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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


Huh. Interesting. I’d always assumed the “Uncanny” was optional and interchangeable. Actually, Marvel seem to agree with me:


The individual title is generally referred to as Uncanny X-Men, yeah. They just get technical with the trades so the Claremont run doesn’t begin with volume 7 and use the retitling as an excuse.


That digitally to keep continuity with the series and separate it from the adjectiveless series. To be fair, Marvel is a bit of a nightmare in digital because of all of the restarts/renumbers in the last 5-10 years.


Again, I roll my eyes at Marvel numbering :rolling_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue:


I actually really liked when they were using the dual numbering. It allowed them to keep some continuity for the entire series while also having relaunches with new #1’s.


Lorcan has pretty much covered this, but there have already been two omnibus volumes of ‘classic’ X-Men published, as The X-Men volumes 1 and 2.


He basically didn’t like how Morrison dealt with the character as a total villain

Which makes you think even less of the editors considering Magneto was being a total bastard because he was under the influence of Sublime, the real villain of the series.


Tom Strong’s Terrific Tales: Book Two HC

This review is going to be shorter than my review of Book One, because my feelings on this second tranche of six issues are largely the same as for the first half-dozen. It’s a nice mix of stories with some decent regular artists, interspersed with some wonderful guest-appearances from creators who really serve to put their own stamp on the Tom Strong family of characters.

Bruce Timm turns up for a memorable tongue-in-cheek strip about Tesla Strong being kidnapped and taken to a ‘game reserve’ for jungle-girl archetypes, and Peter Bagge contributes art to an amusingly downbeat and grimy take on the Strong family in the final issue.

But it’s the regular artists that really won me over here - Alan Weiss’ art on the Young Tom Strong strip feels like it gets better and better with each instalment, and I love the way that we gradually see the young version of the character transform into the adult incarnation over the course of the 12 issues.

And these two volumes have definitely served to convert me into an Art Adams fan - his work on the Jonni Future strips is amazingly detailed, and manages to pull off the space-girl cheesecake that the series plays on without ever feeling too seedy or crass. It’s classy cheesecake!

Interestingly, towards the end of the run he starts to share art duties with Chris Weston - there’s an issue where Adams provides layouts and Weston finishes, then vice versa, then a final issue that’s all Weston - and it’s to Weston’s credit that the transition isn’t too jarring.

Alan Moore’s lead stories are always interesting and inventive (I quite liked the guidebook-style prose issue that offers a guide to Millennium City, with a single large Mike Kaluta illustration for each page) and Steve Moore surprised me with the way that he worked many of his standalone single chapters into satisfying larger arcs for the characters, without letting it overshadow the individual stories.

I’m looking forward to moving on to the two Tomorrow Stories collections now, with only a small tinge of regret that there are no Terrific Tales left.


My copy of this is on its way:


Now that, I have to order! (Despite probably owning all of the singles, I stopped reading after the third or fourth)


It’s been a nice surprise as I wasn’t expecting it to be out until May.


Who is your dealer?


This time, it was BD, bagged it for just over £16.50 about a year ago.


Back when £16.50 was worth a whole lot more?


Heh, yeah, that and I expected the price to go up, but it actually hasn’t for DC, but now the RRP is £26.99 rather than £24.99.


Just managed to bag the Shang-Chi Omnibus 3 for just over £63! (incl. the £2.80 postage Amazon whacks on).

(There was a cheaper but, for me, less trustworthy option.)

EDIT: Dealer Alert!

Even better option found!

£56.19 with free postage!


Be interested to see how it fares with you, Ben. I haven’t read it, and have no desire to frankly, because the creative team “bait & switch” on the final issue is up there with DC’s greatest (s)hits. If you love it, I may be persuaded otherwise though!


Hmm, would you be referring to the loss of Hitch art on that or something else I haven’t heard of?


Yes. Having an entirely new creative team on the final part of the story stinks; more so given the delay in publishing it. Particularly when they are on a whole other league (no pun intended) than Hitch.

Dave, and others who have read it, didn’t seem to mind it too much though. So maybe I’m being overly harsh on them.


In fairness, the creative switching and the lack of conclusion/lead into Rebirth was enough to take the edge off the story for me to the extent that I probably won’t be picking up the collection now. Early on, I thought it had the potential to be the kind of timeless story that I would keep coming back to, but I’m not sure that’s the case.

It is still well worth a read though.