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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


Yeah I think the Metabaron book looks really good


It is, but ensure you read the Metabarons before moving onto the others: Weapons Of, Genesis, The Metabaron.


So, even though Amazon has confirmed they have dispatched all five IDW Artist’s Editions on 28th Feb, I received two emails this morning saying that two books are out of stock and refunds are being processed. I wonder if I’ll get any books!


It’s often the way with those kinds of glitches, but it’s always worth a try at least. The worst that happens is you get a refund.


Another refund email! A bit naughty that they sent a confirmation email the items had been dispatched when they clearly haven’t.


Especially given that Amazon own The Book Depository!


We’ve talked before about how baffling it can be to try and follow a given character or series from the Big Two in trade, given that their books often aren’t sequentially numbered and there often isn’t an obvious follow-on from one series to the next. So it’s nice to see Marvel at least trying to offer some guidance to readers with this initiative:

The books will feature pages like this, to tell readers what order to follow:

Although I still feel that actually numbering the books sequentially would still be preferable. :smile:


If I’d just bought the book pictured on the bottom right (which appears to be called Black Widow Vol. 1), I’d be quite annoyed to open it to that page and see the “start here” flag on a completely different book :smiley:

I’m glad they’re making some effort, but as you say, what’s wrong with just using sequential numbers?


To be fair, I think you could start with the Waid/Samnee book and not be lost as long as you know a bit about the character. I picked up the first issue of that series and didn’t feel like I was missing much. If I didn’t keep my pull list so paired down, I would have probably stuck with it.


I like the idea of a volume 1 at the start of a creator’s run. So searching for Widow Waid/Samnee Vol. 1 should be pretty simple.
The problems come when they get a second volume 1, as has happened with Aaron’s Thor like three times now? If it’s the same guy writing the book then just keep the same numbering.


They’ve had rough timelines of available trades on the inside covers of trades for a while now.


That Daredevil run is slightly more straightforward though, in that (even though the trades jump around in numbering a bit - two unnumbered trades followed by Bendis/Maleev 1-3, followed by Brubaker 1-2, followed by another Brubaker 1), the series ran from #1 to over #100 - so if the contents are shown clearly it’s easy enough to put together the order. (Although even that listing manages to be a bit confusing with duplicating a bunch of issues between those Ultimate Collections and omnibuses.)

With Marvel’s more recent stuff, the reboots and renumberings are so regular that even that’s not possible. You’ll have several collections with issue #1s at the start and you’ll need a guide to know which comes first.


Is the earlier run at all necessary to read the Waid/Samnee series? I want that, but have no interest in reading the Edmondson run (though I do love Noto’s art).


I didn’t read Edmondson’s run and I got into the Waid run with no problems.


No. And it is great.

It is Waid and Samnee doing a Bond movie on paper (in terms of scale).


Completely unrelated. I got my copy of the Empress Hc through the post today. I am double dipping, but I never felt that digital did the artwork justice.

I am going to throw it out there that the book is great. I know that there were dedicated threads for this when it came out, but it is great.

I just wanted to say a word about the production values. I don’t know how this works with the Millarworld stuff through Icon, but with quality paper, slightly matt finish dust jacket, the book oozes quality from the moment you unwrap it.


I was wary too, as it’s Icon, not Image, but it is a nicely done book, think it’s better than usual in Icon terms.


That was just the first example that came to hand (and weirdly it’s not even in a Daredevil trade but Shadowland: T-Bolts) but that format of reading list was used all over the line for a while.


The Life and Times of Martha Washington in the Twenty-first Century hardcover is currently $15.59 (48% off) for preorder on Amazon.


The postman seemed sooooo happy to see that I was in to take the parcel off him today. I’m not sure why…

Poor bloke. I don;t know why they didn’t send it in a van :smiley:

Thanks to @DaveWallace for the Abebooks discount tip :slight_smile:


Hope you enjoy it! Some of those early issues have cleaned up nicely (I had only ever read them in an old Masterworks before, and I think they’ve been ‘remastered’ again since then). The Wally Wood stuff in particular looks really nice.

Is it just me, or is there a slight Frank Miller quality to some of Wood’s DD stuff? I wonder if Miller drew some inspiration there.