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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


That’s fair. I consider the story being understandable as a feature and not a flaw. :wink:


Klaus: Shrooms not required for reading


I found Klaus to be a nice little Xmas tale that let the artist shine.

I think the problem when Morrison does stuff like this is it’s not meeting the reader’s expectation of what they think it’s going to be, I’m not sure what he can do about that though.

I seem to remember similar complaints about Joe The Barbarian which was a similar style of book which again gave the artist a platform and put his name out there.


I really liked both of those books.


I like a lot of Morrison’s more surreal forays, Doom Patrol is an all time favourite. I like it when he mixes it up though and takes on more traditional methods. My main complaint with his later DC work was it was too samey, using the same techniques and themes. I liked Klaus a lot and liked Happy! because it was genuinely funny (I am pretty much alone on that one though it seems).

My problem with Joe the Barbarian was it was too long for what the story required but other than that it was a great idea with great artwork.


So, thoughts on the Deadly Class OHC that came out a while back?

I’ve a bit left on an Amazon voucher and am considering it as Remender’s stuff tends to be better in big blocks.


I read Deadly Class in TPB, but it’s definitely my favourite of Remender’s current books. Lots of fun, great art, and goes in directions I didn’t expect.

Ooh, I missed that Vol. 5 came out in March.


If you like Remender then I’d say definitely go for it.

It shares similar themes to a lot of his stuff but it stands well on it’s on and Wes Craig is fantastic.


I think I’ve mentioned before that I liked Happy! too, so don’t feel too alone. :slight_smile:

I am interested to see how the upcoming TV adaptation turns out.

Regarding Morrison in general, I feel like he’s made an active choice in recent years to break out of his comfort zone and do some projects that are a bit different to his usual stuff. As well as Klaus, he’s done 18 Days and Avatarex with Graphic India, and he’s got his editorial position at Heavy Metal which seems to be keeping him busy at the moment.

It may not have got much traction with the wider audiences that read (say) his DC work, but I’m glad he’s seeking out new things as I think even his most faithful fans would agree that he’s been repeating himself a little with some of his recent work (although I have to say I still enjoyed both Nameless and Annihilator a lot).


Joe, the Barbarian was pretty awesome. Happy too. I should really try Klaus if it’s of a similar vein.


So, the latest FP newsletter hit my email just now and has this at 40% off:

There’s only one problem with this +1500 page omnbus:

RRP £135

FP price: £81 (+ £1 postage)

That price point is insane. I’m sure because of what it is, some will shell out for it, but it’s an absolute wallet-buster by any measure.

They’re also offering the Waid-Garney Cap Omnibus for £66 + postage.


Amazon UK is currently cheaper at £72.02.


Nab it then. Yeah, sure, it’s the Empire but I’ve got the Waid Cap omnibus from them at £63.29.


In theory, I like the idea of this book, but I bought the last round of Omnibuses that DC published with this work (10 years ago maybe)…

And much as I love my Thor Omnibus, something 1500 pages in size is pretty difficult to read.


Yeah, I’ve found the 600-800 page point to be the best balance of size and content.

1300 with the paper Marvel uses can just about work. Given the size of the Orion and Gotham Central volumes, this New Gods one will be a total monster book.

Weren’t those infamous for the paper quality?


Those are the ones.

It has newsprint type paper, so I’m not sure whether they were designed to be read or intended to put on a bookshelf and taken out occasionally.


I have those too. They’re great. I don’t see a problem with the paper. In fact, I think the paper stock really suits the material.

Whereas the new all-in-one Omnibus is just insane. The only advantage it has is the larger trim size. But, that’s not enough to justify an upgrade or to compensate for the “lack of being able to read this in bed” factor.


Well it is how the books would have originally looked. The pages in mine are yellowing a bit now.

But the material is great so I still love them. I am doing a re-read of them at the moment actually.


That was the defence given at the time too.


You can please some of the people some of the time, … yadda, yadda, yadda …