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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


To my great surprise, I spotted an Amazon for Rocket Girl Volume 2, I’d thought the book was dead! Hope it comes out. Also Hawkins and Hill have a new story getting collected called Golgotha, looks to be SF, more than likely worth a look.

I thought it was a massively shitty move by DC to put the last Snyder-Capullo in a trade on its own. They could easily have included in the Vol 9 Superheavy trade and would have likely reaped much better sales from it too, but no.

Depends on how it is done. For instance, way back when Epting and Perkins alternated on Cap, but both had a similar enough style that it always felt consistent.


I understand how you felt, if you were indeed buying the book solely for Snyder & Capullo, but didn’t you enjoy those two Tynion issues? They were pretty cool, I thought, and take together the point when James started to step out of his mentor’s shadow.


I read the first arc on Velvet and found it terribly dull. Very well made comics, no doubt, but just totally unexciting. I didn’t read any further.

In fact, the more or less concurrent one-two of Velvet and Fade Out have almost killed any interest I have in all things Brubaker. But given the love both titles continue to get round here, it’s clearly just me. Puzzles me. I’m not usually so out of sync with everyone else here.


I don’t think reading just the first 4 issues of Fade Out could really work that well, it’s pretty much designed to be read as 12-issue piece.

Haven’t yet gone through the Velvet OHC.


I did read all of Fade Out. I only dropped Velvet after the first trade.


And it still didn’t work for you? OK. It is very much a noir piece and of the era.


I certainly don’t mind noir, but the era probably did have a lot to do with it. Maybe it’s the same problem I had with Velvet too.


That might be it, for the era is a major aspect of both, now if that doesn’t take your interest…


Uh oh. ‘The Bobby Factor’ is catching…like horrible disease!


Black Panther Complete Collection: Volume 2

Ok, so yes, I jumped from #12 to #18 because paying £18 for a book that includes them when I’ve the first two trades of Priest’s run from way back when isn’t a good deal… Does it still work despite that? Mostly.

The Killmonger tale had apparently been running from #13 but I think it was perhaps better I’d skipped a few chapters because it’s the one arc that doesn’t really work for me. It sets up this big deal of T’Challa losing and Killmonger being the Black Panther and then, not much happens with it, culminating in it ending with Killmonger keeling over dead, so restoring T’Challa.

The rest of it I got on with far better - the looming war plot involving Doom, Namor, the Lemurians and a few others made for an effective political thriller. Particularly the end part where a mob goes after the now faultless T’Challa because they don’t care about the facts - that’s pretty damn prescient given the present! I can’t say I care much about the Malice plot, but it was OK.

All in all, this was good but not the smash hit its reputation led me to expect. I’ll still get around to getting the third collection as that apparently concludes the main plots.


B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth: Volume 15: Cometh the Hour

Well, fuuuuuuccccckkk. This was one hell of a finale and, with it being Arcudi’s exit from BPRD, truly the end of an era.

There’s no way to really talk of it without spoilage. An Ogdru Jahad spawning an army as it goes, oh and it’s nuke-proof! In the end, it could be said to be a bit of a get-out clause or it’s something that the series has been leading to for a while, with Johann tapping new abilities, but which require him to sacrifice himself completely. By this point both Panya and Corrigan are dead, with the HQ destroyed. Liz has been burning monsters by the score but it wasn’t enough. And something worse may be on the way, but Johann considers a victory against the Ogdru Jahad suficient. These are big plot developments all-right.

It’s also interesting in how it goes against convention, with the magnitude of their enemy inducing despair in the characters. This is, in every sense, an apocalyptic finale. It concludes the second story, while hinting at the third and final act. With this the Mignolaverse is established as a stunningly ambitious undertaking - there’s pieces of the story that reflect Hellboy in Hell’s events too - I just hope they can pull off the likely final piece.


Yep. The ending of BPRD: Hell on Earth was epic, in all the right ways!


Returning back to Black Panther, in the wake of the last day or so, there are some very sly jokes in the Sturm and Drang arc US deploys cruise missiles against Wakanda, Wakanda responds with ‘Prowlers’ - giant robot Panther anti-missile laser defences that are 100% effective! Wakanda to the US: Fuck. Off. Written over 15 years ago, very relevant to today.


Corto Maltese: In Siberia

1974 is pretty early for a graphic novel but that’s we get from Pratt in this volume. One continuous story, told over 6 chapters and about 110 pages and it was excellent.

As usual for a Corto tale there’s a mass of conflicting agendas advanced by all manner of dubious characters. But, because it’s all of a piece, plots are started in one chapter and developed in another, looping in and out and around the story. Nowadays that doesn’t sound that revolutionary, but for its era it certainly was.

Yeah, I think I’ll stick with this series despite IDW’s best attempt to deter me with stupidly high prices. True, the editions do have excellent production values but IDW are still pushing it on the price even with that factor in its favour. I’m pretty certain the pricing has cost them sales.


I finished Velvet today.

Overall, I loved it. It’s gorgeous, Velvet’s a great lead, it’s gorgeous, the story is entertaining and it’s bloody gorgeous. My only minor complaint is that, reading in chunks across a few days, I found myself getting confused between a few of the minor cast members. There are about five people in ARC-7 that all looks pretty similar and I found it hard to get straight which was which.

Still, I highly recommend it and I’m very keen for a sequel.


For those that liked Velvet, I’d recommend checking out Titans Modesty Blaise reprinted trades. Spy, action, adventure with a another strong female lead.


Also the ever reliable Queen & Country.


Sub-£100 now.


Titans: The Return Of Wally West - can I just stop right here and say how friggin awesome it is to read the words “I’m Wally West, The Fastest Man Alive” again?

This trade collects Rebirth and #1-6 of the new series, by Dan Abnett and Brett Booth; telling the story of Wally reconnecting with his Titans, following on from his return in DC: Rebirth. It makes some tenuous references to the whole Watchmen deal, but don’t come here looking for another piece of that particular puzzle.

It does provide an explanation for Wally’s disappearance, that’s mostly self contained. It picks up after the events of the Titans Hunt mini (by the same author), but feels strangely disconnected from that - in the mini the Titans gave up their memories to stop the big bad, Mr Twister; in the Rebirthed series they claim someone stole those memories.

Artistically, Booth’s work is … Well, I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it, actually. As an old skool Wildstorm fan, I’ve always liked his stuff, even when I know it’s not technically very good. On the surface his art is glamorous and energetic; beneath that there is some dodgy anatomy and unnecessarily distracting storytelling. He’s definitely a product of his time, with all that that entails.

Overall, as a 1990’s DC fanboy, this was a brilliant, and occasionally emotional, read. It’s so, so good to have Wally back. Now, if we can just get him and Kyle back together somehow … Maybe in an adventure, involving a young monk, with rad martial art skills and a penchant for using a bow & arrow … Well, I can dream, can’t I? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I received another edition of the Transformer Definitive Edition issue 1. I’ve now got 3. Not sure why they took so long to send my third copy out as most people already had it.

Luckily I can get Furman and Senior to sign them and ebay here we come!