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The Toy Thread


I drunkenly ordered a Metal Gear Solid figure last month and forgot about it until it arrived today. I’ve just opened it and this happened.

I’m beginning to suspect the cheap price I got it for might imply it’s a knock off/bootleg.




Leg … go?




I’ve just noticed he has two left arms. I’m not pretty certain it’s a knock off.


I’ve now done a bit of googling about the website, Otaku Bowl, and it seems they are notorious for bootleg figures. I think there’s a moral here about buying stuff online when drunk but I’ll be damned if I know what it is…


You really must be more cautious about late nights, alcohol, and ordering that little plastic men be sent to you.


I never thought I’d say this but I think you might be right Miqque! :grin:


Looks like you got the mutie Lefty Snake for dredd to beat up on!


Also, what’s up with its face?


Well you did knock off his boot/leg.


It’s fucked.

The moulding on it isn’t great. The shitty paintwork on the eyes and the off-centre beard don’t help either. He’s got a second, replaceable face. I haven’t had the heart to look at it in any detail though.


Might I suggest re-gifting it?

To someone you really hate?


Good news. Wrote an email demanding a full refund. Got a full refund.


It looks like someone tried to make a shitty casting from an original figure. So it’s like a copy of a copy kind of thing.



Hope it cost them an arm and a leg.


Hadn’t actually ever heard that song. That was really good. I forget how good Reznor’s voice actually is.


Late-era NIN has been really good, Treznor’s mellowed out a bit in the last few years, but since he quit drugs and started a family he’s been insanely productive.


They gave you back the whole 2 quid?!