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The Toy Thread


We’ve had similar ones but unless it’s just my shitty memory that’s a new bit of info for me. Cheers. It does seem a US quirk as they’ve never appeared like that in the UK or while I was here in Malaysia before digital days.

(Yes I kind of assumed a ‘mystery shopper’ approach to the other thing, there’s not really any other way to do it. Maybe now with digital projection they can send some message back but that doesn’t solve the tickets sold check).


I knew a guy that actually lost his job because of it. Most theaters allow employees free viewings with a guest. However, they generally have to sign in. This guy had brought a date and legitimately went into a showing. I don’t remember if he forgot to sign in or if someone else was suppose to sign him in but the “secret/mystery shopper” did a count and came up off with no sign in data to offset it and he took the fall.


It’s Toy Fair this weekend and these were revealed by Diamond Select:

The hair on that Venkman alone is brilliant.


Got to play with some dinobots today.
Swoop is great.

Grimlock has some issues.


Yeah, I’m undecided on whether to bother with Grimlock. Part of me wants him for the complete set and for combination (although a Dinobot combiner is inherently wrong). But I’ve got the Masterpiece, which is pretty perfect. The deluxes (and the new basic one) look good though.


As cool a name as Volcanicus is, I kinda fail to see what it has to do with dinosaurs.


Silly minkie! A volcano is a dinosaur’s bidet!


Oh I know about the Beast. I try to forget, believe me.


Some better shots of the Real Ghostbusters. God these look fantastic.

Anyone know a good place to buy Diamond Select stuff in the UK?


They look Quality.


My son bought this at the weekend.

I’m endlessly impressed with the inventive engineering of Transformers, and I thought this one was particularly clever in the way it turned into a circular UFO-type vehicle.


Cosmo is a nice minibot.



Without reading the article - is it an actual Easter egg?


It’s actually a Cadbury egg.


Nope. It’s just another head from another episode. Kinda cool but I don’t know if it’s an Easter Egg.



Retail experts said Toys R Us’s problems were down to a lack of investment in its stores and website. “It would be easy to blame Amazon, but the reality is that Toys R Us has been a victim of complacency,” said Natalie Berg, an analyst at NBK Retail . “As a specialist retailer, the Toys R Us experience should have been a magical one with in-store events, dedicated play areas and product demonstrations. The reality was a soulless shed.”


That sounds about right. TRU’s problems are almost entirely all TRU’s doing, unfortunately.

As for Maplin, I’ve surprised it’s lasted this long.


An update on TRU: It’s in administration. The website’s stopped taking orders and all stores are clearancing stock and liable to close permanently without notice, so if you’ve got one nearby, go to it sooner or later for bargains (they’ve still been getting in the latest Transformers etc) or a final nostalgia hit.