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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


Yours might have a misprint, I just asked @seanphillips to correct the errors… (despite not being a letterer) :slight_smile:


As that wasn’t an option for me, I did the job myself, with a Vol 5 trade copy to hand.

Turns out lettering is bloody difficult.


I finished the first volume of the Spider-Man: Big Time Complete Collection, which is the the first chunk of Dan Slott’s solo run on Amazing.

The first half of the book I had fun with. Slott sets up a new job for Peter at Horizon Labs and an interesting use of the Venom Symbiote as a Secret Agent figure. He also sets up Phil Urich as the new Hobgoblin, and makes him a sort of dark mirror of Peter, which I thought was quite a clever idea.

It’s the back half of the book where Spidey joins the Future Foundation, that my interest started to drop off. I couldn’t get into Hickman’s FF run, and that’s the feel this is going for, so i just ended up skimming most of those issues. After that there’s an okay two parter written by Christos Gage with Peter teaching at Avengers Academy, and then just filler backup stories.

The art is mostly from Humberto Ramos, Stefano Caselli and Marcos Martin and its solid throughout. Especially from Martin, who’s style and layouts bring a real old school feel to his issues.

Overall I enjoyed it and I’ve already ordered the next volume. I just hope the FF thing isn’t a big part of it.


It’s been a little while since I’ve read Big Time, so I may be misremembering but the FF isn’t a huge element of it.


Carthago Adventures

In terms of value for money, getting a 260-page hardback from SpeedyHen for just over £16, which is, as usual, a high quality volume from Humanoids, is excellent.

It sounds like a qualifier? Yeah, well it is.

The five albums collected here form a prequel to Carthago, but can’t get anywhere near equaling that. Part of the problem is the reduced impact of the same idea on a repeated basis. The stories are good enough, but they don’t have the impact of their parent series. At the same time the prequel element is applied so conventionally, there’s no plot twists to be had - with the B-plot being the growing division between London and Feiersinger.

It’s not a bad book by any means, but it’s no match for its predecessor.


Is it the same creative team?
If I bought it and read it before Carthago, would that track well?


I can’t have that either - Andy Kubert was an overt Silvestri clone, but Adam always had a rougher style.

[quote=“davidm, post:3498, topic:4923”]
I did wonder why Ronnie was praising Capullo and then posted a page of Liefeld art (seriously) [/quote]

You need to have another look at Liefeld’s art - it’s significantly different.


Same writer for 3 of 5 albums, different artists.

Personally, I see little to zero benefit in reading a prequel before the main story, when that came out first.

That and Carthago’s the stronger work.

EDIT: Dealer Alert

Abe Sapien: Dark & Terrible OHC1 - 40% off at FP:

£19.19 + £1 postage

Now, anyone who has the BPRD: War on Frogs hardbacks will know DHC put out quality volumes and this is expected to be the same - a big book collecting 3 trades worth of material and forms part of the big Hell on Earth arc.

Talking of which, if you buy this volume in November and have not read anything of Hell on Earth - wait until you’ve got the BPRD: Hell on Earth OHC1, due January 2018, before reading it.


Is that why it contains volumes 3-5 of the trades and omits volumes 1 & 2? Even if the first two volumes aren’t part of this big story arc, it would have been nice to have all the trades collected in HC.


Vol 1 & 2 were collections of various Abe Sapien mini-series that came out previously. Vol 3 of the TPB’s collects the start of the ongoing series, that the HC series is reprinting.


Don’t know for certain, but yeah, I’d say so.

There is a logic to it in chronological terms, but I’m not sure Mignolaverse fans are that picky in that respect. We’re kind of used to stories going forward, backwards and sideways in time, aren’t we?


Or just buy the paperback out next month.



Double woohoo!



Star Wars: Dr Aphra vol 1 - I quite liked this character from the Vader book so was looking forward to this but man it’s a stinker. I get the feeling Gillen didn’t pitch for the series and Marvel just kind of dropped it in his lap as it comes across as quite a lazy piece of work. Pretty much all the jokes miss, the father/daughter dynamic doesn’t work, the attempt to introduce some ancient Jedi history is meh and the one page of exposition from the big bad came out of nowhere and truth be told I didn’t understand it. Also, Kev Walkers’ art isn’t his best. It’s very ‘soft’ in places and he draws Aphra too child like. This is in stark contrast to his work on Tor Cyan which I have just reread and is probably the best his art has ever looked.

In short I guess we can say that everyone else will love it!

Transformers vs. G.I. Joe vol 1-3 + Movie Adaptation - Holy shit. I mean holy shit on a banana float. What the hell was this? I vividly remember reading the first issue when it came out and thinking this is a pile of turd. It took two of my beloved franchises and mashed them together into a nonsensical story all the while looking like it was drawn by a 13 year old. After listening to a warrocketajax podcast where they placed it in the top 20 all time comic stories I thought I should revisit.

It still looks like it was drawn by a child but the level of detail is insane. There is no real point in trying to make sense of what is happening and it’s best to just go with the flow. I’m not going to attempt deconstruct it but will say that Scioli clearly loves these franchises and his level of passion and creativity is off the charts. The back matter is especially insightful. It’s a fairly long read and I’m not sure the payoff is that satisfying but I know I will read it again to find out for sure so that is a positive tick in my mind. Overall, it might be batshit crazy but it’s also batshit fun to the F̶o̶r̶t̶r̶e̶s̶s̶ Maxi̶m̶u̶s̶!̶


I’ve seen Transformers vs GI Joe described as James Roberts and Tom Scioli watching a kid playing with their Transformers and GI Joe toys and taking notes, but it works.


No, you’ve made salient points - this certainly isn’t the Vader Aphra. I think the Star Wars crowd will love it, but it’s not indicative of Kieron’s abilities. I believe he might benefit from going the MM creator-owned only route.


If anyone wants Simonson’s Thor at a bargain price (£20 starting bid) and doesn’t mind it being used:


That is a great price. I imagine it will go higher (although it will be interesting to see how high, in light of the upcoming reprint. There was a time when you could sell a copy for well over £100).


And that’d be? As I can find no trace of it.

If it’s the prior Frogs arc you’re thinking of, that has come out in paperback.


Ignore me. I should have trusted The Dealer :wink: