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The Toy Thread


We have a local independent toy store by the house that’s always busy. Retail toy selling is definitely doable, kids want to see toys, not screens, and they don’t want to wait for 2 day shipping. Whoever moved into the toy retail space could do very well very quickly.


Out of curiosity, what do you think they do differently than Toys R Us?


Better staff. Still young kids, but they engaging with the customer and try to help. Toy R Us staff are pretty terrible.

They also do local things to engage kids like a membership program, birthday discounts, birthday wish lists, frequent sales, product reviews and events for every holiday (like Easter baskets coming up). You can’t be just a faceless retailer with toys, you need to engage your customers much like comic stores.

Wal Mart and Target might just sell toys cheap but they’re a crappy toy store. There’s a true place for good toy spots, and customers will pay more for them. Knowing how important to you shop is for kids (imagine heaven being a place you can go to once a month) I really hope someone steps into this space again. I’m sure someone will.


It amazes me how many places just get customer service wrong. It’s not rocket surgery.


A lot of it is a slow circling of the drain. The leveraged buyout of Toys R Us meant they were caught in a spiral of cutting corners to pay off their debt, and that means stagnating wages, reducing stock levels and variety, and declining worker morale. All that means lower customer service for various reasons, and a slow migration of customers to small shops that have better customer service, or big box stores/websites with lower prices


It’s been a long time since I’ve been to a Toys R Us but I remember them having that feel even back then. It’s almost like they relied on their size and selection as the differentiator and didn’t consider that wouldn’t be enough for the future.


It was my daughter’s birthday last week so we’re spending this morning building this.


Finished it off this morning.

This place is nicer than my house.


You should paint your house sky blue, magenta and purple; see if that helps.


It’s the lime-green toilet lid that really ties it all together.


But then he’d get it confused with my house :confused:


Your house is a more deep purple.




As a heads up, the next 4 episodes of TheToys that made us will be on Netflix in May.


I mean I know it’s a marvel of engineering, but it does look awfully shit.


I was going to make fun of it pretty hardcore but I was afraid it would dash @Lorcan_Nagle and @Mark_Hall’s dreams of the future. :wink:


The original G1 transformers were shit by today’s standards. Tiny acorns and great oaks and all that


To be fair thats a pretty accurate G1 Transformer.

And @RonnieM its ok to rag on Our future Robot overlords. It keeps them opperating within honest parameters.


Which one is the G1? That stands for Gobot One, right?