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I read an article recently that suggested they made a loss in their most recent quarter.

Ah, here it is. A loss of US$1.8 million in the quarter ended 30 April 2017, although it seems that that’s atypical:


It’s clear someone is funding for property development, but between these guys and Valiant there’s lots of money going into comics that doesn’t look like it’s going to pay off. We’ll see I guess.


They’re more diverse than one might think, oddly enough. They do a lot of novelty gift books, and have expanded out into board games recently.


Mmm, they did the recent Turtles board game, didn’t they? My brother got that and was quite impressed by it but I’ve not had a chance to play it myself.


Yeah, and an X-Files one not too long ago, as well as a bunch of non-licensed ones too.


Matt Trakker’s Black now? Any online bitching?


No, none at all. Surprisingly.

NOTE: the above post was a lie.


Oh yes. IDW revolution was very excitedly recieved
I was unfortunate enough to have a M.a.s.k fan page before he became "Matt Blackker."
But folks reactions just wrongfooted me.

And while the original mask series was Sterotyped as only the 80’s tv could be.
The change twisted a whole lot of folks the wrong way. There was protests and on line campaigns. But mostly just Racists trying to show you how racist they weren’t.
I mean "We Already had a Black guy!'
Not buying this shit!
Making him black cause the writers black.
Gona suck so hard. Everything about this is Wrong.

You’ve interneted. You know how it goes.

Check this gem out.

The idw book was ok. Gave some nice nods to what came before while trying to update for todays audience. But it wasn’t anything special. As a M.A.S.K fan i enjoyed it. Sorry it didnt take off. But now its been folded into idws joint properties book.


The problem for me was that setting aside the race change (and I think changing the race of characters in adaptations to increase diversity is laudable, but it’s trying to solve a problem MASK didn’t have), the character isn’t really recognisable as Matt Trakker. He’s gone from a WASPy billionaire philanthropist running a covert high tech peace keeping agency that’s approved by on the sly the pseudo-UN to solve the problems they can’t handle, while juggling being a single parent to an unruly child genius, to a fairly basic angry young black man stereotype with father issues trying to escape a criminal past.

Plus, on a broader note, I don’t think being in a shared universe with Transformers and GI Joe does anything for the property and the downside to said shared universe is that every failure and mistep is locked into it. Much like IDW’s messy, directionless version of GI Joe, this take on MASK is the one we’re stuck with.

The thing with a nostalgia property revival like MASK is that it needs to be either faithful or good (ideally both). It can be faithful and crap and get by on nostalgia fume huffing (Dreamwave TF) or change loads and be awesome (2012 Thundercats) but it needs to be at least one and IDW’s MASK wasn’t either.

But I’m not going to go and start a petition about it.


I bet you will when you see the all Female minority visionary book they are working on.


You wait until the albino only revamp of Battle Beasts.



Who owns the story of ROM? Is that Marvel? Because without the comics, ROM is just a random toy, there is no inherent story that comes with the figure so there’s not really anything to hang a movie on.


Hasbro seem to own enough of the story, or have worked out a deal with Marvel. The Dire Wraiths are represented in that toy set with a figure, are ROM’s enemies in his current comic and were one of the antagonists in the Revolution crossover.


Ah, “An open, safe, and empowering platform for all” :+1:


Oh hell yes. Do what you want to MASK, but Visionaries is my sacred cow.

No, I fully expect changes to characters in whatever form Visionaries reappears and it’s totally justified because it’s terribly white-washed. Across 7 heroes, 7 villains, a neutral benefactor and a handle of recurring supporting characters, they’re all white*. Which is made even more ridiculous because they’re supposed to be from all across the planet.

I’d make Cryotek an eskimo/inuit, as that’s clearly the kind of society he’s supposed to be from originally, Witterquick North African, again same reason (although you don’t see his home kingdom in the show, there’s production material for it), and I’d make Reekon black, as much as homage to his VA Roscoe Lee Browne as anything.

*Plus, the second year’s characters, who weren’t released but were mostly prototyped, were also uniformly white, as far as can be told from the product catalogues. It’s pretty shocking given that Hasbro were relatively good with diversity for GI Joe. I’d change the races of all of them and mix them in with the originals and add in some more women.


Also, can I just say, I find Roadblock’s neck beard more troubling than anything about the new iteration of Matt Trakker.

Who told you that was a good look, Marvin?!


I really liked Visionaries as a kid and think the figures are a high point of the 80’s toy lines. That said, I just don’t see a franchise reboot working. There’s nit the huge nostalgia base that other toy lines had, and the story itself wouldn’t work for modern kids (fantasy doesn’t seem to work in general). It’s probably best left to history, but maybe IDW have some incredible ideas.


Might have gotten some traction durning the Lord of the ring flicks.

The holigram gimmick i don’t see sitting well in this age of electronic tablets and the likes And that was the biggest reason to get them. Holigrams where the dogs ballocks But maybe combine the figures with a fighting app you can scan the toys into similar to the Transformers Robots in Diguse game. And you may have a winner for new folks.


Even if they had little LCD screens with animations I can’t imagine them working that well. They didn’t work that great first time around. It is interesting though that there’s still a lack of sophistication in action figures. They’re basically the same as we got in the 1980’s.

The Mythic Legions line is scratching my itch for Knights so I’m not hankering for a new line of Visionaries.