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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


I quite liked the paper on the original Fourth World HCs. It suited the material.

That bold, flat-coloured style of art often doesn’t look its best on bright glossy modern paper.


This lovely big hardback arrived in my Previews ordered today - forgot all about it…


Where the hell does he find the time? He’s doing, what two Marvel monthlies, he’s got a new indie series to go with Descender and he writes a bunch of stuff for Valiant!

What’s most impressive is he keeps the quality high in whatever he does, too.


Clearly he’s decided to try to give Dan Abnett some competition!


Roughneck was announced back in 2013, so he’s probably been working on it slowly over the last few years.


He finished Roughnecks 2 years ago.



Well, that was quite a ride.

Having recently received OHC4, but having forgotten much of what went before, I spent the last few hours re-reading OHC1-3 then the finale.

In the end what makes it work is the central mystery and its resolution, which is both very effective and also been teased to the reader across the 40-odd preceding issues, albeit with much misdirection.

With a couple of exceptions (Holt, both old cunt and bitch daughter, and Cale) the cast of characters are very well developed and complex. Do they have their arsehole aspects? Oh yes, but those also get balanced out by their more positive traits. It’s quite the tightrope walk that Seeley’s pulled off here.

At the same time, Norton has supplied 47 issues of excellent art, depicting all manner of horrific imagery, but also needing to nail the emotional sequences that come up from time and time and which, arguably, the crux of the story revolves around.

The final smart move by both creators is knowing when to call it a day. These 47 issues form a very strong arc, with little to zero baggage or waste. In a lot of ways it’s easier for a story to start and then somehow be kept going, by character resets or new twists, then be brought to an end. Seeley and Norton managed to nail it at the finishing line.

Whether you read it as 8 paperbacks or 4 big hardbacks, give this a go. Not a horror fan? I can’t say I’m a big one of that genre either and yes, it has elements of that, but it also has a whole lot more going on.



Revival is one of my favourite books over the last few years. I love it and I’m glad you have enjoyed it Ben.

I have not read the final volume yet, it only arrived thru my door 3 weeks ago and I want to do a full reread without reading that final volume before hand.

I did the same with Rachel Rising and it was worth it and I think the same reverence is merited here.


I can recommend going the full read route, having done it today. You’ll see far more of the connections across the story.


Didn’t last long at that though:


That’s why you always get the pre-order in early! :slight_smile:


Yes, but that’s one hell of a change :open_mouth:

And FP are still holding their low price!


For about a week and a bit, yes.


See also the Akira boxset - it went down as ‘low’ as £94.31 and now stands at £175.00:




Whoa… Deja vu…


Hold on, I think there’s a meme for that…


A meme? Probably a few more than that…


Changing tack, my copy of Deadly Hands of Kung Fu Omnibus 2 arrived today. With the Shang-Chi Omnibus 4 pre-bought with FP, the biggest set of Marvel omnibuses I’ll likely ever buy is complete.

However, I think the Deadly Hands set is the more special of the two due to:

  • Inclusion of numerous articles the original material had, which gives you a window into how martial arts were seen in the 70s
  • B&W art - I know of no other Marvel series that embraced B&W like this.

Those two factors really make these omnibuses stand out.


Dealer Alert

FP’s usual batch of time-limited 40% off offers are out once more:

They’ve just revealed that the Batman & Robin Omnibus is going up to RRP £125 / £110! Though it is also a 1216-page monster volume too.

So, get yer arse over to Amazon and bag it at the price, right now, of £58.46: (Me? I have for just over £52 due to early pre-order)

FP are also offering this at an excellent price:

£26.99 + £1 postage