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The Toy Thread


Yeah, the figure is pretty chunky. The sword are ok. They look nice and thick and he’s able to hold them fine but they’re pretty bendy - you’d want to be a bit careful with them if you didn’t want to warp them out of shape. That said, you can’t tell that when he’s up on the shelf. My only real disappointment is the fact you can’t remove the chunky sword sheath from his waistband and it just sort of sits there looking a bit clumsy.




What a piece of junk!


The Junk will do.


I’m definitly picking up the new Starscream.

He’s Dreamy.

The others are alright looking.


Starscream, Dreadwind, darkBlackwing and Beachcomber are definites, Jazz is a no as I have the reveal the shield one, Rodimus is a maybe, but I did just hurt the headmaster one.


Hurt you say!
How did you Hurt him?


Oh you know, staged a mutiny, stole his ship, went off to actually search for the Knights of Cybertron




So far he hasn’t caught up, so I might be in the clear, yeah


More Power of the Primes reveals from the official TF Facebook page.

Dinobots are nicely G1 styled, but also combiners.

That Micronus prime master is a bit of a mess. It’s trying to do too many things and they didn’t even manage to include a face.



Fun Marvel diorama from HasCon


They can name that dino combiner whatever they like, he’s still gonna be The Beast as far as I’m concerned.


Why would you force that memory on yourself?


Because it made you think about it too. Mutually assured destruction.


I am REALLY looking forward to this Batwoman figure. This is the Batwoman figure I’ve wanted since Rucka & J.H. Williams III started with her. IMG_1547IMG_1546



Lmao at Hun-Grr’s alt mode necks and weedy front legs. Those are ridiculous. Both those Primals looks pretty naff.