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The Toy Thread


That’s pretty sweet.


Ooo. I used to love cap guns. I was always disappointed with the feeding mechanism for roll caps though. It always depended on some friction push are that always seem to slide on the roll instead of push it up.


I grew up in the Bronx. We used real guns.


I grew up in the sticks. We had real guns. We just didn’t use them on each other. :wink:


I grew up in the UK. We didn’t have real guns so the police used cap guns as the next best thing.


There were these kind of caps, too. More expensive but more reliable - and a bit louder.


Mostly they were revolvers (and have bright red noses now) but there was the occasional anomaly.


And some that could use a bit of re-branding.



I remember cap guns from when I was a youngster. I had one or two, but they got boring pretty fast.

Can’t believe we didn’t get blown away by trigger-happy cops when I was a kid. Different times.

Checked on Amazon and looks like they still make both kinds.


The only bit of the Visionaries toy line I don’t have (beyond all the unreleased 1988 stuff. sigh) is the Dagger Assault. I’ve got a saved search on eBay for them, but they’re relatively rare and expensive (and also huge - I’m not sure I’d even have room for one). There’s one that’s sort of nearly complete up at the moment, but way out of my price range at £175, but I’m watching it anyway.

Weird thing though. There have been no bids and it’s hit its final 12 hours today, only for the seller to raise the price by £15 and add in an even higher BIN price of £300. I really don’t see the logic in that. Half the reason I was watching it was in case it got relisted at a lower price, but presumably when it doesn’t sell, it’s going to get relisted even higher.


If you ever see a US one you’d like me to ship to you let me know. I’ve found UK buyers keep prices for old toy stuff really high (Action Force stuff is always overpriced). I was looking at US listings and they had a Dagger Assault go for $135 which is pretty reasonable.


On a slightly different note, Wave 3 Power of the Primes Deluxes have shown up at Smyth’s over here. Which is good because new robots for sale, but bad because it’s only three of the four Terrorcon limbs - Sinnertwin, Blot and Cutthroat. Plus, the only Voyager in the wave is Inferno, who showed up here a while back and has been restocked.

Of course, it means people are boned to make Abominus because Hun-Grr and Rippersnapper were in Wave 2. This is why I pre-ordered everything on HLJ instead of contend with Irish retail.