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While I agree it was not thought out well at all.
I am disappointed at the reaction. I am surprised the promotion did not include “while Supplies last”
Remember when you were younger and standing in line for movie tickets or promotions and you either you got there incredibly early(see Miqque’s article, there is a mother who got there very early and got the bears) or you got sent home without anything. I don’t remember rioting or vouchers.
People say that the latest generation is entitled. this is Why. Promotions are supposed to be limited, IMO. Remember phrases like “you snooze you lose”? Now they’ve been replaced by “holla till they reward ya” :angry:


I think your memory is selective, Don. I’m not sure how much older you are than I am but I remember fights over Cabbage Patch dolls when I was a kid. I’m sure there were others before that.


Or Tickle-me Elmos


I remember being very young (like 3 or 4) and there was a bunch of people and hot tempers and some yelling and upset kids but I still came home with a Davy Crockett Coonskin Cap. Yeah, this has gone on for a while.


This wasn’t as long ago but I remember driving to work one Black Friday and hearing this story on the radio. Evidently, someone had spit in an employee’s face at a Toys 'R Us because they ran out of Furby’s. I was in retail at the time and strongly considered just turning around and going back home if that’s the kind of day it was going to be.


This is the kind of story that makes me want to set fire to anyone who tries to make Black Friday a thing over here.


It didn’t used to be as bad. The introduction of the doorbuster deals and altered opening times are really what made things crazy. It used to be a family tradition to all go shopping together on Black Friday. It really became a lot less enticing when I had to work it in the doorbuster era even when my store didn’t really do anything like that.

It was starting to get really bad when sales started slipping into Thursday night of Thanksgiving, one of the few days that people in retail actually consistently get to have off with everyone else. I think that sort of thing is dying down now because of Cyber Monday and other even earlier internet sales.


I noticed some store chains last year didn’t do Thursday night openings.


I understand this has happened before but I don’t remember the stores giving out vouchers and catering to these belligerent people. and of course my memory is selective, 55 is only months away.


Rain checks have been a thing for quite some time too. :wink:




There’s some peak SDCC shitcanery (yes, that’s purposefully misspelt) by Hasbro this year. They’ve decided to release two of the G1 dino-cassettes from 1987 that were previously exclusive to Japan. First time they’ve ever been done in the West. There’s been high demand for these for decades and yet here they are, as SDCC exclusives.

Except that’s not even the extent of it. They’ve packed them in with a movie Bumblebee figure (cos people might not have one of those). But not only that, they’ve done two sets, of the same figures, in different decos, with the original decos of the dino-cassettes split across the two sets, paired with Decepticon repaints.

So if you do fancy a pair of the highly desirable mini-cassette figures (which are pretty tiny), in their original design, you need to buy two $60 sets. :unamused:


I kinda just want Punch/Counterpunch, but on Amazon he’s $24 for the toy, and $64 in shipping and charges to Ireland, somehow.


That’s weird. It’s only $12.50 to the UK. Thanks for the heads up on that being on Amazon, I thought it and Repugnus were exclusive elsewhere.


huh, it’s saying $14.97 now.


"You know, I have one simple request. And that is to have sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads! Now evidently my cycloptic colleague informs me that that cannot be done. Ah, would you remind me what I pay you people for, honestly? Throw me a bone here! What do we have? "


Nick Pitarra
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LEVIATHAN Plush doll! It’s so cool to have a thing I designed turned into a toy. The work Skelton Crew does is UNREAL. These are limited to 300 and available for preorder soon…


Good for Layman. I remember him telling me he was working on this comic when I saw him back in April. He was pretty excited about it.


I haven’t talked about Transformers purchases in ages, so here’s a post to finish out my legends/Titans Return buys.

Brawn is another amazingly fun legends class figure, just solid and chunky and a great capturing of the original character. He’s also a good exmaple of how some of these toys can be kept simple, but not at the expense of what makes them appealing to adult fans. I got the Japanese release who came with a Grotesque headmaster!

Seaspray is more of the same, but has a really interesting transformation, moreso than a lot of the other 84/85 minibots who’ve gotten new incarnations recently. The back of the hovercraft mode folds downwards into the torso, which would otherwise be hollow. It gives him a sense of mass that is missing from a lot of larger figures

Cosmos is just a reissue of the Generations one, but without his targetmaster partner, ironically. Still a decent figure, and I kinda wish I’d forked out for him first time around instead. Oh well.

Misfire is, as I said way back when I got him, tasty. Shares a handful of parts with Triggerhappy, but looks and feels higely different. wonderfully poseable, and I got the Legends version for a Targetmaster partner (mine has literally two left feet, but it’s not a big deal, one just doesn’t clip in in gun mode)

I also got Legends Slugslinger, who is a much more traditional redeco of Misfire. But still really nice. The Decepticon Targetmaster jets have been one of the best parts of Titans Return/the end of Legends.

And Legends Twin Twist because he wasn’t showing up at retail here, and I must have Wreckers. Being a minor redeco of Top Spin has plus and minus points - the big plus is that basic toy is amazing, but the drill tank mode doesn’t work as well as the spaceship thingy one, and there’s very little excitement for another toy that’s pretty much exactly the same, even if it’s an awesome one.

Six Shot is another figure I mentioned briefly when I got him. And while handling him, I found myself just transforming him into different modes all the time, and it was fun. Like all multi-mode bots there’s a lot of compromise going on, but it’s not bad

I also got the Legends 2-packs for the Autobot and Decepticon Clones

Fastlane and Cloudraker are fun little guys. their colour pallete form the Japanese release is nice, the pinks work very well. And it’s amusing that these guys are basically direct updates of the original toys. The chest panels that open up to give a Titan/Prime Master a space to sit are a nice little feature too. The thing which amuses me the most is that Fastlane doesn’t do a great ob of hiding that he has a different alt mode compared to Cloudraker, with his giant “space buggy” (how his alt mode is described on the box) wheels at the back of his shoulders and spoiler on the back of his head.

Pounce and Wingspan are about 60% the same toy as the autobot clones - lots of the same engineering, just applied slightly differently. Amusingly, there’s a misprint on the instruction sheet, showing Pounce’s robot mode at the end of Wingspan’s transformation and vice-versa. Which I’d almost think was a joke but there was a sheet explaining the mistake in the box!