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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


Grabbing that! I’d like one more library edition collecting all the original graphic novels but I doubt that’ll happen.


Well, maybe not yet - there’s now 3 of those, say we get a fourth or fifth and it might happen.


Can anyone help me out by telling me if these trades are worth reading:

Achewood vol 1: The Great Outdoor Fight
Mage: The Hero Discovered
American Barbarian


Haven’t read Mage yet, but it’s definitely on my “to read” list. Matt Wagner’s awesome!


I’m considering Mage too, now it’s going to be completed.


I have not read Mage.

I remember it at the time and it’s been on back of my mind for a couple of decades.

I like Wagner a lot and they released a new collection of the previous 2 volumes to coincide with the new series coming up, so I have that pre ordered and it should be fairly imminent.


I’m not a huge fan of achewood but it’s very popular, so it might be worth a peek online


I backed the kickstarter for this ages ago. It’s an entertaining enough read. I like the art but the story never felt anything more than entertaining (there was never any real meaningful depth to it).


This arrived today, which I’ve been disproportionately excited about…


Ms Marvel OHC3

Wow, this was excellent and it really shouldn’t have been. It got lumbered with a Civil War 2 tie-in story that should have wrecked it, but instead Wilson went and played a blinder of a hand with that card. Sure, she has form for doing this, the way Secret Wars got adapted into the story was a masterclass in how to do it, but here it goes much further than that.

And before that? Before that a story is spun about Kamala getting in over her head, taking on too much and desperately avoiding any recognition of doing so. It’s a road a lot of people will have walked, albeit without superpowers. Wilson also manages to de-fang the pain in the arse 8 month time-jump Marvel inflicted on all their post-Secret Wars books to her advantage too, by using it to explain Bruno’s new girlfriend. At the same time there’s family issues to factor, oh and HYDRA turn up as well. Before it’s done a legion of Kamala clones run riot, a giant dinosaur is deployed as a counter-measure and it all goes quite gloriously nuts from there, but resolves well.

Now the Civil War 2 arc… Splicing in the backstory of Kamala’s family, all the way back to the partition of India in 1947, this instantly renders what could have been a very dumb story into a very smart one. Kamala is drawn into it all by someone she trusts, but is massively letdown by. She also gets lumbered with a bunch of fascist wannabes who are all too quick to subscribe to the idea of winning by ripping up the rulebook. It’s also shown that, like its predecessor, Civil War 2’s central concept is emotional, but most of the time emotion makes for bad law and so it proves here - albeit it with help from Canadian ninjas!

Had the story ended at #11, it would have still been a nasty, company-inflicted mess, but instead #12 manages to take the previous couple of issues of total disaster for Kamala and blunt them, while at the same time acting as a very neat endpoint for the immigrant history story that’s ran in the background of this second half.

Art for the 12 issues is generally excellent, it’s superb and equally adept at nailing the small, emotional family scenes as the big fight punch-ups.

I do consider that I had excellent reason to be very wary of the CW2 tie-in, but what the book did with it was inspired.

So, when’s OHC4 out?

EDIT: Couple more reads:

Hellboy: Into the Silent Sea

This is exactly what you would expect it to be: A well told mystery tale that Hellbiy winds up being involved in. Those familiar with the Mignolaverse will recognise a good few elements and very quickly agree with Hellboy - this undertaking is not a good idea, but when did that ever stop anyone? This story also demonstrates that an author does not have to try to surprise, sometimes it’ll be very good to deliver exactly what was expected, but with a tweak or two.

It’ll be no surprise to anyone that this is an excellent presented slim hardback volume. I don’t think it merits a RRP of £12.50 but as I nabbed it for under £8, I consider that a far more fitting price.

Kingsway West

An alternate western, but one very distinct from the likes of East is West, this story enjoys playing with audience expectations, by having a Chinese gunslinger as the lead. Pak then splices in a smidgen of horror and a whole lot of magic to complete the cocktail. Does it work? I think it does. Might there be more? Perhaps one day but it doesn’t seem like it for now. If you’re after a compact, done-in-one 4-parter that tries to do something a bit different with the western genre, give this a whirl.


I told you Ben, Wilson has this crossover stuff down. None of it removes from the ongoing narrative and just improves it. :smile:


Yep and without you doing that I would have been far more wary of buying this!

Another read:

Elephantmen 2260: Volume 5: Up Close and Personal

Reading this knowing the monthly issues will be starting their final arc rendered it a little differently, as I can more easily see the seeds being sown for it. This is a collection of short stories, each a character observation or examination. It works very well, but it works better knowing there’s an endpoint planned.

EDIT: Another read:

Letter 44: Volume 3: Dark Matter

This was a good continuation of the series. How good depends on how you find the notion of World War 3 resulting from Blade’s actions and psychological weakness, namely his inability to work with anyone, never mind other politicians of other nations. Given the more trigger-happy US that has been around for the last 16 years and the way a certain President played on the importance of ‘winning’ at all costs in his election campaign, it doesn’t look to be that big a leap to me, especially if new weaponry, against which a leader is assured there is no defence, is added in.

The alien agenda continues to be satisfyingly alien, which is as it should be. And the last page throws another cirveball no one saw coming.


So I received my copy of The Life and Times of Martha Washington in the Twenty-First Century today from Amazon. I’m a little disappointed because it was listed as a hardcover but when it arrived it was obviously a softcover. I’m contemplating whether to return it or not. I did catch it at a pretty good price when I pre-ordered ($15.59). I certainly wouldn’t pay the price it is now for a softcover.


I saw that solicited as a hardcover too. Odd that they’ve changed it.


So it was solicited as a hardcover? I thought it might have just been Amazon that screwed up.


Checking the Dark Horse April 2017 solicits, it looks like it was officially solicited as a TPB, but that came after it had been earlier listed in the Edelweiss catalogue as a hardcover, so that might be where some of the confusion stemmed from.


Ah, Amazon would have gotten their info from the book solicitation rather than the comic ones.


I’ve been uncertain over to buy the book due to the format confusion, though £15-16 for a 600-page paperback is still very good, especially as with DHC it’s more likely to be a quality book too.


Ya. Like I said, I got my for $15.59. It’s the only reason I would even consider not returning it.


Have you read it before, Ronnie? I bought the previous OHC a while back and I’m still only halfway through it after reading it on and off for a while. It’s enjoyable, but I don’t find it hugely compelling in the sense of needing to keep reading it all the way through to the end.