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The Toy Thread


@James Australias Toy show announced Inferno, cindersaur redecos of hotspot and slash.

But more importantly a a figure for Outback.

You ready to recreate all your Favourite spotlight KUP scenes.



The horror.


Throwing this in here because, let’s face it, this thread is the defacto Transformers thread anyway.

The incidental music from the 80s Transformers cartoon is (finally) being released as an album. I’ve wanted something like this for years and the original composer, Robert J Walsh, mentioned he was remastering it all about two years ago or more.

Turns out, it’s being released as a limited edition of 2000 and only on vinyl. :confounded:


Looks like the Toys R Us chain is going under. They were unable to find a buyer or restructure their debt, so it’s lights out.

I don’t think it’s been officially announced yet, but from what I’ve been reading, all US locations will start liquidating inventory next week.


The End.


It’s a shame as my kids enjoy fairly regular trips to Toys R Us to spend their pocket money.

I can’t decide whether we should try and have one last trip or whether it’ll be a sad sight, a half-empty shop full of vultures.


Depends on the discounting. Why not? Good life lesson; some things are not forever. And it does raise the question: Who has the best toys now?

One door closes…


Finn loves going to Toys R Us. This news sucks.


Amazon - They have all the toys.


Hobby Link Japan!




He has wonderful toys.


Where will he get them now that Toys R Us is closing?




You mean Wonder Woman?


She uses invisible drones to deliver packages.


Ah, that must be the Wonder Woman of Earth Prime.


It’s always a sad occasion whenever one of these big specialty chains shuts down.

I still miss Borders like crazy.

And even places that weren’t necssarily great like Circuit City and CompUSA. More choices for the consumer is always better.



An interesting bit:

CNN Money reported that Kassoff has spoken with Hasbro, Mattel, and as many as 200 smaller toy manufacturers. Some of these smaller toy makers are in trouble, and according to Reuters, Toys R Us’ liquidation plans could spell their doom.