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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


Same here.

Looks to be a beautiful volume.


My collection of Brubaker hardcovers just keeps getting larger.



Having read the manga version Sanctum Redux first, it was interesting to read the original, particularly as I know Bec more as writer than artist.

It still does fall apart towards the end and the lesser amount of space means characters are less distinct and events more rushed in comparison to the manga.

It is, nonetheless, a fun horror tale of who-will-be-killed-next by the lurking, rarely glimpsed menace surrounding them.

As usual, it’s an excellently presented hardback from Humanoids too.

Blood Stain Volume 2

After the intro that was the first volume, things get cooking a bit more here and it is something rarely seen in comics - screwball comedy with a point. Stein and Elly go at each other in a storm of mutual misapprehensions, assumptions, prejudice, total errors before concluding maybe it’ll perhaps work out.

Not a lot really happens here in terms of plot, but it’s the execution and characterisation that makes it work. By doing it all - writing, lettering, art - Sejic knows exactly what she’s going for and nails it every time. This was both superbly entertaining and very funny because it meets the two requirements of comedy: Funny and true.

At the same time it is utterly unique. There is no other book at all like this on the market and it’s great, but it deserves a bigger audience so consider giving it a try. (Also available online for free as a webcomic too.)


I’m reading Cosmic Odyssey. It’s printed on non-glossy paper and its smell is triggering a lot of warm nostalgia for me. More to the point, though, it’s a really fun story with great art by Mike Mignola. The coloring by Steve Oliff is very pretty, too.

But damn! This story is not very kind to John Stewart!


Will, my friend, that is an understatement.


was it just the 1 issue? I really enjoyed it.


The Walking Dead story? Yes it was just a one-off, they did it as part of an agreement with Kirkman.

Image is publishing the “Cloudburst Edition” of Private Eye that brings together the 10 issues Vaughan and Martin created together, a project The Walking Dead co-creator and Image partner Robert Kirkman wanted to bring to Image Comics. As Brian K. Vaughan recalls, he said he’d let Image do the print version if Kirkman let Panel Syndicate do a The Walking Dead story. Kirkman bit and so we have “the last crossover you ever expected” as the promo art says - Vaughan and Martin will be doing an original The Walking Dead story that’ll be hosted on Panel Syndicate.


Apparently IDW announced this at Wondercon yesterday:

I’ve always wanted to read this material properly, but the lack of a comprehensive or chronological collection has held me back. So I’m definitely interested in this.


Amazon has updated with Image stuff for Sept-start of Nov.

Stuff not for me but others might be up for:

  • Low OHC in October, probably covers Vols 1-3
  • Luther Stride: Complete Series OHC
  • Goddamned OHC - think they’re taking the piss here but suppose someone will buy it.

Stuff on my hit list is:

  • Copperhead Volume 3
  • Hadrian’s Wall
  • Southern Bastards HC2
  • I Hate Fairyland Volume 3


“Snyder and Ditko”? :confused:


Robin Snyder, presumably, who collaborated with Ditko on some of the Mr. A stories.


Oh, I don’t recall hearing he had a collaborator.


I’m not sure the extent of Snyder’s contribution, although a lot of Mr. A stories seem to have a Snyder co-credit.

I believe it’s Snyder that sets up all the crowd funding through which Ditko mostly operates these days, too.


My copy of Velvet is on its way!

EDIT: Turns out it’s not just that I have on the way:

Books of Chaos OHC - from Humanoids
BPRD Hell on Earth Volume 15 Cometh The Hour - This is going to be good.

Also read tonight:

The Autumnlands: Volume 2: Woodland Creatures

You know, due to his superhero work over the years, there’s something that doesn’t quite feel right about a cursing Busiek script! Fuck, it could out-do McNulty and Bunk at times, but it works. It works because your standard army sergeant ain’t exactly known for their high-falutin’ language, are they? No.

It continues the plot of Dunstan and Learoyd trekking their way through the Autumnlands after the explosive conclusion of the last arc. What we get here then is a road trip with really excellent art and ideas, Dewey and Bellaire make for one hell of an art team. Lettering from Comicraft completes a very distinctive and accomplished look for the book.

As to what’s gone on, well this volume piles mystery atop mystery while hinting at revelations, possibly along the lines of humans making themselves gods and then, quelle surprise, losing the plot completely.

The trade is a good piece of work. Good quality paper and binding and you get 8 issues of content on a trade of RRP £14.99 / $16.99, that’s pretty impressive by any standard.

Roll on Volume 3!


I missed this in that big list of upcoming DC trades.

I think this might be the first time these stories have been reprinted. I don’t remember a Green Arrow Archive.


I’m reading BLAME! and loving it. The plot is very simple which allows for Tsutomu Nihei to focus on what he’s really interested in: colossal tech ruins and horror. The Master Editions that Vertical are putting out are beautifully done; I can’t imagine what it was like reading this on a reduced page size since the backgrounds are so crucial to what Nihei’s doing.


Dealer Alert

This Humanoids preorder has gone active at SpeedyHen:

£16.20 for a 270-odd page hardback? Yes, please.

This isn’t a sequel to Carthago but rather other stories set in the same world.

And talking of Humanoids, my big bastard deluxe hardback of this arrived today:


I’m a few issues into Velvet. Absolutely loving it. Utterly utterly gorgeous and a compelling story.


It’s great, isn’t it? I’m rereading it and getting sucked in all over again. It’s especially beautiful at this size.


I thought I would get the very last trade in the Snyder / Capullo run. I thought with a title like Epilogue it would be a wrap up issue but jesus… I felt compelled to write my first amazon review.

Kinda disappointed there was only one Snyder / Capullo issue in there (And amazon failed to specify on the product page). My filter for books is artist first so it can be frustrating when the publisher swaps about artists for trades.

With this and what I have been reading about - “Astonishing X-Men To Have New Artist For Each Issue”

How do you feel about rotating art teams?