Morning Glories and that it both looks unlikely there’ll ever be a OHC4 and even if there was, the ending’s a cliffhanger that is probably never being resolved. So time to flog the OHCs and drop The Fix.


Can you explain, please?