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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


It was far from ideal but at least it got an ending. There are plenty of great stories out there that have never been finished.

It can also be seen as a preamble to Rebirth and Hitch’s current Justice League series continues directly from it. The kids with the stones are in the current arc of that book.


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Worth a try for anyone after them:

Books Etc prices for:

Shang-Chi Omnibus 2 - £56.19

Deadly Hands of Kung Fu Omnibus 1 - £58.86


I just finished the trade of Titans Hunt because I needed to catch up with Mal and Karen(Herald and Bumblebee). At the end they included a couple of the original pages only with Wally drawn in into them. It was a great touch in my opinion. It also included a scene where Batman brings Robin to a ride along with the Justice League and the scene where the Titans all remember who Wally is, which was very nice because it involved personal moments rather than action.


Dealer Alert

For those considering it, the deluxe HC edition of The Book Of Chaos has become available at SpeedyHen at a cost of £20.29:

Humanoids’ deluxe HCs are Absolute-size editions.


Thanks for the link. Never heard of them before, but they appear to have some pretty good bargains, and free delivery.


I used them on a Cinebook purchase a few weeks back, they did fine but didn’t expect them to offer a book like the SCO3 at such a bargain.


Edelweiss has revealed a few upcoming solicits, including a Hellboy In Hell - Library Edition (I know some here, like @BenObiwomble, are big fans of these).

Lots of DC stuff too, including an Absolute Authority reprint, an Absolute Wildcats book, the first of presumably two bumper Planetary TPBs, the first Wild Storm collection, a new Batman: Year One that looks to reprint the Absolute at Deluxe size, a collection of DKIII variant covers to go with the full series collection, and a new expanded Rebirth Omnibus.

Also, this first Swamp Thing Omnibus seems to set up a follow-up volume for Moore’s run (it ends right before Moore takes over the book), while there’s a JLI Omnibus that might catch @Jim’s eye. There’s also a mammoth Fourth World omnibus that seems to collect the entire thing. And an Absolute for the Geoff Johns/Jim Lee Justice League to boot.

@RonnieM may be interested in this deluxe edition of the Rebirth Justice League book, and there’s yet another new version of Watchmen - an annotated version this time. Similarly, they’re really milking Grant Morrison’s back catalogue with these Deluxe editions - this time a double-header for Sebastian O and The Mystery Play.

I also may pick up the new Deluxe version of Darwyn Cooke and Tim Sale’s Superman: Kryptonite.

And that’s just the selected highlights… :slight_smile:


I wonder how they got clearance to reprint the Cyberforce and X-Men crossover stuff for the Absolute Wildcats book.


Excellent news, thanks @Bruce will be happy to hear that too as he was waiting for that.

EDIT: Just tried a couple of the links and they no longer want to display.

Also, Absolute Authority reprint? No! My investment will be ash! …

Like I was ever going to try selling it for £500.


If the individual links don’t work, try accessing them via the master list for the DC titles.

I’ve owned the book twice and sold it on each time as the prices were just too good to pass up. I think this might be the third… :slight_smile:

(Plus, this new version has expanded contents - including the Jimenez Planetary one-shot that wasn’t in the original Absolute.)


That works, got a similar link for DHC too?

EDIT: Good to see there will be a Wonder Woman Rebirth OHC edition.

Except it’s double the price.


Nightwing, Suicide Squad, Green Arrow and Harley Quinn too.

Ooo and new trades of Kyle Rayner’s stint as GL and 90s Superboy.


[quote=“BenObiwomble, post:2874, topic:4923, full:true”]
That works, got a similar link for DHC too?[/quote]
Yep, try this.


Yes, it’s pretty common for these big books to change in price when it’s been a long time in between printings.

The original book came out in 2002. The price for the new printing is in line with DC’s current pricing for its Absolutes.


Thanks. That confirms the Hard Boiled OHC as September too.

HiH Library is RRP $50, but you know it’ll have production values that kick the crap out of books over twice its price.

Oh and the next piece of The Mignolaverse with The Visitor trade too.

Oh @Bruce, your much hoped for BPRD Hell on Earth hardbacks are being done too.


My wallet rejoices.


That’s pretty much my response to a lot of the new info, really spreads the cost out, which helps.



That’s around 55 full-length comics, by my calculations.



Yes, if they go ahead with it then it’s going to rival Morrison’s Invisibles in the giant-omnibus stakes. It works out at around 1,600 pages.


Totally impractical to read though. I love my Walt Simonson Thor omnibus, but it is a pain to bring anywhere.