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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


Coming October, courtesy of Amazon-fishing:

Been a big Marvel update, so loads of other stuff going towards the end of the year including a reprint of Simonson’s Thor Omnibus!


Amazon are doing the new Tokyo Ghost deluxe HC for £21.75, which doesn’t seem like a bad price:


I might give the Simonson Thor omnibus another shot. I presume it will still be the same (revised) colouring, which is a shame but not the end of the world.


That is pretty decent, they must have dropped the price down - wonder what else they did that on Time to find out!


They’re really going all out on Thor and Hulk stuff to tie in with Ragnarok. Complete Collections for both recent Hulk runs (Waid and Aaron), reprints of Simonson in two different formats, various Omnibuses.

I am surprised they’re reprinting the first trade of Simonson’s Thor as is, rather than doing it as an Epic Collection. I guess they want the name value, which suggests Ragnarok is going to owe heavily to Simonson’s run.

Interesting Dr Strange Epic coming as well.


One for the art book lovers out there.


I’ve been looking out for this one.

FP have it for £22.43 at the moment:

But SpeedyHen’s listing shows £18.50, although it’s not available to order yet:


Does Matt have a huge boner on the cover!?



That’s a matter that should remain between him and Alex Ross.


$125 :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream_cat: OMG even my cat is screaming :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:


That’s the same as the others.

Hopefully, there’ll be an FP offer for it at the lower, but still wallet-busting, price of £66 + £1 postage, at some point.

EDIT: Also, these are low print run items that are going to skyrocket in price once they’ve gone out of print.


Dealer Alert

@davidm For a time I considered sparing your little wallet, but now, you shall witness its obliteration, for you have no defence against these offers:

40% off, £66 + £1 postage

40% off, £40.79 + £1 postage

EDIT: Also:

40% off £21.59 + £1 postage, currently undercut by SpeedyHen to the degree of about £1.30


After saying I was going to cancel the Transformers partworks, I completely forgot to do it and as a consequence issues 5 and 6 arrived today. Woo hoo, more incorrect spline alignments.


Why do issue 5 and 6 say 37 and 29?


They release the books out of order, partly to encourage you to buy them all and fill the gaps. :slight_smile:


Yeah,the numbers are correct but the alignment of them and the size of the black background are different. Absolute shambles.


The Legion sounds tempting…

@Davidm …Your thoughts? Is it worth my hard earned cash?


Indeed, 'tis a cunning plan.


“Liked” for the Unicron paraphrase.


Heh, someone had to pick up on it, but it also worked so well for David with those two particular items.