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The Toy Thread


Gobots are the crappy version of Transformers. Like how Man of Steel is the crappy movie version of Superman. :wink:


Just saying, Roko’s Basilisk has its eye on you right now.


Hmm. Working models?


Only $799.99 US!



Good lord… that Aunt May figure looks like Stan Lee in drag.

And I’ve always wondered how this Punisher figure got made:


It looks like Gary Busey.


Taika Waititi has a Funko




A few interesting scraps of information about the TF episode of The Toys That Made Us.




’Play On!’ Toys ‘R’ Us says goodbye with heartfelt message


Have “interesting” memories of the Toys ‘R’ Us in Van Nuys (could be Northridge, memory is getting fuzzy). More drug deals went down in that parking lot than anywhere else! Only place busier was a 7-11 with a huge parking lot in the back - also always busy. The cops couldn’t do much, so two or three of them would come by at the same time and fire up their lights and watch the scurrying. Not that I saw much, but I heard stories from both factions.


  • Have a few hundred spare
  • Well, let’s say a cool thousand, just to be safe
  • Go to SDCC
  • Get to the entry queue at an unfeasible time in the morning.
  • Get in as quick as possible.
  • Rush to the Mattel stand
  • Queue again.
  • Find out they’ve all been sold to dealers before the con even opened.
  • See them being sold at twice the price at other stands through the day. Pass out on principle.
  • Go home and end up spending three times as much to get it off eBay.



Order from their website here:


Well if you want to do it the easy way.


That’s kind of awesome.


Sounds like someone didn’t really think this promotion through.


It’s everywhere!