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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


Don’t worry, the fourth one will turn up quicker.


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£57 for about 40 issues or so of content is actually pretty good for a RRP $100 OHC:

Not out until November too.


Not for me as I dislike omnibuses due to their size (and I also have the singles) but that’s a good deal for some great material.


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40% off time-limited FP offer:

£53.99 + £1 postage for a 640 page Absolute-size hardback.


The Book of Chaos

This collects a 4-album series by Dorison and Lauffray, with it being one of Dorison’s earlier works. A deluxe hardback from Humanoids means it is a lovely book to read.

The story is an interesting combination: Part redemption tale, part Lovecraftian horror and time travel. Dorison splices it all together in just the right combination to make it work. Jack Stanton, the leads character, starts off as your standard arsehole out for himself and changes gradually over time and it feels believable. At the same time there’s some quite subtle touches that help the story as well.

It is one of those stories where you can work out the final resolution - almost, Dorison does manage to add a final twist that I quite liked - but it doesn’t negatively impact the story.

If you like horror or the Mignolaverse and can get it for a decent cost, I got it for £20, which I consider reasonable for a 200 page Absolute-size hardback, definitely consider it.


Not sure whether this should go here or in the kickstarter thread, because Avatar Press are still completely misunderstanding what kickstarter is for:

But the set does look really nice.


It’s tempting, but knowing Avatar they will probably end up releasing the same set at retail for less. I know some previous backers have felt pretty screwed over by the Avatar kickstarters.


Yeah, I won’t be touching this one.

My one and only foray into Kickstarter was on the Cinema Purgatorio launch and it was a shitty experience.

To be honest I’m not really a fan of Kickstarter in general - I think it’s asking for a lot of goodwill from people to pay over the odds for something and in the case of comic books it’s an already overcrowded market.

Just a browse through Comixology each week is an eye opener on the amount of stuff out there, and I’m not going to hold back - most of it is shit.
I understand that there’s a lot of people out there who want to become writers and artists, but I’ve bought a lot of Comixology submit books and I could count on one hand how many of them have been good.

It might be mean spirited, but some people just need to accept that what they really want to do isn’t an option unless they are very good at it. Most of them are not.

So basically the idea of Kickstarter being used to produce an Alan Moore book, which should really have a built in audience, is a bit cheeky.
And also, Kickstarter being used as a launchpad for wannabe creators who have not refined their trade yet, but want paid good money for their books is also a bit cheeky.

The only use of Kickstarter I’m supportive of is maybe where there’s an existing franchise that can’t get off the ground and there’s an audience who would really love to see more of it and this is the only way to get the funding.


I don’t have a problem with it for new creators - it seems like a perfectly ethical way of connecting with your audience and cutting out any middle men.

I don’t have a problem with established creators using it either - I know Ditko runs regular kickstarters for his stuff, and avoids dealing through a publisher that way.

However, when a publisher who has a big name on board and is already selling the series through the usual channels decides to run a Kickstarter on top of that, with high prices that are designed to get fans to pay over the odds for material that’s already going to get made anyway (and in the case of Providence had already been fully released already), it feels like a bit of a pisstake. This Kickstarter isn’t paying for the series to get funded and made, it’s solely for a snazzy exclusive printing of the book that you can’t get anywhere else.

And at such an astronomical price it’s doubly ruled out for me. I don’t see why they can’t just make this set the usual way and market it through the usual channels. A set like this would probably cost half the price from most publishers. It feels a bit shitty to make fans (and Moore has an established fanbase) pay over the odds for this stuff, when all of the advantages to selling it through a Kickstarter seem to run in Avatar’s favour.


I should probably add to that, though, that these things only succeed if there’s sufficient support for them. Nobody is twisting anyone’s arm and making them pay for this stuff. So if they’re finding success with these Kickstarters I guess there’s no reason why they’d stop doing them.


I’m with you Dave on this. In the end for the new creators thing Chris is right the quality is mostly not good enough but usually they don’t ask for much as a target and nobody has to support them.

What irks with Avatar is especially on the Cinema Purgatorio page there was no Kickstarting, that book was already solicited at Diamond before they put the page up. Now I doubt they lied at any point but it is misleading when the entire mission statement of the site is to be able to fund projects that couldn’t happen otherwise. I almost pledged until I read that somewhere and checked the solicitation and decided I’d buy it for the RRP on Comixology instead.

This latest one is just a web shop and I suspect like you that this’ll end up in shops at a lower price a few months down the line and people will get annoyed.


Glad I checked here. I really want a nice series of collected Providence hardcovers, but am not particularly interested in the artbook, and thought the price was a bit high.

Good to know that it’s likely that we’ll be able to purchase this down the line through normal channels.


Yeah, I mean Avatar probably get most of their money through the Alan Moore material. It’s all in print in various editions and they’ll keep doing that.

I can be a bit harsh on Avatar but the reason A-list creators like Moore, Ennis and Ellis work with them so much is they say they are very fair and open and give over full creator control. They aren’t backed by a sugar daddy or corporation so it may be what they need to do well is milk some of this material and it’s not as if Marvel didn’t do much the same with Miracleman.

That said I can hold on for more reasonably priced material rather than pay $58 for scans or $129 for the set they are offering here.


I’ll definitely buy Providence again in collected form, after having read in singles. It’s one for the bookshelf, definitely - especially as Neonomicon and The Courtyard, both of which I love, are sitting there waiting to be joined.

I’ll wait for 12 issue omnibus though.


Me too, I think.


My son has been asking for comics of his own lately, and after I showed him an old Spider-Man annual on Comixology (the first annual, with the Sinister Six) he said he was keen to have a hardcopy version of his own.

So I had a look around to see what the most affordable reprint option was, and found that Panini had a few years ago reprinted it - along with some other classic Lee/Ditko Spidey material - in a nice hardcover annual (in the UK large format, so roughly A4-size).

It collects the origin story from Amazing Fantasy #15, as well as ASM #1 (the Fantastic Four/Jameson rescue/Chameleon stories), ASM #6 (the first Lizard story) and the first Annual with the Sinister Six story. Plus there’s loads of fact-file type ‘secrets of Spider-Man’ stuff like this, which I remember I used to love as a kid (I had an annual of my own with similar reprints at his age):

Also included is this favourite story from the original ASM annual too:

All the pin-ups from the annual are included too.

It’s a really nice compilation of early era Spidey, with a nice mix of stories and features, and pretty affordable (it was originally around twelve quid but I picked up a copy for around half that). It’s nice to see that this original material is still in print for kids, even if it is marketed as ‘vintage’ now. :slight_smile:

Most importantly my boy seems really happy with it, and I’m happy to pass on these stories to him: my first real comic was a paperback compilation of AF#15 and ASM#1-6 around the same age (he’s four), and it gave me the comics bug for life. It will be interesting to see whether he continues to be interested or moves on to something else.


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It may be a better one comes along nearer the time, but these days, who knows?

In any case £63.29 is a good price for an RRP £110, 1300-page omnibus, but particularly when it’s this one:


Faith OHC

This was a fun read, with some very sweet moments.

Also, it’s still surprising that Valiant have managed to make a success out of a character that greatly departs from the standard superhero model look.


This is a general e-commerce thing, but I used it a lot for buying trades and I think some others did too, so it might be worth mentioning here: FlubIt has completely changed its site. Previously, you gave them the Amazon URL of a product you wanted, they took a few hours to offer you a better price from a pool of merchants (usually Speedy Hen or Wordery, who would often undercut their own sites). Was a very handy way of saving a few quid here and there.

Just went to use it for the first time in a few weeks to discover they’ve completely replaced that model with an open marketplace, albeit one that still wants you to use Amazon URLs to find products, most of which it now doesn’t have and the few it does are more expensive than on Amazon (and it also doesn’t tell you who is supplying the item before you buy, as far as I can see). So that’s now completely useless.


Thanks for the tip-off, I’m currently trialing Books Etc.

In some respects they’ve been excellent, other respects more variable, would say definitely an option to look at for standard trades and some omibuses. Some they offer incredible prices for, others are more standard.

EDIT: @Bruce and anyone else who likes DHC’s Mignolaverse big hardbacks, just spotted they will also be issuing an Abe Sapien hardback in November, likely collecting trades 1-3 so it’ll be the first of three volumes, to accompany the set of five BPRD Hell on Earth ones. Makes sense as the two stories are interwoven to a degree.