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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


When you’re heart finally decides to give out and you shuffle off this mortal coil, what better thing to leave your family than an amazing trade paperback collection?

Yeah, that dude is leaving someone an amazing present.

And who could resist the amazing Eaglemoss collections?

This thread is all about the art of buying graphic novels, trade paperbacks, hardcovers, and omnibuses. Share your newest purchases and any recent deals you may have found on or offline.

What price comic books? We're not made of money!
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Comics - Everyone Else (NOT Marvel / DC)
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Comics - Everyone Else (NOT Marvel / DC)
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What non-comics are you reading these days?
What non-comics are you reading these days?
The Trades Thread - Comic collections, Paperbacks, Hardbacks, Bargains etc

Let’s discount the collection for a moment. Let’s agree that it is impressive. Let’s agree that the various piece of Thing paraphenalia and art are equally impressive. However it is blowing my mind that this person has an armchair that looks like Thing.


It’s slouchin’ time!


Well, I was curious as to how many posts that initial thread was going to be allowed to rack up. +2600 was quite a run!

The Trades Thread is dead! Long live the Trades Thread!

And yeah, that is quite the photo.


@MHWilliams went on quite the thread-killing spree, the old Images thread (which was getting close to 5,000) has also met its end. :slight_smile:

But you can’t keep a good thread down.


Well, given the first version lasted 10x as long as any of its predecessors on the old boards, it did good. (Can well appreciate the logic in closing a big thread, less data to hold and so on.)


You might get a few more readers in the short term, but rebooting with a new post #1 isn’t good for the thread industry in the long term :wink:


Yep, I know there was talk of ‘infinite threads’ when the board first relaunched but I can appreciate the logic in tying the larger ones off every now and again (not least to make them more accessible to newcomers).

Anyway, all these posts and no talk of new books yet! My copy of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Gallery Edition should be arriving today and I can’t wait to open it. I haven’t seen much Kevin O’Neill original art before, but given how detailed and intricate it is I expect to be poring over this book for a long time.


It’s also less daunting if your a newbie or haven’t read the thread in a while.


Yeah, I quipped something to that effect over in one of the other threads.

Meadows, don’t tell it to me, tell it to da Mod Squad!


I’ve been reading Fraction’s** Thor** run over the last few days. World Eaters was okay and has great Pasqual Ferry art although I felt overall it was a little bit light on story. Then came Mighty Thor vol 1 & 2 which were excellent. Coipel is one of my favourite artists and this is easily his best ever work. Fraction manages to make Thor a real badass who is fearless in going up against Galactus and at the same time shows that he’s a bit gullible and also that he likes a bit of rumpy pumpy with the lovely Sif. Vol 2 features Tanarus, son of Odin as the world seems to have forgotten Thor. It’s fairly obvious storytelling with not many twits or turns but Loki gets to shine and I realy enjoyed it.

For me, this is far better than Aaron’s God Butcher arc that I tried a while ago which did nothing for me.


Did you ever read Fraction’s Ages of Thunder trilogy Bobby? I thought it was a great take on the character with some fantastic art from Patrick Zircher.


I enjoyed those books. I never thought that Fraction’s run on the main book ever lived up to that. He went in a different, more Scifi direction with it.


Good shout Dave. I will check them out.


I didn’t post in the trades thread for months until a day or 2 ago, I thought maybe I killed it! :wink:


Let’s be honest. When we knock off, our families are going to curse us for having to deal with all of our crap. :wink:


Look at the Secret Invasion mini too. It has great Braithwaite art.

EDIT: And now onto reviews…

Green Arrow: The Deluxe Edition

This actually does feel like a deluxe for a change from DC, as what they sling the term ‘deluxe’ on varies quite a bit. Paper could be thicker but it is glossy and binding means the book opens flat fairly easily. Extras are a Millar intro and sketches, covers and so forth.

Reading this, it’s no surprise that Marvel went and hoovered up both Lemire and Sorrentino. They work really well together on this. Also, what’s fun for me is I haven’t read much of Lemire’s work, so I don’t know his tricks, so lots of surprises. What impresses most about the run is that it is that most rare of things in the Big Two titles - a self-contained epic. It starts, develops, has a midway high point then a finale. It has consistent art across the issues, combined with inspired colouring. It well deserves its reputation.

The Future’s End issue makes for a neat epilogue too. I really couldn’t care less about the mess that was that event, but the issue that Lemire went and finished off with was actually a logical extrapolation of Oliver Queen’s tomorrow would look like.

What really makes the overall package work is that you don’t need to have ever read the character, it does all that groundwork for the reader - quite subtly too I might add. And then it just runs seamlessly all the way to the end. Want a superhero epic? Get this.

The Borgias

The title should be ample warning to the purchaser, this is not going to be pretty!

More so than any other writer, Jodorowsky really does push it. It’s easy to think you’ve seen it all, that every atrocity possible under the heading of ‘mature readers only’ could render a reader immune to shock. Don’t count on it! There are numerous such sequences here and each never fails to punch through whatever shields of world-weary indifference a reader may have put up. Without Manara’s watercolour art, they would lack such an impact, but they have it. Impalement, rape, murder, infanticide, bloody assaults, blackmail, torture - it’s all here… And yet, you couldn’t say it wasn’t of the era, there’s a horrible plausibility to how the two creators spin this tale.

The scant satisfaction for the reader is, in the end, seeing how the Borgias rise - then fall! For it is a fall every bit as vicious as their rise, so entirely fitting. Yet there are no happy endings here, just as one bastard Pope died so Borgia could become Pope, so too does Borgia’s death enable Della Rovere to become the next bastard Pope. It’s quite clear that the Catholic Church is portrayed as beyond redemption and irrevocably corrupt. Too harsh? Given what the tale depicts, not really.

It was also interesting for me as I haven’t seen much of Manara’s art. One conclusion I’d draw from reading the Borgias is that he isn’t really suited to superheroes. Taking the adult sensibility he displays here and transferring that to superhero costumes is just asking for trouble. On something like this? It’s incredibly clever stuff depicting easily the most dysfunctional and psychopathic family going in every respect.

It’ll be no surprise to anyone that the book itself is a lovely hardback, excellently bound and with thick paper to really show off the art. It also has a great set of introductory text pieces too.

So, not for the faint of heart, but if you think you can handle it, this is one hell of a read.


The Fall of the House of West - This was pretty good despite going pretty dark. The art is pretty good and mimics the style Paul Pope set out for this world. The story was good with it’s twists and turns. I won’t spoil what makes it so dark as that is the primary drive of the book. I enjoyed it but my primary takeaway that I wish the second volume of Battling Boy was out.


So the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Gallery Edition arrived today as expected. It’s another one of these great original-art reproduction books, which provides facsimiles of the original pages at full size. Here it is (with a couple of Blu-Rays for scale):

Even from just a quick flick through tonight I’ve gained new appreciation for O’Neill’s art, whether it’s intricate single pages like this:

Or more showy images, like these two really impressive splashpages from towards the end of the story:

Thankfully this is one of those books that presents the entire story, too, so it can be read as a proper story at the same time as you pore over the artwork (unlike some of the IDW ‘artifact editions’ that only give you a selection of random pages).

And to cap it all off there are several extra pieces at the end that include variant covers, additional art from the TPBs and Absolute edition, and O’Neill’s spot illustrations from the back-up text stories:

All in all it’s an impressive volume with great production values (especially the nice thick paper) that I’m looking forward to exploring in full, and it gives me a lot of confidence for the DKR Gallery Edition that’s coming out in a couple of months. I can’t wait for that one.


Dammit Wallace, you don’t peel those annoying Ultraviolet stickers off of your blu-ray covers? :rage: