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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


And 4 days later and the Amazing Spidey 3 Omnibus goes up to £58 on an inactive SH pre-order.

SH seem to be hitting that point all sellers hit, where they suddenly start to lose the good rep they had by reducing or mucking around with their discounts. Thus, new sellers rise to replace them…

EDIT: Saga HC2 is back up to £31.50 too, East of West Year 2 HC is still £25.94 for anyone who wants to nab it.

Talking of that, my copy from FP arrived and, get this, the pages were perfectly flat. How? Well, FP wrapping it in bubblewrap, then placing in the middle of a big box, which they filled with packing material, before properly sealing with a lot of tape, probably had a lot to do with it. I’m now kind of inclined to stick with FP even when the difference is a fiver or a bit more due to how well they package up the big books.


Speedyhen has just sent out my copy of the Velvet Deluxe HC. (Thanks for the tip-off on this one Ben - it’s going for a lot more than £23.00 at most places now.)

Epting’s art is going to look great at this size.


Oh nice, my SH order expired, but I had an Amazon back-up order of £23.39 also in place.


Mine expired too (as the release date was pushed back), but they always let me put a new order on at the old price. Their customer service is always very good.


Read Titans Hunt by Dan Abnett on the flight over. It was much better than I expected it to be, given the artistic hodge podge of different styles, and the lack of established chemistry between the individual Titans characters in the New52.

However, Dan provided a plausible explanation for why the Titans never existed (or at least were never heard from before) in the New52, with a creepy, page turner of a tale that I couldn’t put down. And it segued into DC Rebirth without feeling forced in anyway. Very nicely done. And Abnett’s humour worked really well - Donna’s “unfortunate” line, and the Constantine pun being particularly memorable.

Artistically, it was a bit of a mess. Except for those two issues drawn by Paul Pelletier. He’s fantastic!

Given how much of a DC fanboy I am, Titans has always been a title I want to love more than I actually do. No matter the creative team, it never quite clicks for me. I should point out here, that I’ve yet to read more than a handful of the Wolfman & Perez issues.

This did. I’m really looking forward to moving on to the Rebirth series now. With added Wally West and Brett Booth!


Agreed. Pelletier’s one of my favourite artists. He was excellent on Guardians and Exiles.


Dealer Alert

The Empire (aka Amazon) is offering a couple of good deals:

Transformers: Phase 2: Volume 6 - £31.67

Hellboy in Hell: Library Edition - £30.46

Both prices may change, but both of these are RRP $50 OHCs, which current online discounts take down to around £30. (Who knows how long it’ll stay at that level before going up due to the last 48hrs?)


FP now has a listing up for the new printing of Absolute Authority v.1 - just £46.55 delivered, which isn’t bad (and could get better if they put the book on their 40%-off roster next week):


Oh, now that is tempting and yeah, it could get a 40% off offer too.


Here’s the pencils for the new Hitch cover to it:




That’s pretty sweet.


FP have the Thor Simonson omnibus reprint on for £74.70, presumably set to drop to £67 if it gets included in a 40%-off deal.

A bit disappointing. I’ll stick with my Amazon pre-order for under £65 for now.


FP go by Diamond’s prices which the likes Amazon, BD, SH, Wordery, Books Etc don’t have to.


Anyone know if Walking Dead: the Alien will get a physical release like Private Eye has?


I want to find absolute Batman Incorporated


Here you go:

Cheaper through some marketplace sellers at Amazon:


Not that I know of. To be honest Marcos Martin, who is behind the Panel Syndicate part (Vaughan is a noted luddite), has always seemed very keen on no print editions.


The Brubaker HCs are things of beauty.

I mean, this is how you do a spine.


Looking forward to getting my copy next week!