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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


Is Moonshine out on trade yet?

I feel like I’ve ordered this at somepoint but not received yet?


I think I saw it on next week’s shipping list (I’m still buying it in singles).


Ah, in that case I’ve ordered it and I’ll probably get it at end of the month.


Has anyone actually seen a physical copy of the trade for American Monster? It’s supposed to have come out months ago but Amazon and Book Depository still don’t have it available.


My current reading pile has been put to one side as former Millarworlder Russell’s Kickstarter book arrived in the mail this week.


Yeah, I saw one this morning when I was reading it on the train


Thanks. I suspect they may be doing limited print runs or they’re proving harder to acquire because suppliers aren’t used to them.


It’s on Amazon just now for £12.99 and also Book Depository (via Amazon, I haven’t checked their own site) for £6.36…

American Monster Volume 1


Probably far pricier, BD bargains tend to lurk in Amazon Marketplace. Might have to give that a go.

Also is Dreaming Eagles really worth £17!?



I didn’t like it. I found it quite dull.


That should never be so with an Ennis war story.

But yeah, the RRP on it is £26.99!


I agree. But, in this case, I think the war was little more than background to a story about racial tensions in the US, and the tense relationship between fathers & sons. It’s not a bad comic, by any means, but not my cup of tea.


Mine arrived yesterday too. Somehow in the intervening months I’d forgotten it was going to be a 200(?) page OGN and thought I was just getting a single issue of a comic, so that was a pleasant surprise :smiley:

It will be a while before I get the time to read it, but I’ve flipped through and the art looks fantastic.


This was dispatched today.

A word of warning to those who have pre-ordered items from FP on which there has been a subsequent price drop: I seem to have been charged the standard 33%-off price of £60.29 (plus £1 P&P) instead of the special 40%-off price of £53.99 (plus £1 P&P), so I’ve contacted FP to ask for a refund of the difference. I’m sure it’s an honest mistake but it might be worth keeping a close eye on what you’re being charged.


I had that happen to me once, guess what happened when I flagged it to them?

Yep, no quibble refund followed quickly.


Yep, they’ve always been good with stuff like that. Good customer service.


One thing I’ve noticed over the last few months with the recent buys is they’re really taken steps to reduce the odds of Wavy Book Syndrome.


Recent Cinebook reads:

The Last Templar: Volumes 1-4

This was an entertaining read so long as you’re at ease with it being a comic version of stories like the Da Vinci Code, with all the strengths and weaknesses that brings. The plus is that it’s an entertaining tale that at least attempts to explore the nature of faith and reason, even if it does wousse out at the end. But then again, that is the fundamental weakness of this type of story. The kind of knowledge the plots revolve around would change the world, but it’s hard to know how, so the issue gets sidestepped.

So long as you’re OK with that, this is a fun read, but don’t expect too much from it.

Laureline & Valerian: Volume 16: Hostages of Ultralum

This was a surprisingly good installment. In part, that is due to it featuring Point Central once more, which was only really seen way back in the sixth album, Ambassador of Shadows.

These tales are not meant to be heavy but light entertainment and as that it works well enough.


Wavy books usually happen because they’ve been packed or shrink-wrapped too soon after printing, not giving the ink enough time to dry.


Oho? Thanks for the info, useful to know…