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The Toy Thread


Piece of shit cost me $36!


double take


Are you serious? How was that ever a deal?


Free shipping was the deal. The figure is quite expensive usually too. Too good a deal really which I would most likely have spotted if I was sober when ordering!


Oh wow. I wasn’t familiar with the actual figure it was meant to be. That face is even worse now, knowing what it’s meant to look like.


Your hand must be ENORMOUS!


It looks like the entire business may be threatened.


Did they still pay out the 19 million or so in management bonuses?


You ask when you know they took care of that first?

Somebody needs a pint. Or a bowl. Or both!


Oof. That’s not good.



Yay. It was weird how so many people were taking the prospect of them getting clobbered on the pensions as confirmation they were immediately done for.


So Netflix have a new show called The toys that made us. One hour documentaries on toy lines from the 80’s.

It’s fantastic.

So far I’ve watched Star Wars, He Man and GI Joe. It’s funny, has great insights and interviews and is just a marvelous show. Everyone should check it out.



I finished watching the four episodes today. It is a fantastic series. It’s amazing those toy lines still resonate today, many decades after their creation.

I wonder if their is a toy line created after 2000 that will have that kind of longevity?


There’s 4 more episodes coming soon. Transformers, Hello Kitty, Star Trek and Lego.


I watched the first three episodes of The Toys that Made us yesterday as well, actually. The Star Wars one was fascinating, and while the Barbie and He-Man ones had lots of interesting information, the stories were not as interesting to me as the Star Wars one. I think part of that was because the drama in the Star Wars toyline development was in the actual toys themselves, so they delved into it while they glossed over the personality conflicts and sordid details in the background of He-Man and Barbie.


I don’t know much of anything about it, but possibly Ben 10, which seems to have stuck around for a long time with various reboots and relaunches. But as Gar and the other parents here seem to say, action figures seem done compared to other stuff these days, so I don’t think we’ll see much more that isn’t rooted in a video game or such like.


Yes I agree. These toy lines are of their time, an age before video games took over. Pokémon was the only line I thought could fit. American Girl dolls maybe.

Of course these lines dominated shelves well into the 2000’s so they didn’t leave much room for rivals. Only Marvel/DC and WWE really seemed to compete in the boys toy space.


My vote goes to…