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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


It’s back in stock at SpeedyHen. Clicking buy on it right now.

Thanks for the head’s up.


Two Orion purchases following my heads up? That should surely seal my “junior associate dealer tea boy” status on this thread, right?


I am one of the admins on Walt Simonson’s Facebook page (which is all down to our old pal here Oliver Selby who is the biggest Simonson Thor fan on the planet). He’s very responsive, I should tell him you’ve contributed to his wages. :smile:


Walt is the best. Back when I was VERY young (like, pre-highschool I think) I used to post on the alvaro boards, where New Gods had their own message boards. And he was always there, and always incredibly sweet, even when fans would post something rude.

Made me a fan for life. (and it’s also where I pieced together his thwarted ultimate Orion arc, some of which is being re-used in Ragnorak I believe).


He is an awesome guy, always super friendly and encouraging. Brian Bendis tells a story of how Walt reviewed his work and basically kept him trying in the comics game when nobody else wanted to know.


Three sales actually.


Right then, anyone who finds it’s back to being out of stock at SpeedyHen - this is why! :laughing:


I’m delighted to hear that. I’ve been a huge fan of his for years (I own most of the original Orion issues anyway but I will double dip on this occassion). His work has so much energy to it.


Yeah I mean most of the guys on the Facebook group call him ‘uncle Walt’. As super talented as they are you can’t imagine Byrne or Miller having that same close friendly type relationship.

If anyone in comics has a bad word to say about ‘uncle Walt’ I have yet to hear it. He’s like the Tom Hanks of comics, brilliant at what he does and super charming away from it.

Fun fact - he has never sold any of his published artwork. He keeps it all.


I do wish these OHCs would come out in OPBs, though. I just don’t have the space for massive hardbacks, but I’d love to have this Orion series (though I am one of the few who just couldn’t get into Simonson’s Thor).


Well, as it happens…

Due December


I salute you, Ben. Thanks!


It is DC, so watch out, they may not do a second volume!


Detective Comics: Volume 2: The Victim Syndicate

Yuck. I can see what Tynion was going for but it didn’t work for me at all, any of it. The ‘victim syndicate’ were the most pathetic bunch of villains I’ve seen in ages. Spoiler turning bad and getting an instant upgrade where she has super-plans to defeat everyone just came across as a crappy move. Nor does the Colony have anywhere near the depth to endure as a villain. meanwhile, Jacob Kane? Dose that bastard to the gills, crack him open, grill him until he’s a mewling idiot and then leave him to crap himself.

The ‘everything goes wrong for the heroes’ plot can work, but it’s way too early in the run for that and it just comes across as nasty.

About the only good thing in this volume was the art, DC have been very smart in enabling a consistent style from a group of artists.

It’s a shame because I really enjoyed the first volume, too bad Tynion decided to blow all that up.


Not enough Tim Drake? :wink:


I was mulling over getting that. I might now now…Thank you for taking the bullet. :wink:


Lol! Well that was quite a strong reaction, Simon. I didn’t think it was that bad.

It is the dark, everything is going wrong for our heroes after the events of the last volume, volume.

The villains aren’t great, but you can see where Tynion was going for. They’re also incidental to the main action in the story, which is all about Spoiler’s disillusionment and breaking away from the Bat-team.

The art is still bloody fantastic, though!

It’s not as strong as the first volume, but I think it’s a solid DC Rebirth story.


Whether it works depends in large part as to how you find the ‘bad things happen to people as a result of fights with villains’ concept.

Me? I generally loathe the plot because it ends up with the heroes always being at fault no matter what. No one wants an amoral bastard hero whose idea of hostage negotiation is to blow up the villain with their hostages because, hey, some are alive, right? But neither has the ‘Batman is at fault for everything and bad things wouldn’t happen without him’ ever worked. That’s before you factor in that this Gotham - a city that’s been fucking people over since before its creation!

Also, the protesting individuals are the kind of people who will always find fault in anything short of perfection and even then! Oh, saved everyone in 5 minutes, did you? Clearly slacking then!

This might have worked if this had been say volume 5 or 6, the team’s had several outings, instead Tynion just went for a quick blow up instead.


I know you’ve been reading Detective month by month. How is it after this story?


I get that, Ben. I always found it similarly bizarre when the X-Men constantly got shit for saving the world from Magneto or Apocalypse.

But, correct me if I’m wrong (it’s been a while since I read this volume), but wasn’t Tynion a bit more nuanced in this arc? In that it wasn’t the whole city that turned against them, just a small minority.

I did not like what they did with Spoiler though.

Either way, Ben. Sorry you didn’t like it. If you are inclined to give it a shot, vol 3 is better (although, sadly, not up to the same standard artistically).