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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


Wow, that explains it then, it is as long as it seems!


Goddamn brutal.


It’s like Scalped team doing The Bible but filtered through a more depraved (and probably more realistic) lens, crossed with Groo, crossed with Game of Thrones.

The artwork is incredible.

The violence in particular is a thing to behold.
I’ll be very surprised if early McMahon is not an influence of Guera’s. I can see clear elements in there.


I found an article with some previews. Liked the look of it so ordered a copy off of amazon prime so hopefully will get it tomorrow or Friday.


A big box arrived today.

It was an Artist Edition: I’m on a bit of an Eisner kick as I saw that had the first Spirit AE on special offer, at less than half price, and I’ve been meaning to check it out for a while. So I snapped that up as well as the recent 75-year anniversary celebration book that compiles some of the series’ best material.

I’ve read a fair bit of Eisner’s Spirit before but I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into these, especially the original-art book. I love Eisner’s work even more in black-and-white than in colour, and seeing the original pages is going to be a real treat.


Hope you enjoy.

I read the first issue and it didn’t quite sit well with me, but I bought the trade based on the creative team - I’m glad I did I really enjoyed it.

I must have just been in a stinker of a mood first time i read the first issue.


Anyone get the first of Image’s Mage reprints?
It’s going to be two trades per arc for a total of six.
First one covering the first half of The Hero Discovered came out today and wanted to hear what the quality was like.

Especially since it doesn’t sound like they’re going to reprint the phonebooks.


Yeah I ordered it from Previews, think it’ll arrive at beginning of August, I’ll let you know when it does



I was hoping that we’d hear some word that they would reprint the phonebooks, but Wagner’s latest interview really reiterated the six trades. And if they ever do…probably won’t be for over 2 years. So, yeah, can’t wait to hear how it goes.


It’s weird because when I ordered it thought it was the large collections but when I checked back on my email order last night I can see it’s not and it’s the volumes you referred to.


Aye, I think you can still get the hardcovers from the last printing of them back in 2007 or so.
Saw a few on Cheap Graphic Novels if you’re still interested in those.

I guess it’s the comic fan in me that really wants trade dress consistency which is why I’m so wavering in buying either/or haha.


re: Mage

They’ll re-issue the two volumes in a set of paperbacks, do the same for the finale, then, a bit later on, OHC reprint of 1 and 2 and then OHC3. I now have OHC1, OHC2 is next.


Oh, sorry edited and re-read.

Yeah, I figure down the line they’ll do the phonebooks. In like 2 years.
Want to see if the trades would be cool enough to double dip retroactively.


Oh, I got lucky - OHC1 they reprinted in 2010, OHC2 hasn’t been but copies are still floating around.


Yeah, I’ve seen them around.
Just want to get consistent trade dress and so nabbing the copies of the current OHC’s, while attractive, I’d rather wait until the reprint run two years down the line - if the six volume editions aren’t up to snuff.


To be honest, given how distinctive the logo is, I’d be surprised if they change anything in that respect.


Oh, you know how it goes - even with Marvel and DC - if it’s not on the same slate then you can get differences in spine and other stuff.

Like I mentioned above it’s my only real “comic book guy” eccentricities haha.
Love the series, want it to look good on the shelf all together


By the by, anyone expecting the next Wicked + Divine OHC - it’s been bumped to start of September.


And you can also get what can only be down to complete incompetence at every level of the production team in producing volume 6 here:


Does anyone know if Sandman Mystery Theatre Book 3 came out last week or so? It’s disappeared from Speedy Hen and Amazon US and has “2-4 weeks” availability on Amazon UK. Book Four (slated for next year) has started disappearing too.

EDIT: Oh, turns out they’ve been cancelled. Fucksake DC.