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The Toy Thread


Have I ever told you that I don’t actually own any POP!s? :wink:


I love that you have a Land Raider on the end there.


No little red missiles with it though. :cry:


Toys R Us UK are having to close some stores, but they’re being very open about the state of all their branches. They’ve categorised them all here:

Pleasantly surprised to find my local, Gloucester, in the safest category. I thought its size would count against it.


Ah, my local is in Category 3. I hope they don’t have to downsize too much. We go there regularly with the kids and its the best toy shop near us.


My old workplace, the Ipswich branch, is also in the safest category.
I’m not at all surprised that the Cambridge branch is closing. It was originally opened as a babies r us but quickly changed to full store when that was deemed unviable. The site was too small for a full store and the Beehive Centre just isn’t easy to get to, even by Cambridge access standards.


My wife and I were talking this past weekend how much smaller Toys R Us stores have gotten over the decades. They used to be essentially freestanding warehouses and now they are about a fifth (or smaller) the size.


I don’t understand why retailers don’t offer instant delivery like pizza places do. You fuck up Amazon if you can order online and get your goods delivered to your door within 30 minutes. The delivery fee is the same a shipping cost if you want to add one. Or have a minimum order size. For the sake of a handful of high school kids with the Mom’s cars Toys R Us, Borders, Best Buy and loads of other retailers can destroy the online virus killing high street retail. It baffles me that the advantage of immediate local inventory can’t trump everything online offers.


Argos have started doing that (well, not instant, but same day at least) which makes sense as they’ve very much got the network to support it.

But then on the other end of the scale you’ve got people like GAME who can’t even keep parity of prices between their website and branches and allow their website to be used as a platform for third party sellers to undercut their own branches.

I think too many stores think click and collect is enough for online/physical cross-over, when it really manages to be the worst of both worlds (you can’t check the product you’re getting til you buy it and you still have to go out and get it).


Click and Connect is certainly easy for them to administrate. but if a shitty mom and pop pizza shop can deliver their goods in 20 minutes (after making it from scratch), why the hell can’t any retailer figure this out?


Labor. You hustle(d). I hustled. We basically took what we needed from life, starting young, and with considerable struggle. Money is liquid and always changing in value, and I do believe most folks seek a goal while money is the tool to get there. That’s a basic understanding of finance and how the world works (or should work) that some folks miss. Their quest is money itself - a chimera. They end up ugly and brutal. Bean-counters (in geezer vernacular) did the same, and so it is with today’s clickmeisters. They gaze into their screens and watch the click-counters click. How much this has to do with selling some toys, I dunno. I should think one would better spend their time mopping.

But the labor pool is expecting to sit and watch clicks change. Not mop or deal with the public!!! I see the shock all too often, and it seems to be slow to be dealt with effectively. Also seeing a number of old folks putting in the hours. Kinda painful, but most are good if the kids listen and don’t get fired / leave first.

Delivery is also easier when the area is more vertical; the population more stacked up. Horizontal - like most rural areas - are so spread out delivery is if the postal person can make it through the snow today. (When I was out in Erie, there were times they could not. And that was just off a main road.)

Lotsa grist here.


Every Chinese takeaway in the US can make delivery work for a $12 dinner. There’s no challenges to local delivery, and an endless supply of kids wanting to earn a bit extra in a 2-3 hour window. Hell Amazon are hiring drivers to do local delivery now, but it always takes 3 days to get it from the warehouse to them.


Amazon in the UK have Amazon Prime Now where they can get certain products to you by courier within a couple of hours. I’ve used it a couple of times. I think it’s only available for fairly urban areas, obviously you need to be within a certain distance of one of their warehouses.

Do they not offer the same in the US?


They have prime, but rarely in a couple of hours. Mostly in a couple of days. It’s pretty inconsistent as Amazon is pretty inconsistent in where orders get fulfilled.


Location, location. Right now Amazon needs another major distribution center, and cities are fighting big time to be chosen. Between my town and Denver is one prime area, and I imagine the fighting to be intense.

It quite varies. I got a package from China in three weeks. It took four weeks for a package to get from here to New Jersey. Go figure. Amazon and FedEx seem quite prompt, USPS variable. Very few private delivery folks around.

Jim - the weird part is Roomie #1 does deliveries for his family business. They do high-tech heat treatment and deliver mostly to satellite companies and such. But, then again, he’s a geezer, and all the geezers i know still hustle.


It makes sense given the huge difference in scale.

Prime Now is a bit of an unnecessary indulgence really, especially given that regular Amazon orders with Prime come within a day. I rarely if ever need things from Amazon within a couple of hours. But on the occasions I’ve wanted to get something that’s available on the service, I’ve used it as it doesn’t cost me any extra (as a Prime member).


So normally I just post a few lines about the prior few months’ Transformer purchases, but I need to just say, Legends Misfire is tasty


I concur.

Brawn is pretty niffty too.
He’s got a lot of cranky in a little package.


How come I like you guyses models and stuff, but I can’t stand the cartoons and particularly the movies?


Because most of the Transformers cartoons and movies are dreadful?