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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


It’s worth noting for people who are interested in Empowered, that it’s being released for free, one page per weekday at Volumes 1 and 2 are complete, and it’s currently in the second or third story in volume 3


I just read the first issue of The Goddamned.


“Goddamn!” is right.


Warned yeh.

Letter 44: Volume 4: Saviours

This is a welldone but very cynical series indeed. You look at the likes of Blades and Carroll in all their stupid hubris and what you find are mirrors of the current bunch of real-world politicians, just that little bit magnified. Soule’s view of humanity is indeed a dismal one, but you can easily see his reasoning for it.

How will it all end? I’ll find out at the start of 2018 in all likelihood as the final trade is due end of December.


I read Transformers: Titans Return today and boy is it a dog’s breakfast. It really feels like a toy synergy obligation than a story anyone really wanted to tell. More time is spent reminding people of who Sentinel is and explaining how he can be around again than actually telling a proper story. Barber uses it as an excuse to just do more doomsaying prophecy set-up for future stories. Roberts, as you’d expect, fashions something better from it all, taking the opportunity to catch up with Luna 1, but it’s also having to play double duty as the end of MTMTE, which is awkward. I think they’d have done better ending MTMTE with the last arc and doing all these issues as an interim mini-series (which would have helped with the messed up release schedule across the two titles).

The other element worth mentioning is the inclusion of GI Joe and that, which… Well, it’s not quite as awful as I’d feared (though they’re included only in passing here) but it really doesn’t add anything to the story. Instead you get an awkward scene of an EDC guy giving himself a Joe codename and the displacement and de-emphasis of Transformers’ own human characters like Marissa Fairbourne.

Revolution next, which I’ve seen chunks of and have zero positive expectations of.


Yeah. The Goddamned is brutal. Especially the ending to the arc. Nasty stuff.


I didn’t read any of Revolution apart from the MTMTE issue, co-written by Roberts and Roche - which is gloriously silly.


Yeah, I’ve read some fucked up stuff in my time but that was up there with Torpedo for sheer nastiness, another series I bailed on, for the same reason.

Lucifer: Volume 1: Cold Heaven

Well, this was a surprise! I expected a reboot and got a continuation and a very smart one at that.

So, this is what happened a decade later after the end of Carey’s run and it’s very good indeed. The only problem is my memory of that run is a little hazy and Black has clearly done her homework. The other smart move is bringing back all the great locales of Sandman / Lucifer - Hell, the Silver City, the Dreaming. It’s quite inspired.

Nice to see Garbett get a regular book to show off on too, which he does.

All in all, an excellent gamble - time to get the next one.


Just bought this lot. Not read any of them before. Have I bought stinkers or or hidden gems?


Gothic is alright, quite a good spooky supernatural Batman story with decent art.


The Dixon Batman & the Outsiders volume is pretty bad :slightly_frowning_face:

Gothic’s good, like Dave said. And the Checkmate/ Outsiders crossover was pretty cool too, but is part of Rucka’s ongoing Checkmate story. Not sure how well it will read standalone.


I bought Checkmate as it was coming out monthly but dropped it before this crossover. Thought it was one of Rucka’s weakest books. This was only £1.99 so worth a chance.


The Superman/Batman books are worth a read. After Loeb left that series just became self contained story arcs.
I enjoyed the Outsiders Checkmate crossover. But the not so much the Chuck Dixon Outsider book. If I’m remembering right, it started off well, but he left due to a falling out with DC.


Mystic is fun.


I really liked Mystic, and was disappointed they never did a follow-up (sales on it were terrible though, so it wasn’t surprising). It got Wilson in the door at Marvel so she could create Ms. Marvel though.


Well, at least that first Superman/Batman one has Dustin Nguyen on art?


I’ve begun the process of selling off my mega collection - purely because of the room they take up on my shelves and also I can’t keep up at a rate of 2 per month with all the other stuff I read. 1 per month would be more feasible but I now have a huge backlog of volumes, I got to the Simping Detective volume and never got by it because Spurriers writing is so irritating at times and his obsession with being clever with dialogue and turns of phrase (which is prevailant in nearly everything he writes) makes for a really disjointed reading experience and disrupts the flow terribly.

Anyway, I’m beginning to regret having sold the volumes that I have because today I went thru the rest on the shelves and I think it would have been a much better idea to keep the stuff im most interested in and just sell off the rest; most of the Wagner volumes, the Anderson books, Devlin Waugh etc I should have held onto.

I’ve got all this stuff in single issues but when you see the volumes all linked together it does make for a more satisfying read.

Just a word of warning for anyone planning to sell off their collection…I think I was too hasty


At some point I got rid of everything but my very favorites. This very past week I was thinking of getting rid of the rest as we’re having work done on the house and I need to move the collection (nothing inspires you to get rid of trades faster than having to actually box, lift, and carry the ones you own). However my wife of all people told me I’d regret it if I did, and she’s right. The thing I’ve found is that when you reread your favorites it also reminds you of your life when they came out, in a weird way better than a photograph.

I am falling way behind on my reading though. The number of unread trades I own is creeping up there, and I’m trying another go at reading Snyder’s Batman with Metal around the corner.


Hey, the Forbidden Planet near my work got the Mage trade in stock, and I flipped through it - seems like it’s the Jeremy Cox recoloring. Can’t find any in-depth comparisons online - but does the OHC1 use that coloring? And if so,how does the Excalibur scene come off?


No idea! I don’t know much about Mage, haven’t previously read it, so hadn’t heard of the recolouring point you raise - I just bagged the OHC as it was going for just over £21, which the new paperbacks would have equaled.


Alright, if it’s the '05/'10 printing then it should be the Jeremy Cox coloring.
I don’t mind it from what I’ve seen in the new trade, but if you can DM me an example of the sword in the stone bit if it’s not too much trouble - then that’d be great.

It’s a make or break.