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Takara have announced reissues of Unite Warriors Superion and Devastator. HLJ has them on pre-order with deep discounts. Devastator is €162 before shipping!


The New Marvel Legends Mystique To Be A Walgreens Exclusive?!?


Having a Lego morning with the kids.

I always felt that what Batman was really missing was a giant robot bat-chicken.

Robin’s face says it all I think.


Ronnie reminded me of a toy I played with a lot as a kid - Kenner’s Girder and Panel Sets.





Definitely not me (hated long sleeves) but close enough to evoke an image.


Other recent robot buys:

I pikced up Classics Inferno in my LCS a little while back, with part of my winnings on the World Cup Sweepstakes in work. I figured my options for the character were thirty quid for the Classic, or 30 for yet another Hot Spot recedo when the PotP version comes out. And he’s a pretty decent figure. Good poseability, I quite like the underslung gun and the shoulder kibble/shield thingies. Firetruck mode is pretty tasty as well, it all clips together and is nice and solid. Not bad at all.

Speaking of Power of the Primes, there’s dinobots!

Grimlock is OK, like there’s things he does really well that the Fall of Cybertron version fell down on, and vice versa. The big thing he has going for him is the replication of the GEEWUN look and feel in robot mode, though trex mode really suffers depending on the angle. And, uh… weapons maybe? The feet/Prime Armour things are pretty bullshit.

Swoop is one of the best toys thus far in PotP, has a real nice feel to him, is lithe in a way the other dinos aren’t, which fits in a lot of ways. Reminds me of his IDW design. The best thing about him though is that there’s practical places to put his Prime Armour in both modes. Probably the best of the new dinos.

Slag- er - Slug is decent, and that’s going to be the watchword here for a while. There’s nothing too bad around him, it’s hard to get an open-mouth pose going in dino mode based on where the hinge is, but you know, he’s good. It’s all good.

Sludge is Sla/u/g, but with a long neck and flip out wing bits. and somehow the mouth is still hard to open even though it has nothing to do with transformation this time.

Snarl is pretty good too, he’s not a redeco of Sn vowel g, which is a nice change at this point. He reminds me a bit of Dead End’s CW mold, because there’s like ways you need to flip the port that you connect the hand/foot depending on whether you want to use him as an arm or a leg.

Slash is a little gem, and the competition with Swoop for best dino. She’s a hell of a lot of fun, just as an object to handle and fiddle with, to transform back and forth. It’s smart as all hell that her dino mode head and neck hides in the space a Titan/Prime Master sits in when she’s transformed.

Ad by their powers combined, Volcanicus The Beast is pretty average as combiners go, but not bad. The legs are probably the best bit, they’re properly poseable and hold a pose well, though you’ll need to use a stand for more dramatic ones. The shoulders have a nice look to them, with Grimlock’s robot mode shoulders facing forward to look like turbines. He also stands just fine on the feet, so I highly recommend plugging the spare Prime Armour hands in as armpit/rib bulk, it really helps fill him out. But serioulsy, guys, weapons! The best you can do here is slot Swoop and Snarl’s swords into the spare thumbs as like stabby/punchy blade things. And FoC Grimlock’s sword looks like a meat cleaver or something in The Beast’s hands.

The best solution I’ve found to this problem, and to finding a place to attach Slash to The Beast is to transform her into Raptor mode, place her in one of The Beast’s hands, and then pose like he’s about to throw her into the face of an anemy, like a dino hand grenade/

Non-Dinobots exist? I suppose.

Beachcomber is another solid Legends update of a GEEWUN little dude. Nicely poseable, has some nice tricks - seaspray has his fold out bulk to make the vehicle mode longer, and Beachcomber just telescopes, and it works. It also works to reveal/hide his head. Good toy.

Skrapnel is another reissue of a Generations Legends figure without his little friend, which I didn’t buy when he did come packaged with a little friend. He’s pretty good too! And I’ve got all the Insecticons yet but I haven’t put them together for photos! I need to break out a lot of the CHUG types to get some group shots.

Dreadwind is a redeco of Combiner Wars Skydive, with more extensive changes than you might think - there’s a thing on the side of the comboner with an opening hatch to connect the Prime Armour to like a papoose in robot mode, and his wings are now connected to the legs, with hinging arms the swing the wing assemblies forward and back between modes. Putting the wings on the legs is a really nice touch that gives the robot mode a more distinctive look form Skydive, Air Raid and however many redecoes of them are out there. Putting the Prime Armour on the plane mode does make it look like there’s a powermaster enging on there too!

Starscream is better than he has any right to be. Transformation is bog-standard flying robot guy, with fake chest kibble which is a bit boo for Starscream. But nicely poseable, and the proportions are not as bad as they look in photos. But the torso mode looks great. Afte rI get around to shipping the Blackwing sitting in Japan for me, I need like one more Decepticon jet so have fie of them as a combiner though.

Tailgate is yet another decent legends class update of a G1 toy. In this case it harkens back to Windcharger a lot more than MTME Tailgate, who really where it’s at. (I declined to get PotP Windcharger because I have the Comber Wars one). but yeah, he’s good.

Roadtrap and Battleslash were a big surprise, and like, wow! Their individual forms are kinda basic, but it’s a pair of legends guys that combine into a roughly deluxe robot! If that’s not enough to sell you on these guys, I don’t want you reading my posts.


Too new for a link of where to buy.



“Skeleton Crew”, apparently?


i found this at FanExpo Canada


I think @Jacowboy will be very jealous of you! :wink:


If he is jealous of that, what will he think of this? :sunglasses:

She was so sweet in real life. I asked her out for a pint of Innis and Gunn* and she said “I WISH” but then explained she was too busy.

*she has never had a barrel aged beer and thought it sounded interesting


That is very cool, Don.



Think this is the proper link.


Saw this on the shelves of my local supermarket today.

Didn’t realise Optimus was going to be in the Bumblebee movie - I love that they’ve gone back to the classic look for the character (in vehicle mode at least).

This may end up finding its way under the Christmas tree this year.


For those who are interested, Punch/Counterpunch is getting a general retail release in Japan in February, at the same time as the first wave of STE GE


Some more PotP figures!

Terrorcons first? Let me get one thing out of the way: these guys are pretty good, but nothing spectacular. They’re all chunky in a satisfying way, they have lovely head sculpts, and none of them are especially bad. They’re just not great. So individual things of note:

Hun-Grr was suspected to be a redeco of Silverbolt/Cyclonus/Scattershot, but while there’s some engineering from that mold on display - mostly the way the torso and arms work - he’s very much his own bot. The monster mode heads are great, and pose wonderfully. The way the combiner chestplate folds down for robot/beast mode works very well, but means there’s a lot of kibble in a single spot, which doesn’t help his lines in those modes. He’s the only PotP combiner torso that can store their engmia of combination internally though.

Cutthroat is a redeco of Swoop, But manages to be his own character still. It’s mainly down to his beast mode, where the legs and different head give him a different character, while robot mode is more obviously him.

Similarly, Sinnerwtin is a redeco of Snarl, but it’s far less obvious. Parts of the arms, legs and the way the head is stored in non-robot modes are the same, but he’s mostly new parts. The tail doesn’t work great, it’s a pair of plastic pieces that swing out to cover the 5mm hole where you attach th combiner hand/foot, and kinda line up, and then bifurcate so he had two tails - but they don’t peg together or clip into the main body; and the beast mode heads have no side-to-side articulation.

Rippersnapper is the 100% new mold in here and he’s mostly great. It can be hard to line up the shark tail so it looks good as part of his beast mode, and it tends to either unclip, or make the legs come loose while you’re trying to do it. But the positioning of the guns is great, and they’re removable which is nice, and he has wrist articulation.

Blot is a heavy redeco of Rippersnapper, and probably my favourite figure of the team, because he’s got a lot going on. First, he’s the first Combiner Wars style limb who’s legs don’t fold in to form part of vehicle mold, but rather then fold around to the back and clip in. While Rippersnapper’s hands remain visible in beast mode, Blot’s swing in, hiding the hands and moving one of his three wolverine-style claws to the other side of the wrist, making them into a tripartite hand. The main complaints here are that the spar that comes up over the back of beast mode just sort of hangs around in other modes, and gets in the way in arm mode; and that it’s hard to put the gun into his hands in robot mode.

Elita One is a redeco of Starscream, with the advantages and disadvantages thereof. The new wings with gaps in them look good, the colour scheme is pleasing, and it’s amusing that her torso mode’s head is just a bigger version of her robot mode one. The tiny pistols are nice, but a bit cute and dainty so it feels a bit like chickification of the mold. Also, a few joints are much stiffer here than on Starscream, so I was a bit nervous trying to force some pieces to move.

Moonracer is pretty good. Like a lot of shebots, her robot mode has dainty and feminine lines, but this comes at the expense of having a ton of kibble on her back. She’s nicely poseable, her vehicle mode is an long and slim spacecar, which is fairly unique - but her hands are very visible if you don’t plug the Prime Armour in to hide them. Her rifle is very nice too.

Blackwing is impressive mostly for how much work has been done to the Air Raid mold just to do some things differently, and to allow him and Dreadwind to combine. Plane mode is a nice Tornado lookalike, robot mode has cool colours, looks good from a lot of angles, and the paired pistols are a welcome departure from the standard Deluxe weapon options of recent years. The big letdowns here are that there’s no way to line the wings up between Dreadwing and Blackwing so there’s no gap when they combine, it’s very easy for them to separate while combined, and Blackwing’s head just sorta sits there. It’s a case of nice try, and I’m glad they did try, but a bit more work might have solved the combined mode’s problems.

Optimal Optimus is probably the biggest treat of this batch. Like pretty much all the PotP figures there’s clear signs of compromise, and sheer WTF moments, but Bigbot manages to come through shining. So let’s get some things out of the way - yes, the “shuttle” mode for the core body is stupid, and having it be a surfboard is only charming because it tugs on my Transmetal nostalgia strings., and yes, the way you put the guns into the armour’s hands is stupid as all hell. But, the Transmeta-inspired ape mode for the armour is oddly charming, and there’s a way to mount the core body as a backpack in that mode to fill it out, if you don’t want him on a surfboard. The core body’s robot mode is functional and decently poseable, but the real highlight here is the full Optimal Optimus form. The jet mode is a bit naff, but is accurate to the original toy so it’s forgiven - it’s that robot mode that’s so full of charm, oozing with power, and fun to handle and pose. Maybe don’t pay full price unless you’re a big Beast Wars fan, but well worth picking up.

And that’s pretty much done with Power of the Primes. I have Outback and Cindersaur on pre-order, but missed out on the window for Novastar and Wreck-Gar on HLJ, so I’ll be trying to order them at time of release. But those guys are all redecoes or repaints, so there’s nothing new there. I’m fairly stoked for STE GE, based on the photos from NYCC, mind you. Just when I thought I was out, they do ultra GEEWUN versions of toys I never got, or compromised on…


STE GE figures from NYCC:






Omega Supreme!

Brunt? Brunt! (Trypticon’s gun turret friend, now basically a Centurion Drone!)

Ravage and Laserbeak!

Flywheels Skytread!

The Air Strike Patrol!

Red Alert wearing Brunt!

This mothafudging diorama!

So yeah, I’m more in on this than I was before. I’ve already pre-ordered the first wave of weapon guys and Cog, and after some of the photos from NYCC I’m thinking I’ll try and nab Optimus Prime as well. Plus Megatron, Shockwave, Soundwave, the tapes, Flywheels, three Reflectors, multiple Brunts (especially if a grey repaint shows up so he’s basically Stormbringer Centurion), and probably a Seeker - though I might wait for Thundercracker.

Anyone want to buy Combiner Wars Optimus Prime and Titans Return Megatron?


The Air Strike patrol combine as well:


Yeah, all the Micromaster two-packs turn into weapons as well as a tiny dude and a tiny vehicle, and have a combined weapon mode


I’m still a bit on the fence about the Siege stuff. That’s a nice Megatron though. I still haven’t got around to picking up any of PotP yet though.

Meanwhile, fresh off my brother’s 3D printer, my first CAD designed things.