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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


Hmm, this could be tricky - as I don’t have a smartphone and my tech skills vary greatly.

Title page says ‘colored by Jeremy Cox and James Rochelle’ - does that help any?


Aye, that confirms it as the re-color.
Just can’t find any comparisons online.


:open_mouth: Surely an error:

Oh, it’s ok, the postage is free. Phew!


The first Thor omnibus has been OOP for a long time now. Sometimes people ask silly prices. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that kind of price paid though.


A lot of eBay and Amazon Marketplace stores use algorithims to determine their prices by looking at the same product on other stores, and then marking up the price a little bit. This frequently leads to insane pricing on out of print items.


This one looks to be a private seller just trying his luck though.


I’ve listed plenty of OOP items on AMP at silly prices, waiting to bring them down as other sellers react. Most of the time that happens, but sometimes the odd thing does go for what seems like a ridiculous price. (Never £2k though).


I’ve occasionally had good luck with ebay auctions, but only through bidders driving up an open auction price.

I once sold a single issue of Superman (that had only just come out) for more than £100: it was the Action Comics #900 anniversary issue that had the story about him renouncing his US citizenship in, and there had been a bit of a media circus around it. I was gobsmacked when the winner actually paid up.


I’ve always wondered what the score is with this crazy shit.

My (internal) theory was that there must be some daft c*nts out there with more money than sense buying the first listing the come to, and sometimes that’s a completely mental price.


There’s only two books I’ve seen actually get crazy money:

Absolute Planetary 1
Absolute Authority 1

When both were out of print.

The rest of the time? It’s people trying it on. I’ve found collectors might go up to 3-4 times the price for something they really want and if that undercuts everyone else, they’ll bite, but silly pricing? That gets dismissed quick.


Good to know.

I’m selling off a lot of stuff just now on eBay and I tend to just the the going rate; there’s a few books that are well out of print but I don’t think there is market for them.

I had considered pricing high, in the off chance one sells then I get some decent money for it, which would make it worth the wait of a few months of relisting - but it sounds as if there’s not much point in doing that.


He’s changed the price and is being far more reasonable now.


Just a minor thing about the absurd pricing for this Thor Omnibus. the Coipel cover isn’t the variant edition anyway - 'its the “mass-market” version that Amazon and co. sold. The Kirby cover is/was the Direct Market variant( which I purchased and will not let out of my collection until death!)

So either the seller is very uninformed or he is really deliberately misleading potential buyers


Or a bit of both. :smile:


For what it’s worth, I always thought the Kirby omnibus covers where the regular versions that were just out of print - before this,


There isn’t a hard rule. Sometimes the Marvel omnis use the original art for the mass-market version, sometimes for the DM version. It depends on which edition (and printing) of which omnibus it is.

(And some don’t have variants at all, and some have more than two.)

Often when omnis have been reprinted (and the original-art variant was hard to come by in the first printing), the original art is used for the regular cover of the second printing. So it may be that if that Thor omni ever gets a reprint, we’ll see the original art as the regular cover.


Dealer Alert

For anyone considering whether they should read Postal - you should - this is quite the offer:

20 issues of material in 5 trades for just under £28. It’s the usual time-limited 40% off FP deal.


A couple of decent pre-orders have just become active at Speedyhen:

Dark Knight III: The Master Race HC - £15.53

Dark Knight III: The Master Race - the covers Deluxe HC - £15.53

Daredevil Epic Collection: Heart of Darkness - £20.19

Punisher by Garth Ennis Omnibus (reprint) - £54.28


Cheers Dave


A few new Marvel listings on Amazon:


Sorry everyone who shelled out for the omnibuses.