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The Toy Thread


I thought about those but do kids actually play with them or are they something adults collect?


I think we need to ask @Bruce, he likes them doesn’t he?


Don’t be ridiculous. Why would an adult want something that looks as awful as that? :confused:


Ok everyone, do we do a prog rock reference or a LoSH one? :slight_smile:


From my experience, action figures and dolls are pretty much dead for kids. No interest at all.

They never play with them and on top of that they are now hugely expensive. They look way better than when I was a kid with all this ‘limited edition’ stuff even in Toys R Us so I am assuming the audience is primarily adults.


Why not both?





Sea upon sea of dead eyed indistinguishable figures that only vaguely look like the characters they’re based on? What’s not to love?




I’d say they wouldn’t count because they have no original component of their own - that they exist as a parasite off other brands - but that almost describes Lego these days too.


Nah, there’s still loads of great non-licensed Lego being made for kids. It just doesn’t get as much attention from adults as the brand-reliant stuff.

This was the big must-have set a couple of Christmases ago, for example.


I did say almost.


Even then it’s not really the case though. Honestly, more than half of the Lego I see in stores is still the own-brand non-licensed stuff. I just don’t see any adults ever pay it any real attention outside of hardcore Lego fans.


Why is Lego “City” a boat? :confused:

Obviously an Aquaman tie-in.


I think Martin is right that they’ll stick to brand that have original content, rather than type of product that have been licensed. Otherwise we’d have episodes on toothbrushes and bedsheets.

I think Dave is right too that Lego is still producing lots of original content, not like it used to but it’s still a good chunk of their line. Which makes me think of something like Playmobile, but I don’t know if anyone cares about that story - they’ll want toys that are huge with some of their own IP attached.

Thundercats, Super Powers, Garbage Pail Kids, Cabbage Patch Dolls, Ninja Turtles & Trolls would all fit the bill I imagine, but they’re all old lines. There’s really been nothing new.


Spurred by this conversation, I decided to look at Smyth’s website and see what’s new and being pushed for post-Christmas. Somethings called Roblox and Enchantimals but, as Dave said, lots of Lego City (and Lego SW). But none of it is actually urban! It’s all mining machinery, mountain stuff, tractors and off-road vehicles. Weird.


Yeah, I see a lot of the green-coloured volcano exploration stuff at the moment. I haven’t bought any but I think I would have liked it as a kid.

Talking of Lego, these sets entered our house this Christmas:


The robot is great (and has a light-up brick! Exciting) and there are some great little details on the pizza van. We haven’t finished building the catamaran yet.


There’s the ones aimed at girls too. Lego Friends which is their own brand.


Yes, my daughter quite likes the Lego Friends stuff (although she still likes regular Lego too). The Lego Friends stuff even has spinoffs of its own in a similar style, like the whole Elves range.



Anecdotal data, I know, but two of my best friends have a 7 year old kid who loves Transformers and has been into physical toys alongside computer games his whole childhood to date.