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Is he returning to his home planet?


I’m 99% sure it’s a knockoff, the packaging looks to be based on two Japanese box sets - a 1985 Convoy vs Megatron one that had the pair in tobot mode behind clear plastic, and a 1986 box containing Prime, Red Alert and mirage that tied into the movie, and had GOOD BYE CONVOY written on the box in the same font as here.

(Plus, those aren’t the Aciton Master Prime and Megatron, they look like someone took the GI Joe figure engineering and made custom molds)


It’s a nice box set. That would sell like hot cakes.


Hasbro have done things like that for con exclusives in the past. There was a whole range of GI Joe figures with vehicles reworked to resemble Transformers - they ranged from making a brand new bike as Lightspeed through repainting that one jeep as Hound, and making a pod that fit on the back of a Skystriker to do Jetfire.

Harmony Gold tried to sue them for that last one. Didn’t end well.


STE GE Sixgun




And it transforms into?