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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


Great choice :thumbsup:

I’m 99% certain that was the first Spidey story I ever read, in a black-and-white UK reprint – probably when I was around 4 :slight_smile:


Yeah, I thought I’d show him one with loads of villains and big action splashpages in. :slight_smile:

After reading the annual a couple of times his favourite story among them seems to be the origin. I can’t really argue with him.


You’re never going to get him prepared for internet message boards with that attitude.


Yes I am! :rage:


Letter 44: Volume 1

Oni were smart to join in the $10 trade idea, as that’s how I’ve tried this out.

This is an interesting book, where Soule appears to be examining as to whether cynicism or idealism really is better in practical political terms and sets up that conflict between the new and ex Presidents of the US, set against a backdrop of space first contact.

Art is OK, not spectacular but it does the job. Better is the parallel plots of the space mission and earth politics that Soule flits between.

Will definitely get Volume 2 and see where it goes.


I don’t really see how they can be any more fair and open than Image though - it really annoys me that the “major indie” scene is so fragmented, when Image is right there.


Image in the financial sense is as good as it gets and they don’t seem to censor judging by the material in stuff like Sex, Sex Criminals and Saga. On the other hand it does seem to work a lot on the whims of Eric Stephenson. He has said in the past that he has turned pitches down from A list creators without naming any names. For Walking Dead Robert Kirkman lied to him that aliens would turn up a few issues in because he didn’t want to publish a straight zombie book.


I’m keen to know who they are. I can’t imagine Ellis being turned down (and he’s more or less back at Image now anyway).

I guess although Alan Moore’s an undeniably big name, and Image publish “mature readers” material, I can see Image hesitating to publish something like Necronomicon.


I think Moore’s a special case anyway, he basically only trusts the people at Avatar, Top Shelf and Konockabout and has said he has no interest working with anyone else.


Wordery have the upcoming Batman & Robin omnibus by Morrison available for pre-order for £32.03.

A fairly decent price for a big hardback of 17 issues.


Now cancelled, sadly.

This Facebook post by Robin Snyder explains (in a very Mr. A style):

[quote]There is no need to apologize, Bob Heer. You are doing a good job.
Your original announcement was correct. A book was in the works.
Your new announcement is also correct. The Avenging World has been cancelled and will not be published. We have decided to work on other projects. We will continue to work on our own.[/quote]


I’m not sure if anyone has posted this before. I know that a couple of people have said that they were hoping for a tbp edition of Stumptown…


[quote=“SimonJones, post:3035, topic:4923”]
they were hoping for a tbp edition of Stumptown…
[/quote]Buy it you bastards, buy it! It’s superb.

I forgot to say I spotted it at the back of the Letter 44 volume and my immediate thinking was: Finally!

The OHCs are lovely but no new reader who doesn’t know Rucka is going to gamble on a RRP $30 book.

re: Books Etc

These guys are doing pretty good, but one recommendation - stick with 1 item per order! I’ve done a couple of 3-item orders recently and it’s worked OK, but took a bit longer than expected.


It is indeed. I did buy the hardcovers and I love that book.

Edit: It goes without saying that Rucka is a genius, but this is probably my favourite book that he does. It is a straight private eye book and I love that about it.


Thanks for the reminder on Books etc. I’d forgotten to check them out and doing so now they’ve got a lot stuff I’m looking to pick up soon at good prices. Are the reliable for pre-orders? Might move my Young Justice pre-order over to them.


They do don’t pre-orders! At all.

So it’s keep an eye on the Diamond releases and then go hunting at the right time.

They do seem to offer the Marvel Omnibuses at excellent prices:

  • Dr Strange: RRP £60, got for £35.
  • Busiek Iron Man: RRP £110 / $125, got for just under £59
  • Shang-Chi 3: RRP £110 / $125 Got for just under £57!

EDIT: I got very lucky!

  • Shang-Chi 3 is now up to £73, but Shang-Chi 2 can still be got for just under £57.
  • Busiek Iron Man is up to £85!

EDIT 2: So what do you do on the big Omnibuses these days? Well, aside from cut the buying off them, I’m using this strategy:

  • FP 40% offer is taken
  • If Amazon offer looks good, take it too - axe one of them nearer the time.
  • Keep an eye on Books Etc in case of a surprise offer

Ah, but the FP offers are still £67! Yes, going above the +£65 mark isn’t good, but going +£70, which everyone else tends to, is worse still! So get it as low as you can for now, preorders can always be cancelled - especially if Amazon drops the price on an item, which can be worth preordering for on its own.



That looks nice. That slipcase is hopefully still due to ship with the final hardcover of #9, whenever it arrives.


Joe Hill Graphic Collection

Wow, Joe Hill does indeed know how to spin a tale or two. This is a big 480-page OHC that collects just over 3 trades worth of material. If you can get it for £25-26 - do so.

And those stories? Well, about that…

The Cape

This is a very well-executed tale of self-destruction via superpowers, namely flight. I missed that this is based on a short story by Hill, bit it doesn’t matter much because I really enjoyed it. There’s a lot of subtlety here in how the story is spun, how the reader can, if they look for it, know Eric is lying to both himself and them about everything, right from the start and all the way to the end. There’s moments of dark humour in the way flight gets used and then it gets flipped around into absolute horror very quickly.

The Cape 1969

So where did that cape come from? Or rather its super ability? We get the answers here in a Vietnam war story. Not only does it cover the exploits of Eric’s father in that inferno but it also heightens the tragic aspect of the later story for there was nothing special about the cape after all. There was nothing special about Eric, nor anyone else, it was pure luck the events in The Cape start as they do. It could easily have gone the other way.


A good complete short story of circuses in times gone by and a fight with a bear.


This is both brilliant and fucking creepy in equal measure. As we are shown a world where children can escape to, a magical place called Christmasland… Yep, it sounds bad and so it is, but what makes this work is how Hill sketches it all out, how his cast of characters get into the inferno and how some of them might make it out.

A lot of the time with stories like these it’s better not to say too much about them, all were excellent reads which adds up to an excellent package from IDW. I rarely go for horror, but do make an exception here and there - this was one of them.

EDIT: Dealer Alert

Probably the best price I’ll find for this:

Currently £25.60, for a near 500-page Absolute-size hardback.

EDIT 2: Just located!

Ennis. Ezquerra. War. Need I say more?

World of Tanks: Roll Out - £8.97 - Books Etc

EDIT 3: Also located:

Mignolaverse excellence:

Witchfinder Volume 4: City of the Dead - £10.34 - Books Etc

EDIT 4: Fucking hell, Books Etc are on a roll:

Invisible Republic: Volume 3 - £8.78

EDIT 5: And a Cinebooks that Wordery swore they couldn’t get and refunded me my £5.60 despite flogging it for about £6.50! Well, why not? No one else has it at that price:

The Last Templar: Volume 4: The Falcon Temple - £5.09

Oh and as far as I can tell, Books Etc take the money at the point of order. I’ve put the above quartet as 4 individual orders so will see how it works out.


It’s worth noting that Ezquerra only does the art on the first two issues before PJ Holden steps in.