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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


More Stan Lee revisionism. Now he’s the sole credited creator of the Golden Age Captain America :smiley:

Jack who? :confused:


To be fair most online credits are pathetic. I’m not sure where that one is from but even Marvel’s own site and Comixology most often credit the editor or cover artist on the main page. It’s very frustrating.


I hate it when they don’t credit the cover artist at all, but yeah most of the time they are garbage.


Joe who? :frowning:


Yes exactly. If you drill down they tend to credit mostly correctly but on first glance they most often use the editor. So you get X-Men#192 by Ann Nocenti, when in fact Chris Claremont wrote it and it gets added confusion as Nocenti is a noted writer herself (same for Jim Shooter, Archie Goodwin, Denny O’Neil etc).


Dealer Alert

The Empire has just slashed the price on the Shang-Chi Omnibus 3 to £67.93!

I can just about justify that when the RRP is £110!


I agree it’s a good price, but still it’s taken me by surprise a bit how suddenly these kinds of books have got so expensive. The inflated prices in the past six months or so have led to me buying far fewer of these big omnibus books (which is probably a good thing)!


Same here.

I’ve gotten really lucky on some of them on Amazon, or I’ve bagged a 40% off FP offer, but nonetheless, despite the relative success of that twin strategy, my buying of the deluxe hardbacks is going one way - down!

Where before I’d look at a series and wait for OHC, I’m now more likely to be paperback only.

(One exception is the IDW Transformer OHCs as they tend to be 3 trades to OHC, so it works out about £10 per trade, on a £30 OHC.)

At the same time, the paperbacks have also gone up in price! The only solution is really: Buy less!


Coincidentally, this arrived today.

Look at all those issues - 43 of them!


43? That’s almost half as much again as the FF, Spidey, etc. books. How do they fit that much content in? Daredevil was a full-length story in the comics, wasn’t it?


They use thinner paper now than they did in the early days of the omnibus line, which is part of it.

I think the binding processes have improved too - this volume opens up really nicely (despite the high page count) but is very sturdy too. I think that allows them to fit more issues in.


You can see from this comparison picture (not mine) between an earlier and later printing of the first ASM omnibus how much the new production techniques make a difference to the size of the book:


Dealer Alert

For anyone wanting to try and get the limited edition hardback:

£49.67 + £1 postage is a good deal for what is a top quality hardback, signed and numbered 1,500 copies only - but also you’ll be paying for FP’s ability to get copies of it!

EDIT: Also Image trades for August 2017 have turned up on Amazon, of note for me are:

  • Think Tank Volume 5
  • Kill or Be Killed Volume 2


Dude Butcher Baker is one of my favorite Hardcovers. The art style is unlike ANY OTHER you will see


Each panel has a style all its own


I want to start The Incal. Any other good Mobius books?


Give The World of Edena a try.


The Incal is good. I agree with Ben on World of Edena. Dark Horse has acquired the rights to print some of Moebius’ work that has been out of print in English for some time. So we’ll see more as time goes.

I would also recommend some of Jodorowsky’s work like The Metabaron, Weapons of the Metabaron and The Metabaron: Book 1 - The Techno Admiral & The Anti-Baron. They’re big, European style comics with some great artwork and interesting stories. The main Metabaron book is basically most of the material Jodorowsky would have used for his Dune film repurposed into a comic.


Yeah, listen to Ronnie, you HAVE to go for Metabarons. Not least as the new series comes in the big hardback format you’re now hooked on Josh.


The Weapons of the Metabarons book I have is the oversized French version that is the same size.