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Is he returning to his home planet?


I’m 99% sure it’s a knockoff, the packaging looks to be based on two Japanese box sets - a 1985 Convoy vs Megatron one that had the pair in tobot mode behind clear plastic, and a 1986 box containing Prime, Red Alert and mirage that tied into the movie, and had GOOD BYE CONVOY written on the box in the same font as here.

(Plus, those aren’t the Aciton Master Prime and Megatron, they look like someone took the GI Joe figure engineering and made custom molds)


It’s a nice box set. That would sell like hot cakes.


Hasbro have done things like that for con exclusives in the past. There was a whole range of GI Joe figures with vehicles reworked to resemble Transformers - they ranged from making a brand new bike as Lightspeed through repainting that one jeep as Hound, and making a pod that fit on the back of a Skystriker to do Jetfire.

Harmony Gold tried to sue them for that last one. Didn’t end well.


STE GE Sixgun




And it transforms into?




So, probably my last Titans Returns post, but like, I wasn’t expecting to get any more toys from the line, so who knows?

Overlord is a big chunky monster boy, just a slab of plastic. This works in a lot of ways because he’s got a nice mass to him that replicates the imposing bulk he’s often portrayed as having in the comics, and there’s far fewer gaps in the plastic compared to a deluxe or voyager, so he’s more aesthetically pleasing on that front. His transformation is very easy, and really makes me think of the ‘G1 with knees’ descriptor for recent Generations toy lines.

There are downsides though - You can’t close his chest doors with titan masters or enigmas or combination (and presumably prime masters, but I have none to test), the feature to clip the tank and jet together are really more of a suggestion, arm poseability could be better - I’d like a waist swivel but given how the tank and jet combine I can see why that’s not a goer, and I’m afraid I’ll snap the 5mm post for the gun whenever I take it out of the tank.

Overall he’s a good toy, the base mode is an afterthought but looks pretty cool, and I’m glad I tracked him down.

Alpha Trion is more of a mixed bag. The robot mode is good, but feels like a shitforce Transformers X-treme version of Alpha Trion, or more like Vector Prime maybe than the cartoon or IDW comics version of the character. There’s lots of nice detail on here - more than most recent transformers in fact, and it’d look great with a bit of paint - but it doesn’t feel quite right for Alpha Trion.

In terms of alt modes, it becomes increasingly clear how the bottom half of the toy is basically Broadside, and the top half is new parts. The spacecraft mode is pretty cool, and the three-barrel pistol/turret has a nice Space Battleship Yamato feel to it. While the lion mode has some really nice touches, like how the arms fold into the shoulders to form the jaw and chin mane, there’s an elaborate hinge in the waist to swing the legs around into their position to become the hind legs and tail, and it doesn’t clip in well at all. In this mode, the hind legs are incredibly reminiscent of Six Shot and Pounce’s beast modes in terms of how they shift around the robot mode legs.

And yeah, I’m saying this is my last Titans Return post, but the Chaos on Velocitron box is showing up cheap in the UK, and I would like Nautica - and like nothing else in the box…


Yeah, I heard about the Velocitron boxes and was all ready to go out and hunt one down - then remembered that most of it’s pretty lame. Even Nautica doesn’t really feel much like Nautica. And I’d get one to scalp, but several dozen people got that idea before me.

Good reviews. I keep forgetting about Overlord. I should really get around to picking him up before he disappears completely.


I need help trying to figure out a toy line from years ago.
I saw the article years ago in either a Wizard or a Toyfare.
They were designer vinyl figures of giant monsters that would hide in plain sight as hills & trees & such.
I got rid of all my wizards & toyfares years ago & been kicking myself ever since.
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


I don’t know if many people in this thread are into pro wrestling and thus know of Zack Ryder. He’s sort of a self-made WWE star. When he was languishing on the undercard, he started doing his own online promos and videos, playing on his lack of favour (or “push”), which eventually translated into on-screen success. Doing all that, he allowed more of his own personality to get out than many WWE stars do and arguably influenced the way the company embraced the internet later on and started breaking down kayfabe.

Anyway, part of all that is that he’s into retro toys and would openly talk about his hobby. He’s just got his own web series about buying toys, with his mate Curt Hawkins, and it’s quite fun. They really know their stuff and it’s cool to see two guys who work in such a macho industry being allowed to openly indulge their nerdy hobby.

(it’s oddly quiet though).


What decade we talking here?
Inhumanoids might fit the bill but don’t recall them hiding all that much.


Have they ever done The Toys That Time Forgot in Canal Fulton? That place is crazy.


No. It way way after inhumanoids. It was somewhere between '96-'02. They were designer vinyl type figures that didn’t have any points of articulation.


Don’t think so. They’ve only had four episodes so far though.


Bought some display cabinets for the loft and dug out my Kre-o sets.


STE GE’s first wave of Voyagers were somehow on the shelves of Smyth’s in Dublin yesterday, so I picked them up.

In robot mode, Optimus Prime looks like a smaller version of a Masterpiece… Or head-on he does at least. There’s some big chunks of kibble under his arms, and he’s got a big flat-pack backpack, but these don’t detract too much. There’s a lot of poseability and a massive amount of personality in the robot mode.

Truck mode is… not as good. The transformation is hugely complex, which is kinda cool and also reminiscent of MP-1. The final truck mode is a bit naff, between being tiny, and having a few off choices for truck mode. The grill is translucent blue plastic, like the windows and lights and it doesn’t quite work, but the top of the cab - which is most of that backpack.

Ever since Hasbro decided that we needed to have an Optimus Prime or two just about every year, they’ve all been compromised in one or more ways, usually by the line gimmick or because the toy was also going to be another character. But this Prime doesn’t need to contend with being a Combiner torso, or a redeco of Ultra Magnus, or Octane with a different paint job. It’s just Prime, and that’s pretty cool in and of itself - but the lack of compromise means that even with its flaws, this is a really good Optimus Prime toy.


By comparison, Megatron isn’t trying to replicate some platonic ideal toy, but in robot mode is a nice mix of GEEWUN and his most frequent IDW look with the two big sets of tank treads on his back. And it looks really good here. He’s solid and chunky, but like Overlord it’s a solidity that implies power, rather than just being a bulky toy.

His tank mode is yet another H-tank, which always feel like a bit of a cop-out, but it’s forgivable here, there’s some nice tricks when he transforms - though he’s much more simple than Prime, and his tank mode is aesthetically pleasing for the most part, I like the sloped front and the slight splashes of colour around the lights and the turret.

Overall, these guys are a good start to STE GE and I’m actually quite excited for the line. There’s a couple of things that apply to both of them, and almost certainly to the line in general, so I’m sticking them together at the end.

First, the weathering has been a big thing with a lot of fans and reviewers. I think what weathering there is on these guys looks decent, but it’s concentrated in a few spots and all on the front of the robot modes, which removes some of the naturalism I think they want to set up by having them look weathered in the first place. I understand the choices that go into this - they’re balancing budget, the look of both robot and vehicle mode, kids won’t care about the weathering being applied everywhere, adults will likely have them on display facing front so it matters less.

Second, the gimmick this time looks to be a bit of fun and unobtrusive. There’s a few pegs on Prime and Megatron - most notably the shoulders where you can attach the Battle Master weapon effects, and then a bunch of 5mm holes where you can mix and match weapons, bits from the weaponiser toys, and the the like. It doesn’t take away from the toys if you’re only getting a handful of figures here and there - like with Combiner Wars so much engineering was going into making combiners you were losing out. And given the positioning of the ports on Prime and Megatron, they as much make for handy holstering parts for their gear.

The additional weapons - Prime’s shield/axe and Megatron’s sword/gun are decent, and external to the main toy so they don’t take anything away from them. It reminds me a bit of the c-joints they were playing around with in 2009 and 2010 years ago. There’s some awkwardness to the weapons themselves - Prime’s axe has a 5mm post sticking out of the side of the handle in such a way you can’t have him hold it two-handed, and the blade halves for Megatron’s sword/gun are awkward and just kinda hanging around when you use it as a rifle or combine it with his fusion cannon.

Plus, the ports on Prime means that it’d be really easy for HasTak or a 3rd party to do a Powermaster upgrade kit.


Wow, found some photos from 1991 during a loft tidy up at the weekend. My buddy Ben and myself use to do G.I. Joe toyset ups in his garden. These pics are 27 years old! It’s a full on Joe base with figures doing training exercises, on look out, resource gathering, on patrol and much more! Go to either of these links to take a look.


Had a similar pack of dirt in mine.
Bound to be some gold still buried out there.
So many tunnells and caves dug out for the troops.

Recall my Stepdad crushing one of the starcom good guys when he stepped on the bit of wood covered in dirt that covered their entrance. We where both upset that day.

Loving the ad hoc base you constructed.