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The Trades Thread - Comic collections, Paperbacks, Hardbacks, Bargains etc

Well, now I feel really old.


I finished the second OHC of Posehn and Duggan’s Deadpool today. Great fun, but also with brains and heart (figuratively and literally) I love that they got away with having Scott Adsit as a recurring character. Coulson turning up is still a bit weird (especially when he’s described as a “SHIELD legend”) but he fits in well.

One weird (stupid) thing is the Marvel AR stuff. I generally ignore it, as when I tried the app first time around it just didn’t work, but there’s an index of features at the back and some of the sound moderately interesting. So I redownloaded the app, at which point I actually read the instructions on the page: all the content’s been archived and is now only on the website, not the app. So what’s the point keeping all the intrusive AR logos in the comic?


Samurai: The Heart of the Prophet

Collecting the first four albums of this European series, this is a well presented hardback and has a reasonably complete story too, though there are further volumes.

Given how erratic Titan have been in issuing this material generally it’s hard to say when or if those will become available. There is a date of end of July for the fifth volume, hopefully they’ll issue it as without a steady supply of volumes it won’t get noticed.

Does it deserve to be? Yes, it does. A tale of samurai, ambition and demons, it’s presented in the detailed art style that European comics tend to be known for. Also, in the fourth album there is a truly stunning 3-page splash of armies clashing that is quite amazing to look at.

It’s weaknesses tend to be with some less than great characters - Kinu is an example - and it teases mysteries, likely answered in later volumes. Still, if you accept this is but an opening arc, it’s a very good read.

Universal War One: Collected Edition

A six-album epic, this has to be one of the most mind-bending time travel trip tales that I’ve ever read.

More impressive is that it manages to make all the time stuff coherent, each chapter building on the next with a quite dazzling amount of realised ambition. Each chapter packs in an awful lot too.

It’s also one of those stories where it is best read knowing little of where it will take you, be assured it’s quite a ride. Art is excellent across the collection too.

I have to admit I wondered if Titan were ever going to publish this as it kept getting bumped. The back cover says there will be a Universal War Two Volume 1 out soon, but I’m sceptical. Also, even if they did release it, I’m not sure how well it’d work on its own. One of the biggest strengths of this edition is you can read it all in one big session.

If you’re after a sci-fi epic - get this.

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Hellboy: Seed of Destruction, very cool book! I’m glad there are lots of trades to carry the story forward, I really like the films but was disappointed they didn’t continue them. The two short stories at the back were a nice bonus, I thought I was done but had another 8 pages to read! I’ll definitely be getting the next trade. :sunglasses: :thumbsup:
Sex Criminals 2: It was good, but not as good as the 1st one. (that’s what she said :wink: ) The story seemed to move a bit slow, I haven’t decided if I’ll get the next one or not.
I have Preacher sitting on the desk, but my daughter has American Vampire 6 & 7 and 1-8 of The Walking Dead waiting for me, decision time!


The great thing about the early Hellboy books is that the mostly stand alone, while sort of connecting over time. In any case they’re really good. Enjoy.


Preacher’s great, but American Vampire just has the edge on it.

Re: Hellboy, don’t overlook BPRD. Also take a look at the Library editions, big books at a bargain price.


I just noticed Sex Criminals 3 doesn’t come out until May, so I have some time to decide on it. I’ll likely start American Vampire 6 tonight and save Preacher until I get through both books of AV. Any thoughts on TWD? Zombies aren’t really my thing but I was surprised I liked the TV show, and my daughter really wants me to read them just so we can discuss them.

I read the first 5 volumes or thereabouts. I gave up. I just found it far too bleak and I don’t think that Robert Kirkman is a good enough writer to make it work. Not my cup of lapsang suchong at all I’m afraid.


26th Dredd Complete Case Files done. Nothing overly stand out about it. Entertaining hotdog run out into the Cyrsed Earth with some nice Trevor Hairsine and Henry Flint art. Lots of silly shorts too. The story Fetish from the Megazine was a low point in the volume. The painted artwork from Siku is frankly ugly in places and hard to follow in terms of storytelling. Lots of it is overly dark too which compounds the problem.

Walking Dead isn’t really about the zombies.

It’s generally pretty good until you notice Kirkman is running variations on the same pattern.


Thanks for the review, Ben. I’ve considered picking up Universal War One before because it sounded interesting but hadn’t heard anything about it. It’s definitely on my list now.

It’s a big book and a big read, but well worth it.

The listing I read said 288 pages? Is it the right one?

Thanks guys, I’ll put TWD under Preacher in the stack.

Yep, it’s 288 packed pages in a big OHC. You’ll get your money’s worth on this one.

Has a very sharp critique of western society too.

EDIT: Found this online about the sequel:

In March 2008 The author has planned three rounds of six episodes of Universal War and has already prepared the second cycle:

"Make six volumes of UW2 is leaving for six years of work. A sacred piece of life. And I confess that the idea of permanently lock me in the Science Fiction scared me. So I, even before the end of the fifth volume of UW1, started thinking. Should not I had entrusted the drawing to another? I have, twice, did a test with two brilliant artists. Both times it was very good. Both times, it was not, however, Universal War … Seeing their tests, I realized that reproach me all the time that change. By doing everything alone since the beginning of UW1 I scored very highly of my mark my series, and no one now can address them. Too bad … or good: when I will UW2, it will be because I feel like it … " Denis Bajram

The author then reported on the official website of Universal War One he had signed with Casterman to achieve Universal War Two. On January 23, 2013 he announced the release of the first volume for September 23 The trailer of UW2 is available from 22 September 2013

The Universal War Two history must develop through six albums following:

Desert Time ( September 2013 46 boards, ISBN 978-2-203-05862-0)
Promised Land ( September 2014 46 boards, ISBN 978-2-203-07936-6)
Exodus ( March 2016 46 boards, ISBN 978-2-203-09154-2)
The Fall of the Temple (forthcoming)
The Prophets (forthcoming)
The inscription on the wall (forthcoming) 

So best to consider the first it, as it’ll be years before the next one is available completely, if it ever all gets translated even.

That and the first series makes a strong argument for reading only when complete.


My copy of the second Fatale deluxe HC arrived today. I’m getting a nice little collection of Brubaker/Phillips HCs now.

Hopefully we’ll see The Fade Out get collected in the same format.


I hope so, I mean it’d look so good with the others wouldn’t it?

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