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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


Dealer Alert

While the preorder for Revival OHC4 has just gone active on SH, Image’s site say it won’t be out until 31 May.

Might be worth doing just to see if SH honour a replacement order due to expiry at the lower price, as it going for £18.92!


Of the 5 IDW Artist’s Editions I ordered from the fire sale/glitch on amazon, 4 were cancelled and the Al Williamson Empire Strikes Back book is the only one that arrived. Better than nothing. My friend ordered 17 and got 6.


Ah well, better than nothing I guess. Was that one that you wanted, or is it just to sell on?


If I was going to keep any of them that was probably the one.


Good, goood.

More seriously, Williamson is one of the greats, so seeing that work would be something.


The Comic Book Daily review effusively praised the Williamson book:


I don’t know, you wait ages for a Daredevil Omnibus and then two come along in the same week.


£24.99 in the U.K. Which is bollocks


So if I order from the US the shipping is under $7 to uk, which means just over $22 for the book - which I’m assuming after conversation will be about £18 - 20 so still a worthwhile discount…


I’m not sure why the price dropped so much in the US. It was closer to $20 before. I jumped on it while I could.


SH have it for £16.20, preorder not yet active!




It’s also £19.08 at FP at the moment, in case SH bump their price up.


They did have it on 40% off a week or two back.


Don’t make Chris feel worse about this!


Hey, I posted da link, come on, I can’t force you lot to take 'em up.

For myself, I’m ambivalent about this collection as everything I’ve heard says the first one is excellent, then the rest of it kind of parallels Miller’s career.


I’ve got them all in singles, but they are spread between my loft here and a cupboard in my mums house - I’m trying to stop spending money on stuff I don’t really need - but at the same time I want this for my Frank Miller area of the bookshelves


Sam and Twitch OHC1-2

This is sort of @Matthew1’s fault and that Shelf Porn thread he started as these volumes were on one of the shelves and they looked kind of nice. Still, buying a pair of OHCs because they look nice? That’s too big a gamble even for me so I went looking for info, found an Amazon preview of the first volume and found myself reading it and really liking it, that was enough. Oh and did I mention that it’s by Bendis? Yeah, that Bendis.

Bendis gets a huge amount of flak these days. Nor is it entirely undeserved as I’ve found his work of recent years - Ultimate Spidey with Miles Morales / X-Men - to be unfulfilling. It’s not bad as such, but it lacks direction - I got to the end of the pre-Secret Wars Miles run and the story is just left hanging, as if no one cared about it anymore. X-Men? Came to be similar. Which, reading this much earlier work from 1999-2004 is a damn shame because this was excellent.

One of the things I enjoyed in the preview and the book itself is the dialogue, that style that could be dubbed the Bendis-flow. It’s easily one of his trademarks but it works far better on crime stories like this than superheroes. At the same time the choice of art emphasises the sheer fucked-up nature of Sam and Twitch’s lives, the cases they have to deal with in a hellish environment. (Later it looks like there might be a change in that, don’t count on it, the normal rules reassert themselves with a vengeance.) There’s art from Maleev in OHC2 as well.

The stories? Bendis does three arcs, McFarlane takes point on the last one, likely as by that time Bendis was likely occupied with the Ultimateverse. They are effective tales of crime and mystery, violence and murder and reading it really shows why it’s a shame Bendis hasn’t done more of this, as he’s very good at it.

There’s also some really smart use of lettering - with different styles being used to indicate the characters and, it’s often white-on-black, which only adds to the sense of noir atmosphere hanging over the stories.

Did I know or care that these characters were part of McFarlene’s Spawn? Not really, but after reading those preview pages, it ceased to be an issue. I nabbed both of the OHCs for just over £18, covering a 26-issue, 19 of them by Bendis. Yeah, I got my money’s worth on this one, definitely a worthwhile buy and very good read.


Dealer Alert

A couple of SH pre-orders have gone active:

Hellboy: Into The Silent Sea - £9.82

World of Tanks - £10.84

Will they stay at these prices? These days, who knows?

EDIT: Finally read this tonight:

Ninjak OHC1

This was a fun read, with an opening 2-arc epic of international espionage, government agencies, black market weaponeering and the most fucked-up version of a Bruce Wayne origin going. The third arc collected here was a standalone tale involving the deadside, Valiant’s very messed-up afterlife, which allowed them to both weave in a mention of Dr Mirage and the quite wonderfully demented concept of demon barristers.

Valiant’s superhero line continues to be excellent entertainment. No, it’s not that innovative, but they do manage to use familiar ingredients in new ways and they do tend to assemble excellent cooking crews.

Presentation is very nice too, with this, like the other volumes, being very akin to how Marvel’s OHCs were a decade ago.

Well worth reading, next on the Valiant OHCs is my newly-arrived-this-weekend-copy of Faith.


I got the first arc of Faith’s ongoing in a Humble Bundle a couple of weeks ago, it’s really good!


FWIW, i just discovered this title on Comixology Unlimited, too. Great stuff.