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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


Hmm, looks like Image trades are going from $14.99 / £13.99 to $16.99 / £14.99 in RRP terms. A small increase yes, but if you’re buying a lot of Image titles, it could add up to be more significant.


The summer of 1993; the reason I still read comics …


Despite the fact that I didn’t enjoy any of the Death of Supes stuff I read, seeing that big omni makes me want to buy it. You can flog me anything if you put it in a lovely big hardback, I am weak.


Kelley Jones draws the best muscles.


I now wish I had both of those


Dealer Alert

For UK posters for whom it is of interest, this pre-order just went active at SpeedyHen:

Currently £11.61

EDIT: For anyone who didn’t bag the FP 40% deal and wants to pay about a fiver less:

Currently £48.80


He’s been around for a while - he pencilled the initial issues of Larsen’s Vanguard series from Image back in the 90s (which also featured early art from Jason Pearson and Joe Madureira).


Children of Mars 50% off sale to celebrate its first birthday:

I really highly recommend this, it’s a great piece of science fiction.

Generation One: Children of Mars is an independent comic book series about the first generation of kids born on Mars. Since its Kickstarter campaign, which raised over $30,000, Generation One has gone on to secure endorsements from The Mars Society, The European Space Agency, Dr. Armin Ellis of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and Dr. Robert Zubrin, author of “The Case for Mars.”

This 110-page full-color paperback graphic novel contains a 3-issue core story, a Halloween bonus issue, a making-of section, and an appendix full of awesome info about Mars and the science behind the comic.


Dealer Alert

The previous best price was SpeedyHen at £8.13 but they don’t seem to be getting stock easily on this one:

Hellboy: Silent Sea HC - Books Etc - £7.95


I’ll add my recommendation to this one. It’s a good hard sci-fi comic. The guys involved really seem to be nice guys too.


Same here, great choices. Slightly offset by my dislike of omnibus sized book!


A few bits of DC fishing.


I recall Byrne’s World of Krypton being 4 issues. Is that a bit expensive for only 4 issues?


Looks like it includes a bit more than the mini series.

I picked up the 4 issue mini series at my LCS a couple years ago and really enjoyed it.


That’s a very… eclectic mix of material :confused: Byrne’s post-Crisis reimagining of Krypton, plus some Krypton-based stories from the 70s that, despite being set on Krypton, are thematically an entire universe (literally) away. And then the post-Crisis origin story thrown in because why not?

I mean, they’re all (mostly) going to be good stories, but it’s so random.

They’d have done better packaging WoK with World of Smallville and World of Metropolis, that gives them 12 issues that are artistically and thematically linked. But I’m now suspecting that those two series will be in separate collections, along with some random 70s issues to pad them out and I guess issues 2 and 3 of Man of Steel :confused:


I agree. It would have been better to do a World of Superman trade with Krypton, Smallville and Metropolis all included and a separate trade with all the 70’s counterpart issues as a pre-Crisis response. I would have more interested in those but really have no interest in this trade as it stands with the mishmash of issues.


You couldn’t buy four issues of a Marvel book for US$14.97 today. :slight_smile:




Dealer Alert

Romulus is a new series from Bryan Hill, who also writes Postal, but the RRP has been raised to $16.99 / £14.99 for the first trade. For all I like what hawkins is doing in his corner of Image, this is the one pain-in-the-arse tendency the trades fall victim to, it happened to the Eden’s Fall collection too.

It was $9.99 / £8.99!

For anyone considering it, FP still have it listed at the lower price with about a third off. Even with £1 postage added, £7.20 will likely be the best price for this now:

It’s currently expected to be out mid-July.


[quote=“BenObiwomble, post:3322, topic:4923”]
It’s currently expected to be out mid-July.
[/quote]…except that issue #4 of the series hasn’t shipped yet; issue 3 came out in late December 2016. Never a good sign.