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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


The third volume is “The League of Shadows”, and very much picks up on dangling plot threads from the first arc, and also Batman & Robin Eternal. It’s a Cassandra Cain focused arc, so there are some epic fights. It’s basically The Bat-team caught in the crossfire between Shiva, Ra’s, and the Colony. It does suffer from some less than awesome artwork; and, it’s a bit inconclusive. It’s very much a “to be continued” ending.


Cheers. I will see if I can pick it up at a decent price.


True, but they just got a lot of pages and Bats was way too understanding, he’s been harsher on Superman!

Or wait until Oct!

Now moving on…

Namibia: Episodes 1-5 (aka Kenya 'Season 2’)

A recently concluded Cinebooks series by Leo, it’s a sequel to the Kenya series they did, another 5-album cycle. Like that, this reads far better as one big 250-page or so story. (It’s generally true of Leo’s work as a whole, though it might be the upcoming Trent book breaks that pattern.)

Like most BD comics, the art is superb, but then again it ought to be - this set of 5 albums was originally published 2009/10-2014/15! Yep, a 5-year run, which we get to skip and instead gorge on the entire lot in one go:


It manages to evoke the era of the early 1950s very well, while doing a very covert alien invasion story, much in the way the first cycle did. Leo’s stories tend to be built on a common method, plots are ran individually and gradually come together by the end. Each individual episode is a substantive piece of the puzzle and it concludes very well, leaving the door open for a third cycle if Leo is so inclined.

Should you buy? Well, that’s the thing. It’s 5 volumes, the best net price you’ll get per volume is about £5.10, probably closer to £5.50, which gets you to about £26-27 for one story. It’s not cheap, though given how monthlies are going in price, it’s probably not that much of a jump either! There is a very high density to the story contained in each volume, so I’d say you do get your money’s worth in that respect. Plus Titan, Archaia and IDW’s prices for Euro-comics tend to be significantly higher still than Cinebooks.

For what it’s worth, I really enjoyed this and its predecessor - both are slow-burn, gradual stories which is why I advocate reading as a set of albums, but appreciate that’s a major gamble.


Apparently they released a complete collection og Junji Ito’s “Tomie” stories in the same format of the complete Uzamaki and Gyo hardcovers.

Hope this means we’ll see a complete Souichi collection.


A few more bits of DC fishing.



The important bit:

The Grandville: Force Majeure hardcover goes on sale November 1, 2017, and retails for $24.99. The 176-page masterpiece is available for preorder on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, TFAW, and

That’s quite the price for what you’ll get. The UK edition is published by Jonathan Cape and is RRP £18.99. I had expected it to increase given how prices have gone over the last year.

Practical difference between US/UK editions? Probably exceedingly few to zero.


I think the difference is Jonathan Cape are publishing it in the UK so exchange rate changes don’t really affect them. When it’s a US publisher they are looking at how much they’ll get back in dollars.


Great stuff. Grandville is some of the best comics of the 2010s.


Got Grandville from the great man himself at the Birmingham MCM at the time, signed for my son, whose name is Luther - I wonder where I got that idea :grin:


You’re a big Idris Elba fan? :wink:


Dealer Alert

FP 40% off offers:

£23.99 + £1 postage. £24.99 will likely only be matched by SpeedyHen or BooksEtc nearer the time but only to the degree of being £1.50-2.00 different.

£53.99 + £1 postage - £54.99



I need to get back into WicDiv.


Deadpool: Bad Blood - As many know, I’m a huge Rob Liefeld fan. So I couldn’t pass up on an OGN starring some of the characters that made me fall in love with his work. I honestly prefer Liefeld’s slightly less wacky Deadpool to most other interpretations. This one has just enough Ryan Reynolds to make it enjoyable and even manages to slip in a cameo by X-Force from the era I most enjoy them. The issue in generally reminds me of one of my favorite single issues, X-Force #2, though some roles have been reversed. I’m a sucker for these Marvel OGN books though I wish they would have maintained the slightly oversized proportions and digital codes. However, those things aren’t enough to keep me from buying and enjoying these essentially American bande dessinee style albums.


We have both editions of the first book. From memory, the only difference is a slightly different cover. I can check later, but I’m pretty sure that’s it.


Are these no longer oversized? Just “Premiere” dimensions now?


Yep. I just compared. Deadpool: Bad Blood is 7 x 0.5 x 10.5 inches and Avengers: Rage of Ultron, a previous Marvel OGN offering, is 7.5 x 0.4 x 11.2 inches. It’s still a nice packaged but I kinda of liked the slightly bigger size (and download code).


That’s a shame. I liked the old format too.


Read american monster volume 1 today and it made me very nearly pick up issue 6 during my weekly Comixolgy shop.

I thought it was one of the best non DC books I’ve read for some time. There’s a lot of really interesting characters and I loved how as I progressed though this opening arc their links to each other are slowly revealed .

At this stage in his career Azzarello is a bit of a master storyteller and it shows here in spades.

The artist, Juan Doe, which I’m sure is a deliberate pseudonym, reminds me a bit of Robbie Rodriguez, only far far easier to follow as a storyteller.

There’s a lot in here, a lot of threads started for a lot of characters - of which there is a good range, in particular I enjoyed the high school kids. And it appears there’s a lot of nasty, albiet utterly believable shit going to go down.

Can’t wait for the next volume - and I hope this is Azzarello’s next big epic to rival 100 Bullets.
Top stuff.


Awesome, Chris. I’ve been tempted by that one, but slightly off put by After Shock’s slightly inflated prices. Sounds like it’s worth it. Will pick it up soon, I think, whilst I’m waiting on the next Moonshine arc to start (another great Azzarello book).