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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


OK, we got ourselves a recommendation here. :wink:


The Waid DD omni is here, first post-Brexit omni. Comparing how much omni thickness £55 gets you now, vs how much more thickness even less money bought the Roger Stern Spider-Man for only a couple of years ago is a stark reminder of how much the British electorate hate comic readers (that was their prime motivation for voiting, wasn’t it?).


I wouldn’t mind a Byrne/Claremont Xmen Omni if it is available.

The Morrison Omni I would like if the price is right…

Just saying…


The price on Epic Collections is disappointing too. My sort of cognitive upper limit is £15, but after the Sterling Slump, the typical lowest going rate is much closer to £20 (and the rate of releases has accelerated too).

That said, I did manage to pick up FF: Strange Days second-hand for £8.50 and Cap: Man Without A Country new for £11-odd last week though. The FF one is the last volume before Onslaught, so I’m quite morbidly curious about how it’ll be.


Morrison’s Omni got a second printing some time back.

For Byrne/Claremont you’re after Uncanny X-Men Omnibus 1 and 2, but no idea how available they are.


Marvel do seem quite good at reprinting those three omnis, they’ve both had at least two runs across the past 5ish years. The real stone cold classic sellers like early Spider-Man/FF and Claremont X-Men seems to get a decent treatment as far as omnis go.

I see there’s a Claremont + Jim Lee X-Men omni on the way, how good are those stories? I really like Age of Apocalypse in terms of 90s X-Men, and loved pretty much all of the Claremont stuff I’ve read, so ordinarily I’d go for it. But then I’ve seen one review that says it’s a bit of a lull from Claremont’s usual standard, is that a widely held opinion?


Chuck Austen didn’t even understand that Ernst was Cassandra Nova, for Bob’s sake!

I’m not sure that Whedon did either, considering what happened with Torn in Astonishing.


The really annoying development after Morrison’s X-men was how Claremont handled Magneto in Excalibur.

He basically didn’t like how Morrison dealt with the character as a total villain, so wrote a sympathetic Magneto in Excalibur and Austen ended up retconning Magneto to be Xorn, and then introduced Xorns twin, also called Xorn.

It wasn’t so much the writers as it was an editorial cluster-fuck. A good editor would have told Claremont he couldn’t use Magneto, and a good editor would have told Austen not to give Xorn a twin or retcon him.


And then Bendis cleaned up the fallout in a New Avengers arc right? Before Civil War made all of the heroes forget all of the villains.


Yeah I think he did do something with it - with some super mutant that ended up turning into Mimic or Omega or something.

It 2003-2004 was a pretty bad time for Marvel - mostly because the Ultimate Universe was becoming so successful and there was all these huge editorial changeovers and the general mentality was to let the writers edit themselves, because they were auteurs.

That’s fine, but you still have to respect continuity and not just do anything you want. Mark Waid really should have been in charge of Marvel at that point.


Are you opposed to digital? I find Marvel Unlimited is great value, all told. It doesn’t have every Marvel book but the vast majority of Uncanny is there.


Neither did I.


Didn’t Stan Lee write Magneto as a total villain?


Well - how come YOU didn’t write a comic completely ignoring continuity then? Huh?


My real name is Chuck Beckum.



So Tripping the Rift huh?

That was… such a great show.


I didn’t care much for Astonishing X-Men either,


I can immediately see a problem there. If you’re going to call X-Men 94 onwards “volume 1”, how do you label the original X-Men? Volumes minus 2, minus 1 and zero?

Marvel numbering being stupid again. I’m not sure why I’m even surprised any more :rolling_eyes:


No, no, Jack Kirby did that. Stan Lee just took the credit.


Simple - prior to issue 94, the book was called The X-Men. It was renamed X-Men when it came back from hiatus after Giant-Sized X-Men 1, though they were referred to as the Uncanny X-Men in the introduction text at the start of each issue. The title changed to The Uncanny X-Men with issue 114.

As a result, Marvel Masterworks collections for 1-66 (because 67-93 were reprints) were called The X-Men volumes 1-6, while the collections for Giant Size X-Men 1, X-Men 94-113, and Uncanny 114-140 were Uncanny X-Men 1-5.

The naming convention has more or less continued with subsequent collections.