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The Toy Thread


In all honesty you can skip PotP unless you really love the characters in the line.

Except Battletrap. Everyone needs him.


Battletrap is the one (two) PotP thing I have. I’m a bit tempted by the Dinobots, but I suspect they’ve already passed through British retail and are expensive online. On the fence about the Terrorcons. Part of my really wants another combiner, my wallet doesn’t really want to pay for another combiner (and I still haven’t finished Bruticus).


Snarl and Sludge never made it to retail here, as best I can tell. I bought them on HLJ.


Heh. I had some of those girder and panel sets, too.

I would spend hours building skyscrapers and bridges, and then my Mattel Godzilla and Rodan would smash them to pieces.


one more STE GE photo

I’m down for Blowpipe, because I have Titans Return Triggerhappy, but the Legends of Slugslinger and Misfire, so he’s missing his targetmaster




I’m shocked that response took 27 minutes


Too many Archer gifs to choose from.


But that’s not even a gif, it’s a jpg!


I’m a maverick.


To be fair, GIFs can be still images too.


Yeah, the crap ones.


Speaking of Transformers, I sold all of my original Generation 1 ones from the 80s for $2,500.


I like the way “Refraktor” turns himself into a camera that’s as big as a tank. I don’t think he’s fully thought his disguise through :wink:


One of the interesting things about the original toy lines that became the Transformers is that they were in two vastly different scales. Diaclone - the source of most of the cars, airplanes, and, uh dinosaurs and most of the insects were meant to be scale representations of the real things - like how Transformers are portrayed in most media. But the story behind Microchange - the source of Megatron, Soundwave and his casettes, Reflector (now Refraktor for copyright reasons), Perceptor, the mini-autobots and a couple of others - was that these were life-sized objects that were really robots in disguise.

Of course, the blended Transformers story had them all as giant robots that changed into vehicles and mechanical objects to disguise themselves, but the ones who changed into day-to-day objects could also shrink to a much smaller form, even though the toys themselves obviously couldn’t.

Refraktor is kinda amusing on this front, because the camera mode isn’t even as big as a tank - it’s three instances of the toy combined, so it’s three times as big as the individual’s tank form.


Getting an explanation for this was one of my favourite parts of the Toys That Made Us episode.


I had two.

These are roll caps, for those too young to recall when they let us play with gunpowder.


One had to be careful with the rolls, no folds or wetness!


It would take many caps and kitchen matches to make a big boom, but it was something to do before television and the internet. Long, long before.


Annnd preordered


I can’t remember if they put the connections together in either the Transformers or GI Joe episode, but amusingly Microchange was a subset of the Microman toyline. Microman was a spinoff from Henshin Cyborg, which was the toyline Takara made when they licensed the original 12" GI Joe figures. And the 3.75" Microman figures were the inspiration for the 80s GI Joe figures.


I think that was the Transformers one, as I remember a brief section on that (and I haven’t watched the GI Joe one).