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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


DC’s initial solicits often have these kinds of problems, unfortunately. Often you have to wait until the book is actually published to find out exactly what’s in it.


Did you ever read the Greyshirt Indigo series by Rick Veitch? It’s pretty terrific.


No, I’d never actually come across the character before this book.

I know that he has a strip in the Tomorrow Stories anthology (that I’m just about to start reading), so I might move on to the dedicated series after that. Thanks for the recommendation!


Amazon has just updated its listing for the Akira 35th Anniversary Boxset with this image.

Looks like… a big box, I guess!




Urge to buy rising… RISING!


Dealer Alert

For anyone considering this:

£51.38 is a damn good price.


This isn’t too bad either - £65 for the Simonson Thor reprint.


Wow, that’s a fast price change it was over £100 last night!


Yep. I’m hoping FP might undercut them later though.


Not if it’s RRP $125 they won’t, even on 40% off FP’s price will be around £66 +£1 postage.


Well, that seals it then. Time to put in a pre-order.


However, for a couple of quid, FP’s packaging will likely be far, far superior to Amazon’s.


:disappointed_relieved: I guess I’ll wait and see if they do put it for a similar price then.


I’d grab the Amazon price now, you can easily cancel later if an FP offer turns up.


No Punisher: War Zone (the final mini he did with Dillon)?


Hmm, yeah, that is quite the omission, especially as it links to Welcome Back Frank.


My copy of Shang-Chi Master of Kung Fu Omnibus 3 arrived today via Books Etc, who have done well for themselves so will use them again.

Like Volume 2, this Omnibus is a volume that relative to the price its sold for you can only conclude Marvel want to dissuade you from buying any more because it is kind of slim for a RRP $125 item. The only reason I’m biting the bullet on these is they are low run, one-time print items. Besides I’m now 66% of the way there, 4 omnibuses got, 2 to go.

EDIT: Dealer Alert

A couple of days on, if anyone is still after this, looks to be the best price I can find that has free postage in the UK:

Doctor Strange Omnibus (Lee-Ditko) - £35.12

It’s again Books Etc offering it, figure it’s worth a try so have bagged it. My recent viewing of Doctor Strange might have had some influence on this matter.


Which is the really expensive one?

Is it vol. 1?


For what? The Lee-Ditko Strange one? Other prices for that start at £40.

If you’re talking more generally, the heaviest hitters right now for what you actually get are the Shang-Chi Omnibuses, of which 3 of 4 are now out.