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The Toy Thread


These look pretty cool.



I visited both Animerch and Faraos Cigarer yesterday. I saw a this at Animerch and knew a few of you would be interested.

I was so in awe of the display of old Masters of the Universe toys at Faraos Cigarer that I forgot to take any pictures.



It’s a solid bot that looks like it walked off the show screens. But that price tag aint for me.


You’ve not heard Shakespeare until you’ve heard it in the original Cybertronian.


I thought that price had been debunked as being for a case of them? Huh, I guess not. $250. Wow.

I like the robot mode a lot, but the beast mode isn’t great.


There’s a deep discount for him on HLJ (price works out at €180, so like £175/$195 before shipping, I think?) , and they don’t require payment until he ships, if you’re tempted to get him


It’s rather out of my price range unfortunately. And the people who do the very accurate MP KOs don’t seem interested in the Beast Wars ones. (Though they have done the second MP Megatron which is about £60 on eBay at the moment and very tempting. Shockwave too, which is sub-£30).




Mine: R. Giskard Reventlov - from Asimov’s first Robot stories.


The only choice is Starscream. The true heart of the Deceptions.


Nightbeat, the world’s greatest detective. Well, a world’s greatest detective anyway.


How many other detectives are on that world at the same time?


Two, maybe?


Resurrecting an old post, but did you ever get this in the end Bruce? Reason I ask is that I just noticed they’re in stock for a tenner at Very.

Amazon have it for the same price too.


Yeah, did indeed, for the price you listed there too.
The problem I had was trying to buy the thing before it was actually released over here.


Nice! Looks great next to the books.


:open_mouth: I’d forgotten about this. Ordering one now!


He’s now looking for the POP! version. :wink:


:smiley: Thanks again for the heads up on this.

Now really want to find my mid-00s TMNT set and see how he scales with them.


I’ve had this Judge Death figure in its packaging kicking about for a few years since my wife got it for my birthday/Xmas a while back. Was reluctant to open it as the packaging was signed by the packaging artist Dermot Power. Decided today to just go “Fuck it!” and open it anyway since I’d rather have it up on display rather than put it away in a cupboard again. Looks alright out of the packaging but it’s pretty damned flimsy. You just need to look at him for his shoulder pad falls off. Yes not too steady on his feet either. Ah well, he’s lose now and the whole collection does look pretty good together (yes, even that stupid Pop one @RonnieM).