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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


Guess what I’m holding out for.

This is Hawkins worst tendency on trades, for instance the upcoming The Tithe Volume 3 collects the 3-part Samaritan: Veritas and, you guessed it, Eden’s Fall.

I really like the Edenverse he’s got up and running but this doubling up crap on the trades could really hurt it.


That’s pretty poor. Had I known that I’d have just bought the tithe vol 3 which I’d be buying any way!

Did you know Symmetry was ending so soon?


I think I would buy it physically if that happened.

(These were digital trades and I got them on offer, less than a fiver for all twelve issues, so a bargain!)


Yeah, quite - there was no way to really predict it.

As to Symmetry, nope, found out when I read Volume 2 like you. If you like Lenco’s art, give Mechanism a try.

EDIT: Ah finally:

Dealer Alert

£30.52 from SpeedyHen


Cannibal Volume 1

This is the biggest surprise in a while. This book totally exceeded my expectations.
I saw the solicit in Previews and I was mildly interested because 1) I like books and movies set in the Deep South and 2) I like horror.
I bought the first issue but still hadn’t got round to reading it, but after a hugely positive review from Vince B on 11 OClock Comics I just went ahead and ordered the trade anyway.

This has a bit of a vibe that you’d see from Southern Bastards, True Blood, Preacher…in setting and characters I mean. It is not designed to shock at all like all those things are. The characters are less full on than that.
Oh, and it’s not horror. The Cannibalism is part of the back drop. This is all about the characters.

It’s written by Brian Buccellato and Jennifer Young and I can only guess that Jennifer Young is the reason this book flows so well and the dialogue is so great. I’ve read Buccellato’s stuff before, and whilst I think he does good work, it’s not as well paced and it’s a bit more dense.
This really is a pleasure to read, just a really enjoyable reading experience. It sucks you in.

That’s not just down to the writing though, the artist, Matias Bergara, is terrific. The camera angles he chooses are great and his storytelling is brilliant, it just flows so perfectly. Effortlessly. Everything is done to serve the story.

There’s a great sense of location in the work which Is so effective.
incredibly addictive book with a bunch of great characters and a few mysteries.
I can’t wait for volume 2.


Dealer Alert

For those after it:

Monstress Volume 2 - £9.28 - Books Etc


We’ll have to agree to disagree - IMO there’s no mistaking X-Force Capullo art for Lee or Liefeld. If anything he owes/owed more to Silvestri’s Uncanny X-Men work.

(And in the open hand/closed fist sequence there’s great attention to detail on the characters - Feral has her eye on that mouse…)

A bit Alan Davis. I prefer 1992 Gary Frank.


Yes. Absolutely. Frank on Hulk, Supergirl and Gen 13 was one of my favourites. Later work, just isn’t as appealing. I think Cam Smith’s inks were the perfect match for him, softening his style.


I read the first two issues when this originally came out and thought it was a bit meh. However, I decided to give it another chance and have just finished 1-12.

I had a slight change of opinion as the first 6 issues are fantastic with balls-out-the-bath tub action sequences superbly rendered by Samnee and with just the right amount of dialogue. It really feels like a super cool super spy book…then the wheels fall off and it dives over the cliff in spectacular fashion. WTF is the second half of this book all about?

As soon as the villain revealed he had telepathy I knew it was going downhill. Then, they buddy up and for a couple of issues it becomes like a witty cop duo movie. but that doesn’t make any sense. Then Nat goes to the moon and meets a chain and cloak wearing Nick Fury? I’ll be honest, I haven’t read enough Marvel comics in recent years to know what that was all about but even if his new appearance makes sense to other readers, that whole segment was pointless. Then the slow build of the villain (weeping lion) getting revenge on Nat comes to nothing as he is killed out of nowhere and that plot point just gets chucked away as she is seemingly never make aware of who he actually was.Then we get a load of very young red room girl assassins killing people in graphic fashion which didn’t sit well at all considering the book is kind of fun…ish. This stark brutality didn’t work for me at all. Then it all ends and I wondered what drugs Waid had been taking when he plotted the second half of the book.

Ultimately if really isn’t two halves of a whole but instead two completely separate stories. The first was really good, the second naff.


Original Sin


Thanks. That sounds like a book I definitely don’t want to read!


I haven’t read Original Sin but I assumed from the hints given in Black Widow that Fury had become some kind of powerful cosmic Watcher-type figure, in a story that I hadn’t read. That was enough for me to be able to enjoy his appearance.

Regarding the death of that villain, I took it to be a deliberate bait-and-switch designed to take you by surprise. It worked for me.


Actually, it’s an OK book - yeah, the murder mystery falls apart at the end and it’s now known more for being the story where Thor lost his hammer, but it’s nowhere near bad, though Cap is in arsehole mode in it, especially at the end.

If you’re a Nick Fury fan, there’s probably no way you’ll like it, ever.


I’ll give it a miss.


I did wonder why Ronnie was praising Capullo and then posted a page of Liefeld art (seriously) :confused:


See I think because the art is from a era outside of your prime era and you (and Gar) paid closer attention to writers, what is obvious to me (and others whose prime era was during this time) is not to you.


I don’t know Ronnie. That’s not my take on it, it is true it’s outside our ‘golden era of 12 years old’ where stuff really has a huge influence on you but I did read like 50 issues of his run on Spawn and while technically good those pages you posted don’t have much unique character, as with so much in those days there was an edict to at least draw on the styles of the big Image guys. The Kubert brothers for example were very Jim Lee like on their x-work and now have a much more individual style.

I suppose the counter argument I’d give is by the time we’d seen that we’d seen a lot of similar work. I know you got hooked around X-Men #275, by that time I’d read several dozen Lee and McFarlane books (and Art Adams that hugley influenced them in slightly different ways). We may have been more demanding as a result.

None of which of course is to criticise Capullo, he’s brilliant and in my current top 5 regular artists.


But who are the other four?
In fact, do we already have a thread about this?


So, Amazon’s updated once more - not much, if anything in Marvel for me.

For anyone who did not get the OHCs for Criminal or Incognito, it looks like a reprint of all 3 superb volumes is on the cards for start of January 2018.


Huh, the second Criminal volume had a misprint so it might be worth getting a replacement.