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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


They were in my LCS last week and I flipped through them. The lettering doesn’t look quite right to me, but I’m so used to the Studio Proteus versions it could just be the change in font is jarring for me. They look gorgeous though. I might wait for the paperbacks just because I have GitS and GitS 2 at least once each already, but I never managed to get 1.5.

On the back cover thing, I think they’re the covers as they originally appeared in Japan. I’d need to dig out my copy of Intron Depot 1 to double-check, but the back of GitS looked like what I remember from it.


Has the new deluxe edition still been altered to remove the sex scene? I’ve seen conflicting reports but it seems like it’s the new version that cuts out those two pages early in the book and alters that first ‘R&R’ panel.

I’m tempted to upgrade to the new version even so.


Yeah, the sex scene on the boat is not in the new edition. The second edition Dark Horse did is the only English one that includes it (though it is also reproduced in Intron Depot 1).

It’s worth noting that Shirow willingly redrew the scene to remove the graphic sex sequence (and change Batou’s dialogue on the following page), so the censored version is technically the author’s preferred edition. Even if Shiro’s career for the past 15 years has basically been publishing pornographic trading cards in between random design jobs and cashing royalty cheques from the Appleseed and Ghost in the Shell Anime adaptations.


Yeah, I’ll still hang on to the unaltered version either way (that Dark Horse version must be the one I have), but I fancy having it in the right-to-left format with the original effects.

The subject of the author’s preferred text is an interesting one. In cases like this I tend to think that it’s interesting to see both versions (or all versions, depending on how many iterations there are - hello, George Lucas!) of something to get a sense for how the author’s intentions have changed over time. It’s something I’ve been very conscious of at the moment as I’m still reading The Hobbit with my daughter at bedtime, and about a week ago we read through Riddles in the Dark, which is of course significantly altered from the original (largely to fit better with what comes later in LotR). It’s one of the occasions when I actually prefer the revised version.


Yeah, it’s like Lorcan says. Kodansha are marketing this as the definitive edition, with input from Shirow, and his preference seems to be with the scene removed.


I think Shirow actually comments on the art change in Intron Depot 1, I’ll try and dig out my copy tonight and see what it says.


These have just been dispatched by Amazon. I’m no fan of big books but at the prices I couldn’t say no. I’ll likely put them straight on ebay!


Wow, BD are having a fire sale!


I’m interested in that Spirit book, and probably would have gone for it at that price.


I thought it was a glitch as the prices went back up within one day. I expected the order to be cancelled to be honest but just had the ‘shipping confirmation’ email.


[quote=“BobbyS, post:2673, topic:4923, full:true”]
I thought it was a glitch as the prices went back up within one day.[/quote]
You should have posted them here before they went back up! :slight_smile:


True, he should have - despatch the Trade Thread equivalent of the SJS! Alternatively the DJD will work too.



I’m not seeing much on their homepage.


I was referring to Bobby’s image - it appears to have been a very fast, blink and you’ll miss it affair.

EDIT: BD are quite odd in that you can get some real bargains on their Amazon Marketplace which never appear on their main site.


[quote=“DaveWallace, post:2674, topic:4923, full:true”]

My buddy found the deal and placed quite a large order. He actually asked me not to spread it around to reduce the chance of them catching the glitch if in fact it was a glitch. Otherwise I would have put the info up here :slight_smile:


The Metabaron: Book 1 - The Techno Admiral & The Anti-Baron - This was another great tale of the universe’s greatest warrior, The Metabaron. Though this volume spends more time on the villains than our hero, it is a fun read. I have a pretty big soft spot for the Jodoverse, mostly because the artistic talent that it attracts. In that respect, this volume rivals the Travis Charest penned Weapons of the Metabaron. I’m also a sucker for the BD format. I’m glad that Humanoids has started publishing their books in this large format in English in the US. The art is really gorgeous and the volumes are just so well made. They even have a bound in bookmark. I would really like to see DC, Marvel or Millarworld give something like this a try maybe with some of the slower artists that would not be able to finish a monthly series.


Told ya!

The next one is great too, haven’t yet seen a release date for book 3 of the quartet.


I’m looking forward to the second book. Amazon says March 14th for the release date. I love Niko Henrichon too. Noah that he did with Darren Aronofsky is one of my all time favorites.

The odd thing is it looks like Jodorowsky is only plotting these books as he’s only credited with “Story”. It appears that Jerry Frissen is the one actually writing them.


Yeah, I noticed that, but I put it down to the likelihood that Jodorowsky might need help on these now, he is 88.


You’ve possibly seen his stuff in 2000AD under the name Jamie Ortiz. He was doing a fair bit back in the mid-80s. I’m pretty sure it’s the same guy, though I’m not sure why he would change his name.

Edit: never mind, Gar beat me by about 4 days :smiley: