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Omega Supreme and Countdown



Jetfire has a feature where deluxe-sized toys can attach to him to simulate scenes in the cartoons where he carried members of the Autobots externally as he flew, and omega supreme comes with 6 weapon effects like the ones the battle masters have. It’s possible all six are stacked as a single big one in the test shot of robot mode

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These BW Masterpieces break my heart. They look so good, but they’re so damn expensive (Dinobot was like $300) that I can never afford any of them (I somehow managed to get the Primal they did first, but nothing since). And they never get KOed to a reasonable price like the other Masterpieces.



Courtesy of Reddit:



STE GE Cybertron Optimus/Galaxy Convoy

Red Alert



Definitely going to get Red Alert and Thundercracker.

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I might get Springer. I wish they wouldn’t do that silly battle damage effect paint scheme though.



The japanese ones don’t have that apparently.

That springer and Prime are defo on my pickup list.
Loving red alerts AXE



Have you seen it in person? It works pretty well IMO

The axe looks like Prowl’s weapon, held by the barrel. Interesting to see if they’re mixing weapons or if it’s a placeholder.

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Now this I will definitely try and get!



That’s fantastic.

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These are amazing!



Some STE GE photos from Toy Fair

Video detailing Jetfire’s features

If you don’t want to watch 5 minutes of video, key points are:

  • There’s a trapdoor in his backpack which open as you fold up the chest and hides the head seamlessly.
    *The plane mode cockpit opens up, and you can remove the panel inside to make space that a Titan or Prime Master can sit in.
  • The fingers are poseable, and a 5mm hole flips out when you close them up
  • The faction logo on his non-armoured chest flips around to reveal an Autobot or Decepticon insignia.
  • The helmet for his armoured mode is concealed in his armour chestplate
  • He comes with 6 weapon effects that can be stacked together or used separately.
  • there are 4 handles on the undercarriage of his jet that can be folded down to have other characters hang out of


Jetfire looks awesome.

I’m really impressed with Omega Supreme. He looks fantastic.

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If you were insane enough to but multiple Omegas Supreme you can connect up the tracks to make a quote-unquote superhighway. And it looks like the connection points can connect up with the ramps from Titans Return Blaster, Soundwave, Fortress Maximus and Trypticon. So you can make a big city space, if you have the room.


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Liked for the use of “Omegas Supreme” :wink:



The comic looks like it might be fun as well!



Omega Supreme details across the first 5-6 minutes of the video (the back half is talking through the details of Jetfire similar to the video above)

  • The tank section is clamped in place by the Yellow segments on either side of his chest, lift them and the tank slides out
  • The tank has a ramp that opens up to reveal space for Micromasters
  • He comes with 6 stackable weapon effects like Jetfires, but his have a smoky finish
  • The track segments are wide enough to accommodate two Micromasters side by side
  • The track segments can be configured in a loop or an S-shape, and can be expanded via the base-mode Titans Return toys or other Omega Supreme figures (he said Guardians, so it might be in the realms of possibility that there’s going to be a repaint, especially given they’re doing that web exclusive Generations thing)
    *The rocket has a cockpit for a Micromaster
    *The tank, rocket and base/gantry are one piece each. It’s not like the G1 figure where you removed the arms and clamped them together to make the rocket, and removed and disassembled the legs to make the gantry. You separate the three parts, transform them and done.
    *He’s got a goddamn waist swivel. I have Deluxes that don’t have a waist swivel!


Thought @Lorcan_Nagle and @Mark_Hall would like this. It’s building a Gundam kit - in a way.